Preparation device and preparation method of double-carbon source synthesized artificial diamond

A technology for artificial diamonds and preparation devices, which is applied in chemical instruments and methods, methods for chemically changing substances by using atmospheric pressure, and ultra-high pressure processes, etc., which can solve the problems of expensive seed crystals and inability to apply large-scale production, etc. problem, to achieve the effect of increasing the width/height ratio and increasing the growth rate

Pending Publication Date: 2018-03-23
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However, 5x 5mm wafer seed crystals are extremely expensive, so ...
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The invention relates to a preparation device and method for synthesizing artificial diamond with dual carbon sources. The preparation device includes a pressure transmission medium cube, a graphite heating tube and a synthesis chamber. The MgO crystal bed of the synthesis chamber has accommodating For the seed crystal groove, several blind holes are also arranged on the MgO crystal bed. The preparation method includes filling diamond micropowder in blind holes as a second carbon source and graphite carbon source to synthesize artificial diamond. The present invention can significantly increase the growth rate of diamond single crystals in the first 48 hours when multiple synthetic diamond single crystals are grown by the high temperature-high pressure temperature gradient method by using graphite-diamond micropowder dual carbon sources, so that the average growth rate of single crystals can reach 10mg/ hr; single crystal clarity can reach VVS level.

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Ultra-high pressure processes

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  • Preparation device and preparation method of double-carbon source synthesized artificial diamond
  • Preparation device and preparation method of double-carbon source synthesized artificial diamond
  • Preparation device and preparation method of double-carbon source synthesized artificial diamond


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Example Embodiment

[0029] Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure will be described in more detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings. While exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are shown in the drawings, it should be understood that the present disclosure may be embodied in various forms and should not be limited by the embodiments set forth herein. Rather, these embodiments are provided so that the present disclosure will be more thoroughly understood, and will fully convey the scope of the present disclosure to those skilled in the art.
[0030] According to an embodiment of the present invention, a dual carbon source synthetic synthetic diamond preparation device is proposed, such as figure 2 As shown, the preparation device includes a pressure transmission medium cube 8, a graphite heating tube 1 and a synthesis chamber, the graphite heating tube 1 is located on the inner wall of the inner hole of the pressure transmission medium cube 8, and the synthesis chamber is composed of MgO crystals located in the lower part. Bed 7, the MgO tube 4 arranged along the periphery of the MgO crystal bed and the MgO cover 2 above are enclosed into a closed space; the outer wall of the MgO tube 4 of the synthesis chamber is closely attached to the inner wall of the graphite heating tube 1; There is a space for accommodating the carbon source 3 and the metal catalyst 5 between the MgO crystal beds 7; the MgO crystal bed 7 has spaced recesses 6 for accommodating crystal seeds, and the MgO crystal bed is also provided with a number of blind holes 9 . The blind holes are arranged in the middle of the connecting line between the centers of the two accommodating crystal seed grooves, and the number of blind holes and the number of accommodating crystal seed grooves is 1:1. In this embodiment, the diameter of the blind hole is 1 mm, and the hole depth is 1.5 mm.
[0031] The present embodiment provides a method for synthesizing synthetic diamond using the above-mentioned dual carbon source device, comprising the following steps:
[0032] S1: Fill the diamond seed in the groove containing the seed, and the size of the seed is 600 μm;
[0033] S2: Fill the blind hole with diamond micropowder as the second carbon source, and the particle size of the micropowder is 5 μm;
[0034] S2: a metal catalyst is placed in the synthesis chamber, and a first carbon source is placed above it;
[0035]S4: In the range of synthesis pressure of 5.5GPa and temperature gradient of 10°C/mm, 6x 6x2mm yellow single crystals can be obtained by holding for 30 hours, and the average growth rate is close to 10mg/hr.
[0036] The above description is only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to this. Substitutions should be covered within the protection scope of the present invention. Therefore, the protection scope of the present invention should be based on the protection scope of the claims.


Diameter0.5 ~ 1.0mm
Hole depth1.0 ~ 2.0mm

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