Automatic red date feeding device

An automatic feeding and jujube technology, applied in the direction of transportation and packaging, conveyors, conveyor objects, etc., can solve the problems of reducing manual operation intensity, not suitable for mobile operations, jujube vibration mechanical damage, etc.

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Problems solved by technology

The chute-type feeding device mainly relies on gravity to make the jujubes fall naturally. Although the structure is simple, it cannot realize automatic feeding at precise equal intervals and is prone to congestion and jamming. At the same time, it cannot realize low-level feeding to reduce the intensity of manual operation; vibration feeding The feeding device can solve the problem of juj...
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Method used

The main effect of conveying support 12, fixed support 3 and adjustable support 1 is to install and carry other parts, and keep the integral stability of this feeding device, come pre-adjusting adjustable support 1 by hinge 13 and adjusting bolt 2 On the one hand, determine the optimal conveying height of the conveyor belt 9, and accurately dock with the conveying roller 17; , under the connection of the driving shaft 5 and the conveyor belt 9, the driving pulley 4 and the driven pulley 14 installed on the driven shaft 15 are driven to rotate...
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The invention discloses an automatic red date feeding device. The device comprises an adjustable support, adjusting bolts, a fixing support, a driving belt pulley, a driving shaft, a material storagebox, a partition plate, a height limited brush, a conveying belt, a PVC belt, screws, a conveying support, hinges, a driven belt pulley, a driven shaft, a guide channel, conveying roller wheels and amotor, wherein the driving shaft and the driven shaft are fixed at the two ends of the conveying support correspondingly, the motor drives the driving belt pulley to rotate through the driving shaft,and the driving belt pulley drives the driven belt pulley through the conveying belt; the PVC belt is fixed on the conveying belt through the screws, the height limited brush is fixed on the partitionplate, and the partition plate and the material storage box are arranged on the fixing support; and the driving belt pulley is supported on one side of the fixing support, the other side of the fixing support is connected with the adjustable support through the adjusting bolts, the adjustable support is connected with the conveying support through the hinges, and the guide channel is arranged above the conveying roller wheels. The device has the advantages that the structure is simple, multiple rows of automatic feeding can be realized at equal intervals according to the outline characteristic of the ellipsoid shape of red dates, and the feeding interval is high in precision, and low in error rate.

Application Domain

ConveyorsConveyor parts

Technology Topic

Hinge angleMotor drive +4


  • Automatic red date feeding device
  • Automatic red date feeding device


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Example Embodiment

[0012] The present invention will be described in detail below in conjunction with the drawings.
[0013] Such as figure 1 with figure 2 , An automatic feeding device for red dates, including adjustable bracket 1, adjusting bolt 2, fixed bracket 3, driving pulley 4, driving shaft 5, storage box 6, partition 7, height limit brush 8, conveyor belt 9 , PVC belt 10, screws 11, conveying bracket 12, hinge 13, driven pulley 14, driven shaft 15, guide channel 16, conveying roller 17 and motor 18.
[0014] The main function of the conveying bracket 12, the fixed bracket 3 and the adjustable bracket 1 is to install and carry other parts and maintain the overall stability of the feeding device. The position of the adjustable bracket 1 is adjusted in advance through the hinge 13 and the adjusting bolt 2. On the one hand, determine the optimal conveying height of the conveyor belt 9 and accurately dock with the conveying roller 17; on the other hand, determine the optimal conveying slope of the conveyor belt 9 to improve the feeding accuracy of this feeding mechanism; the motor 18 is energized and rotated, The shaft 5 and the conveyor belt 9 are connected to drive the driving pulley 4 and the driven pulley 14 installed on the driven shaft 15 to rotate, the conveyor belt 9 rotates, and drives the PVC belt 10 fixed on the conveyor belt 9 by screws 11 Rotation; the jujube in the storage box 6 falls into the V-shaped space between the two waves of the PVC belt 10. The PVC belt 10 transports the jujube from the storage box 6 to the guide channel 16 continuously at equal intervals, and the excess jujube will be limited The high-bristle brush 8 slides back to the storage box 6 again; the jujube falling into the guide channel 16 will continue to fall into the middle of the two adjacent conveying rollers 17, and the conveying roller 17 revolves to transport the jujube to the sorting The next device of the machine.
[0015] A corresponding number of partitions 7 are installed according to the number of feeding rows of the feeding device, and the partitions 7 divide the red dates into multiple rows to achieve the purpose of multiple rows of feeding.


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