Crucian nourishing porridge

A technique for crucian carp and carp, which is applied in the field of crucian carp nourishing porridge, can solve the problems of fishy smell, long symptom relief time, poor effect and the like, and achieves the effects of good curative effect and high cure rate.

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Generally all adopt methods such as acupuncture and massage to treat, but effect is poor, and symptom relief time is longer, and there is the shortcoming of fishy smell (because fishy s...
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The invention discloses crucian nourishing porridge. The crucian nourishing porridge is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 20 to 30 parts of pearl barley, 4 to 8 parts of herba perillae, 40 to 60 parts of sticky rice, 1 to 3 parts of common adenostema herb, 20 to 40 parts of carp, 5 to 9 parts of salt, 2 to 4 parts of Chinese yam, 1 to 3 parts of fresh ginger, 2 to 4 parts of white granulated sugar, 4 to 8 parts of flos magnoliae officinalis, 4 to 6 parts of beer, 15 to 25 parts of polygonum multiflorum, 5 to 7 parts of longan, 20 to 40 parts of mung beans, 5 to 7 parts of Chinese dates, 7 to 9 parts of currants, 8 to 10 parts of walnut kernel and 400 to 500 parts of water. The crucian nourishing porridge disclosed by the invention is diet therapy porridge having an obvious effect in treating nephritis, has the functions of removing wind, clearing heat, opening the inhibited lung-energy and clearing dampness, is capable of eliminating the symptoms such as edema and has no side effects, adverse effects on other parts of a body cannot be caused, the curative effect is good, and the curative ratio is high.

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Example Embodiment

[0017] Embodiment one:
[0018] A crucian carp nourishing porridge, the weight ratio of raw materials is as follows: 20-30 parts of job's tears, 4-8 parts of perilla leaves, 40-60 parts of glutinous rice, 1-3 parts of wind grass, 20-40 parts of carp, 5-9 parts of salt 2-4 servings of yam, 1-3 servings of ginger, 2-4 servings of white sugar, 4-8 servings of magnolia officinalis, 4-6 servings of beer, 15-25 servings of Polygonum multiflorum, 5-7 servings of longan, 20-20 servings of mung bean 40 parts, 5-7 parts of jujube, 7-9 parts of raisins, 8-10 parts of walnut kernels, 400-500 parts of water.

Example Embodiment

[0019] Embodiment two:
[0020] A kind of crucian carp nourishing porridge, comprising the following ingredients in parts by mass:
[0021] 20 parts of job's tears, 4 parts of perilla leaves, 40 parts of glutinous rice, 1 part of wind grass, 20 parts of carp, 5 parts of salt, 2 parts of yam, 1 part of ginger, 2 parts of white sugar, 4 parts of Magnolia officinalis, 4 parts of beer, Polygonum multiflorum 15 parts, 5 parts of longan, 20 parts of mung bean, 5 parts of jujube, 7 parts of raisin, 8 parts of walnut kernel, 400 parts of water.

Example Embodiment

[0022] Embodiment three:
[0023] A kind of crucian carp nourishing porridge, comprising the following ingredients in parts by mass:
[0024] 25 parts of job's tears, 6 parts of perilla leaves, 50 parts of glutinous rice, 2 parts of wind grass, 30 parts of carp, 7 parts of salt, 3 parts of yam, 2 parts of ginger, 3 parts of white sugar, 6 parts of magnolia flower, 5 parts of beer, Polygonum multiflorum 20 parts, 6 parts of longan, 30 parts of mung bean, 6 parts of jujube, 8 parts of raisin, 9 parts of walnut kernel, 450 parts of water.


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