Aquarium investment and return estimation expert system and estimation method thereof

An expert system and aquarium technology, applied in resources, computing, instruments, etc., can solve problems such as unsuitable professional computing, long cycle, project loss, etc., and achieve the effect of easy analysis and comparison

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[0004] But relying on empirical data to make decisions often lacks accuracy and reliability, and for aquariums with different animals as the main theme, the investment and benefits often vary greatly
Therefore, empirical data often cannot meet the basis for project decision-making, and may even cause serious losses to the proje...
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The invention provides an aquarium investment and return estimation expert system for providing more scientific and reliable data for early decision making for aquarium projects. The expert system comprises a man-machine interaction interface, an analysis module, a knowledge base, a temporary storage unit and a learning module. A user only needs to select corresponding animals and quantities and information such as the investment and the profit of the project can be calculated accurately. The system and the method of the invention have the advantages that the operation is simple, practical, scientific and reliable; different schemes can be analyzed and compared; and the like.

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  • Aquarium investment and return estimation expert system and estimation method thereof
  • Aquarium investment and return estimation expert system and estimation method thereof
  • Aquarium investment and return estimation expert system and estimation method thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0024] Example one:
[0025] The expert system includes: human-computer interaction interface, analysis module, knowledge base, temporary storage unit, and learning module;
[0026] The human-computer interaction interface includes an input interface and an output interface; the input interface lists various animals that are summarized and selected by professionals that are suitable for breeding in aquariums, that is, according to the current market conditions and animal acceptance Animals selected by welcome, domestication difficulty, importance, environmental adaptability, and interactive experience are suitable for inclusion in the aquarium; users only need to select the corresponding animals and quantity;
[0027] The said knowledge base contains detailed information of each animal in different numbers, including: animal water volume, occupied area, front field area, back field area, life support system equipment price, bait price, sea salt price, Animal price, number of people, price of people and total price;
[0028] The operation process of the analysis module is:
[0029] The user selects an animal through the input interface, selects the data to enter the analysis module and the temporary storage unit; the analysis module searches for the animal data in the temporary storage unit in the knowledge base; derives the occupied area of ​​different types of animals, health system costs, animal costs, and occupied Water volume, sea salt, bait, animal insurance, as well as the number of employees, water and electricity, depreciation and amortization expenses, unforeseen expenses, whether to include the performance area and its costs, decoration costs, civil engineering costs, degree of flow, area of ​​supporting functional areas, and public Regional area; thus calculate the total area and investment scale of the aquarium;
[0030] After that, the scale of the aquarium can be judged based on the total amount of water occupied. If the water volume is less than 100 cubic meters, it is a mini-aquarium, and the unit price is 60 yuan per customer; and between 100 cubic meters and 800 cubic meters is a small aquarium. 100 yuan; 800 cubic meters to 8,000 cubic meters are medium-sized aquariums, and the unit price is 140 yuan; 8,000 cubic meters to 20,000 cubic meters are standard aquariums, and the unit price is 190 yuan; The unit price is 240 yuan; the average annual income can be derived from the customer unit price and passenger flow, and then operating and net profits can be derived based on the income;
[0031] The learning module is an extension module. In updating the knowledge base, you can manually update the knowledge base, or you can set the system to automatically update through other data sources on the server; if the system changes automatically, you need to submit the change plan to the manager, and the manager Decide to choose
[0032] The animal display in the input interface of the expert system can be sorted according to 5 conditions, namely popularity, difficulty in domestication, importance, environmental adaptability and interactive experience;
[0033] The user selects each sort to reset the position and size of the animal icon; the size of the animal is inversely proportional to the ranking of the animal in the selected sort, that is, the higher the animal ranks in the selected sort, the size ratio of the animal icon The larger is; the lower the animal is in the selected ranking, the smaller the size of the animal icon.
[0034] In the input surface, when the user selects an animal, the system will present the user with various indicators and introductions of the animal, and at the same time, it will not affect the user to make other choices to facilitate the user's selection.
[0035] Users can also enter a number of intent plans, and then set a comparison period, and rank according to the total income and total daily profit of each project, which is convenient for customers to compare and choose.

