Method for resourceful treatment of wastes in traditional chinese medicine production

A technology for biological treatment and waste, applied in combustion methods, incinerators, lighting and heating equipment, etc., can solve the problems of difficult microbial decomposition, difficult transportation, high cost, etc., to avoid transportation costs, avoid secondary pollution, Realize the effect of effective utilization

Active Publication Date: 2019-08-16
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Problems solved by technology

[0006] In the long run, the method of deepening research, development and utilization is more suitable for the purpose and vision of the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine recycling. However, due to the variety of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, the components of the waste generated are also different, and it is difficult to have a universal similar method. The processing method needs to be studied one by one to continue to develop, which is costly and takes a long time, and because it contains multiple ingredients, most of the subsequent processing methods are expensive or difficult to implement, and most of them are still in the initial and conceived stage, and cannot solve industry problems ...
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Method used

Through early stage experiment and exploration, the contriver finds that in the general wastes such as solid, highly viscous semi-fluid, liquid, gaseous waste in the production of Chinese medicine, all contain a large amount of heat energy, thereby can pass through common property methods such as pyrolysis, combustion to process. In the present invention, these general wastes are mainly treated by pyrolysis, and the usable wastes and non-standard wastes produced in the waste treatment process are also re-entered for recycling treatment, which can be pyrolyzed as much as possible. , Combustion recovers heat energy, and the final discharge is only treated sewage that meets the standard, a small amount of exhaust gas such as carbon dioxide after combustion, and a small amount of harmless inorganic substances. This can effectively solve the problem of waste disposal in the production of traditional Chinese medicine, is conducive to the realization of environme...
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The invention provides a method for resourceful treatment of wastes in traditional chinese medicine production. The method disclosed comprises at least one of the following modules, the pretreated solid waste residue is gasified and combusted, tail gas generated in the solid waste residue pretreatment process is purified and combusted, the high-viscosity semi-fluid waste is gasified and combusted,after the liquid waste is subjected to biological treatment, liquid discharge is carried out, the sludge generated by biological treatment is treated and combusted, and the generated biogas is combusted, and the waste gas is combusted. The method disclosed can be used for effectively treating various general wastes in traditional chinese medicine production, and can comprehensively solve the treatment problem of various wastes in the traditional chinese medicine preparation production, the resource can be effectively utilized compared with the existing deepening development and returning method, the method disclosed by the invention is wider in applicability, can be popularized at present, and can avoid the problems of secondary pollution and the like.

Application Domain

Incinerator apparatus

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BiogasExhaust gas +8


  • Method for resourceful treatment of wastes in traditional chinese medicine production


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Example Embodiment

[0060] Example 1
[0061] Please refer to figure 1 In the present invention, according to the different forms of general waste produced by traditional Chinese medicine (mainly including organic solid waste, highly viscous semi-fluid waste, liquid waste, gas waste, etc.), different waste forms are divided into the following Several modules and ways to deal with:
[0062] Module (i): General organic solid wastes such as water extraction of Chinese medicinal materials and slag after alcohol extraction are intensively squeezed, dehydrated, crushed, dried, and then crushed into the gasifier 1 to be pyrolyzed and gasified to be converted into combustible gas. Finally, it burns to produce heat (the main recycling process).
[0063] Module (ii): After mixing high-viscosity semi-fluid wastes such as the sedimentation process of the sedimentation process and the heavy distillate generated from the dry distillation process in the production process of traditional Chinese medicine, they are sprayed into the gasifier 1 through the high-pressure nozzle and pyrolyzed together with the solid waste Combustion and combustion (branch line recycling process).
[0064] Module (iii): Gas wastes such as dry distillation tail gas generated by the dry distillation process of traditional Chinese medicine production, and biogas generated from sewage biological treatment are collected and then sent to the high-temperature combustion furnace 2 for combustion treatment.
[0065] Module (iv): Liquid wastes such as sewage generated from equipment cleaning operations in the production process are treated by microorganisms, and qualified water is discharged into the urban sewage pipe network. The sludge generated in the process is added to the organic solid waste of Chinese medicinal materials and is dehydrated, crushed, After drying, pulverization, gasification and combustion, the biogas produced is collected and combined with the dry distillation tail gas in 3.
[0066] The above modules (i)-(iv) are burned to produce heat, and the boiler heats the water to become industrial steam. A small part of the industrial steam obtained is returned to the waste treatment process (especially in module (i)) for drying and the rest is returned To use in the industrial production process of traditional Chinese medicine.
[0067] After the exhaust gas from the high-temperature combustion furnace 2 is refluxed by the waste heat recovery furnace 3 to utilize the heat energy contained therein, it is finally subjected to denitrification, dust removal, and alkaline washing treatments to meet the emission standards and protect the environment.
[0068] In the above treatment process, the waste in the production of traditional Chinese medicine is recycled and reused in multiple modules and multiple cycles. The waste produced in the process of individual modules is re-entered for recycling, and the heat in the waste is recovered as much as possible. The final emissions are only Treat up-to-standard sewage and combustion exhaust gas.
[0069] Moreover, each module can be combined into a whole to more comprehensively solve the general waste generated in the production process of Chinese medicine, or it can be used in targeted selection of some modules.


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