Preparation method for insecticide

A configuration method and insecticide technology, applied in the field of pesticides, can solve the problems of affecting growth, interfering with the neurophysiological activities of pests, and the duration of no systemic properties, so as to achieve the effect of reducing pollution

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-01-27
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[0002] Insect pests are one of the main pests on various crops such as vegetables, millet, and rice, which not only seriously affect the growth of crops, but also seriously affect the growth of crops. so difficult to defend against
[0003] Abamectin (abamectin), abamectin is an agricultural antibiotic...
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The invention provides a preparation method for insecticide. The insecticide mainly comprises raw materials: 5.0% of avermectin (the content is more than or equal to 90%), 5% of an antioxidant (BHT), 2% of a suspending agent xanthan gum, 3% of cosolvents (6#) and 8% of emulsifiers. Through grinding experiments for three times, the fineness can reach 325 meshes, the product dispersity is provided and thus the pesticide effect can reach more than 95%.

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BiocideAnimal repellants +2

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AbamectinXanthan gum +4


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[0014] In order to explain the technical features of the case better and more clearly, the following will describe the case with the specific implementation:
[0015] This case provides a 5.0% abamectin gel suspension, which mainly includes: original drug: abamectin (content ≥90%): 5.0%, anti-oxidant (BHT): 5%, suspension agent xanthan Glue: 2%, co-solvent (6#): 3%, emulsifier: 8% composition, through three grindings, the fineness reaches 325 mesh sieve, to improve the dispersibility of the product, so that the drug effect can reach more than 95%.
[0016] The basic principles and main features and advantages of the present invention have been shown and described above. Those skilled in the industry should understand that the present invention is not limited by the foregoing embodiments. The foregoing embodiments and descriptions only illustrate the principles of the present invention. Without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention, the present invention may have Various changes and improvements, these changes and improvements fall within the scope of the claimed invention. The scope of protection claimed by the present invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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