Method for increasing magnesite flotation recovery rate

A flotation recovery rate and magnesite technology, applied in flotation, solid separation and other directions, can solve the problems of difficulty in high efficiency and stability, low concentrate rate, etc., and achieve the effects of ensuring product quality, improving MgO recovery rate, and efficient removal.

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-07-06
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Problems solved by technology

[0008] In order to solve the technical problems that the conventional reverse-positive flotation open-circuit process in the prior art has low concentrate yield and is difficult to achieve high efficiency and stability in industrial operation, the present invention provides a method for improving the recover...
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Method used

Specifically, the method for improving the magnesite flotation recovery rate provided by the present invention is to take anti-positive flotation as the principle flow process, and to combine the magnesite magnesite characterized by re-election throwing tail and order return in part. Magnesite closed-circuit flotation process can efficiently remove silicon-calcium impurities in magnesite, and can reduce the loss of magnesite in the process of reverse flotation multiple selections, thereby significantly improving the desiliconization and calcium reduction of magnesite The recovery rate of flotation in the process and the recovery rate of MgO in the final magnesite concentrate product can be increased by more than 20%, which has obvious economic and social benefits. Compared with the conventional...
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The invention discloses a method for increasing the magnesite flotation recovery rate. The method comprises the steps that reverse flotation silicone-removing work is conducted on crude ore pulp, foamsubjected to reverse flotation fine selection is fused together for reverse flotation fine scavenging, underflow subjected to reverse flotation fine scavenging returns to the first reverse flotationfine selection or reverse flotation coarse selection, underflow subjected to last reverse flotation fine selection is subjected to direct flotation calcium-lowering work, underflow subjected to directflotation coarse selection is subjected to direct flotation scavenging, foam subjected to direct flotation coarse selection is subjected to two to four times of direct flotation fine selection, foamsubjected to the last direct flotation fine selection is magnesite concentrate, underflow subjected to the first direct flotation fine selection is subjected to direct flotation fine scavenging, foamof direct flotation fine scavenging returns to direct flotation coarse selection or direct flotation scavenging, and other underflow subjected to direct flotation fine selection and foam subjected todirect flotation scavenging return to the previous work in sequence. Silicone and calcium impurities can be efficiently removed, the magnesite flotation recovery rate is increased by a large margin, and application of a flotation silicone-removing calcium-lowering technology of low-grade magnesite in the industry can also be achieved.

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  • Method for increasing magnesite flotation recovery rate
  • Method for increasing magnesite flotation recovery rate
  • Method for increasing magnesite flotation recovery rate


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Example Embodiment

[0029] Example 1
[0030] Such as figure 2 As shown, a method for improving the recovery rate of magnesite flotation may include the following steps:
[0031] Step a: Grinding the magnesite raw ore ore until it is basically dissociated, so as to obtain a raw ore slurry with a grinding fineness of less than 0.074 mm and a mass of 60-90 wt%.
[0032] Step b. Add a reverse flotation reagent to the raw ore slurry, and perform reverse flotation desiliconization operation; the reverse flotation desiliconization operation includes a reverse flotation roughing first, and the reverse flotation roughing foam directly forms a reverse Flotation tailings 1, and then perform two reverse flotation beneficiation (ie reverse flotation selection I and reverse flotation selection II) on the underflow of reverse flotation roughing, and then all or part of the reverse flotation selection The foams are merged together to perform a reverse flotation fine sweep, the underflow of the reverse flotation fine sweep returns to the first reverse flotation selection (ie, reverse flotation selection I), the reverse flotation fine sweep selection Formation of reverse flotation tailings 2.
[0033] Step c. Add a positive flotation reagent to the bottom flow of the last reverse flotation selection for slurry conditioning, and perform a positive flotation calcium reduction operation; the positive flotation calcium reduction operation includes a positive flotation rough selection first , And then perform a positive flotation sweep on the underflow of the positive flotation roughing, the froth of the positive flotation sweeping returns to the previous operation in sequence, and the underflow of the positive flotation sweeping forms the positive flotation tailings 2; The coarsely selected foam is subjected to three positive flotation selections (ie positive flotation selection I, positive flotation selection II and positive flotation selection III), and the first positive flotation selection (ie positive flotation selection I) The underflow of) is subjected to a positive flotation fine sweeping, the froth of positive flotation fine sweeping returns to positive flotation roughing or positive flotation sweeping, and the underflow of positive flotation fine sweeping forms positive flotation tailings 1, The underflow of the remaining positive flotation beneficiation (ie positive flotation beneficiation II and positive flotation beneficiation III) returns to the previous operation in sequence, and the foam of the last positive flotation selection is magnesite concentrate.


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