Example Embodiment

[0036] Embodiment two:
[0037] Examples of the derivation process of the expert system: (take the harbor seal as an example)
[0038] Step 1. Select animals: harbor seal; number of animals: 7;
[0039] Step 2. The system saves "animal: harbor seal; number of animals: 7" into the temporary storage unit;
[0040] Step 3: Search for harbor seal information from the knowledge base, including:
[0041] Land area occupied by harbor seals:
[0042] S=(1.7×1.5)+(1.7×1.4)+(1.7×1.3)+(1.7×1.2)+(1.7×1.1)+(1.7×1)+(1.7×1)=24.56 square meters;
[0043] Water volume occupied by harbor seals: V=S×1.2×1.5=44.21 cubic meters;
[0044] Spot seal bait price: 7×3×365 (average number of days per year)×0.001=76,700 yuan;
[0045] Animal price: 7 x 50,000 yuan = 350,000 yuan;
[0046] Life-support system equipment price: 30+3.5×(7-2)=125,000 yuan;
[0047] Sea salt price: the amount of water occupied by the animal ÷ 30, that is, 44.21 ÷ 30 = 14,700 yuan;
[0048] The number of people needed: the number of animals ÷ 3, that is, 7 ÷ 3 = 2;
[0049] The annual price of the required personnel: number of personnel × 6 (ten thousand yuan per person per year), that is, 2 × 6 = 120,000 yuan;
[0050] The total price of the animal = the total price of the animal's life support system equipment + the animal's one-year bait price + the animal's one-year sea salt price + the animal's total price + the animal's total price of staff, that is, 12.5+7.67+1.47+35 +12=680,300 yuan
[0051] Step 4. According to the information obtained in step 3, calculate the investment cost and other information of the project. The process is as follows:
[0052] Aquarium area = front field area + back field area + area of ​​the performance area (if the selected animal includes any one of sea lions, walruses, dolphins, and beluga whales, the area of ​​the performance area is 800, otherwise the area is 0), which is 81.06+ 54.04 = 135.1 square meters;
[0053] Supporting functional area area (unit square meters) = aquarium area/7, that is, 135.1/7 = 19.3 square meters;
[0054] Civil engineering (unit: RMB 10,000) = area of ​​supporting functional area × 0.25 + area of ​​public area × 0.25 + area of ​​aquarium × 0.25, that is, 19.3 × 0.25 + 40.53 × 0.25 + 135.1 × 0.25 = 487,300 yuan;
[0055] Step 5. According to the information obtained in step 4, the return on investment can be calculated.
[0056] Passenger flow (year) = (Aquarium area + public area area) × 2 × 10, that is (135.1 + 40.53) × 2 × 10 = 3512 people;
[0057] Passenger flow (day) = passenger flow (year)/110, that is, 3512/110=31 persons;
[0058] Revenue = passenger unit price × passenger flow, that is, 60×3512=210.7 million yuan;
[0059] Operating expenses = personnel expenses + water and electricity + sea salt + bait + depreciation and amortization + animal insurance, that is, 16.8+2.9+16.76+1.66+7.67+1.33=471.2 million yuan;
[0060] Profit = income-operation, that is, 21.07-47.12 = -260,500 yuan;
[0061] Unforeseen expenses = operation × 5%, that is 23,560 yuan;

Example Embodiment

[0062] Embodiment three:
[0063] Step 1: Choose the animal and the number from the existing animals. For example: 3 white whales and 4 dolphins.
[0064] Step 2: Enter the animal into the formula. The process is as follows:
[0065] (1) 3 beluga whales,
[0066] According to the calculation of the system, the required sea salt: 285,800 yuan;
[0067] Need bait 219 thousand yuan;
[0068] Animal insurance 148,200 yuan;
[0069] 1,343.18 tons of water body;
[0070] Need performance area 800m 2;
[0071] (2) 4 dolphins,
[0072] According to the system calculation, it needs 85,700 yuan of sea salt;
[0073] Bait 146 thousand yuan;
[0074] Animal insurance RMB 121,600;
[0075] 542.78 tons of water body;
[0076] Need performance area 800m 2 (The performance area is already included in the beluga).
[0077] According to the needs of the two animals, add the separate parts of the two animals;
[0078] After some data (such as area) is formed into a sum, proceed to the next step;
[0079] Step 3: Give the total investment result
[0080] The investment budget for 3 beluga whales and 4 dolphins is 20.26 million yuan;
[0081] Covers an area of ​​1677 square meters;
[0082] 124 passengers per day;
[0083] The unit price per customer is RMB 140;
[0084] among them:
[0085] Civil construction is 4,192,700 yuan;
[0086] The decoration is 1.9123 million yuan and so on.
[0087] Step 4: According to the investment situation, the operating expenses are 3.85 million yuan and the income is 1.924 million yuan.
[0088] Step 5: Display the above information on the interface.


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