Extraction process of cucurbitacin E

An extraction process and cucurbitacin technology, applied in the directions of steroids, organic chemistry, etc., can solve the problems of high cost and insufficient extraction, and achieve the effects of low cost, improved extraction rate and simple process

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-10-19
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[0003] At present, when extracting cucurbitacin E from the fruit stem of the genus Cucurbitaceae M...
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The invention discloses an extraction process of cucurbitacin E; the extraction process comprises the following steps: 1) sending muskmelon pedicels into a pulverizer, and pulverizing to obtain pulverized muskmelon pedicels; 2) refluxing and extracting the pulverized muskmelon pedicels with ethanol for twice to obtain an extract liquid; 3) concentrating the extract liquid and separating to obtainan ethyl acetate layer; 4) concentrating the ethyl acetate layer to dry, adding 4 equivalent weight of reduced iron powder and 8 equivalent weight of glacial acetic acid, refluxing for 50-70 min, andseparating to obtain cucurbitacin E. 4 equivalent weight of reduced iron powder and 8 equivalent weight of glacial acetic acid are adopted, a large amount of cucurbitacin B in the muskmelon pedicles is converted into the cucurbitacin E, separation extraction is performed, the extract rate of the cucurbitacin E is greatly improved, the process is simple, and the cost is low.

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[0013] The present invention will be further described in detail below through specific embodiments.
[0014] A process for extracting cucurbitacin E, which is characterized in that it comprises the following steps:
[0015] 1) Send the melon pedicles to the pulverizer to be crushed to obtain crushed melon pedicles;
[0016] 2) Perform two ethanol reflux extractions on the crushed melon pedicles to obtain the extract, the concentration of ethanol is 60-85%;
[0017] 3) Concentrate the extract and separate to obtain an ethyl acetate layer;
[0018] 4). Then the ethyl acetate layer is concentrated to dryness, and then 4 equivalents of reduced iron powder and 8 equivalents of glacial acetic acid are added and refluxed for 50-70 minutes to obtain cucurbitacin E.


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