Reversible overflow gate device for large grit chamber

A technology of overflow gate and grit chamber, which is applied to the feeding/discharging device of the sedimentation tank, etc., can solve the problems of inability to separate sand and water, occupy a large space, add water for dilution, etc., and reduce the number of sand and water separation equipment. , the effect of small footprint

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[0002] Sewage treatment and manure treatment in many farms usually use grit chambers to remove sand. The methods currently used for sand removal in grit chambers are: sand pumping, sand scraping machine, spiral sand removal machine or other removal methods. For sand removal by the sand machine, the sand-containing material pumped by the sand discharge pump should not be too dry, and it needs to be diluted with water at every turn. In addition, a sand-water separator is required to separate the sand and water, and the sand discharge pump is easy to break
The sand scraping machine needs to be used in conjunction with the spiral desander. The interior of the grit chamber is not suitable for installing other equipment. The installation angle of the spiral desander is strictly limited. It occupies a large space and cannot remove sand with small particles and a specific gravity similar to that of water. , ...
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The invention provides a reversible overflow gate device for a large grit chamber. The height of the top of an overflow gate can be adjusted randomly, and when materials are fed, the height of the overflow gate is adjusted to the maximum value, the just-fed materials which are not clarified can be prevented from directly crossing the upper end of the overflow gate and then entering the discharging port end, after the sand-containing materials are clarified for a period of time, the height of the top of the overflow gate is reduced, and the clear supernatant water is allowed to flow cross the top of the gate and flow into the discharging port end and then is pumped out by a submersible sewage pump 12, the height of the top of the overflow gate is reduced at regular intervals, a step-by-step sedimentation overflow method is adopted, so that the water content of the silt 13 at the feeding port end of the grit chamber is less and less, and finally a grabbing machine is used for grabbing sand out of the device. The reversible overflow gate device is composed of an electric transmission assembly 1, a transmission assembly supporting seat 2, the overflow gate 3, an overflow gate hinge seat 4, an overflow gate bottom circular shaft 5, a bottom circular shaft supporting seat 6, a manual transmission assembly 7, a side swing assembly 8, a connecting rod 9, a pin shaft 10 and the like.

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Settling tanks feed/discharge

Technology Topic

Water contentManual transmission +6


  • Reversible overflow gate device for large grit chamber
  • Reversible overflow gate device for large grit chamber
  • Reversible overflow gate device for large grit chamber


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Example Embodiment

[0016] The specific embodiments involved in the present invention will be described below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0017] The height of the top of the overflow gate 3 is adjusted manually and electrically. During the debugging stage and when materials with different sand contents are injected into the grit chamber 11, the top height of the overflow gate 3 is adjusted manually. When the sand settling process parameters are determined In the future, the height of the top of the overflow gate 3 will be automatically adjusted by electric means. The difference between manual and electric adjustment is: manual means to manually rotate the handwheel 30, the handwheel 30 drives the shaft sleeve 33 to rotate through the key, electric means that the gear motor drives the shaft sleeve 33 to rotate through the sprocket chain, etc. through the key, and the connecting rod 9 The end has an external thread, which cooperates with the shaft sleeve 33 with an internal thread. When the shaft sleeve 33 rotates, the connecting rod 9 is driven to expand and contract left and right, and the top of the overflow gate 3 hinged with the connecting rod 9 also swings left and right, so as to realize the overflow gate. The top of plate 3 is height adjustable.
[0018] When the overflow gate 3 swings left and right with the bottom shaft 5 as the central axis, the gap between the bottom shaft 5 and the bottom of the grit chamber 11 is sealed with a bench type sealing strip 15 and a sealing strip fixing seat 16 . The sealing strip fixing seat 16 made of square steel is welded on the embedded steel plate 17, and the bench-type sealing strip 15 is fixed on the sealing strip fixing seat 16 with countersunk screws.
[0019] The two lateral swing shafts 18 support the connecting rod 9 and the rotating bearing seat 28 from both sides, the geared motor seat is clamped in the groove of the two lateral swinging shafts 18, the connecting rod 9, the rotating bearing seat 28 and the geared motor 34 Both sides swing up and down together with the swing shaft 18 as the central axis.


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