Construction method of flexible vertical anti-seepage wall for blocking underground water pollution

A technology of groundwater pollution and construction method, which is applied in the field of flexible vertical cut-off wall construction, and can solve the problems of HDPE geomembrane laying down, membrane connection and groove formation, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2021-03-30
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Problems solved by technology

[0006] However, due to the complex geological conditions of the project site, the construction of the flexible vertical cutoff wall also has problems such as difficulty in groove...
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Method used

S102, clean up the construction work surface site, remove the obstacles within 2 meters below the construction site ground, the cave on the base soil or the tree roots on the base surface, rubbish and other sundries should be all processed, remove clean. According to the comparison between the original landform elevation and the design elevation, the construction volume for site leveling is calculated, and the sundries transportation route map and traffic guidance plan are drawn. At the same time, rationally arrange the positions of construction machinery, transmission pipelines and power lines to ensure...
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The invention provides a construction method of a flexible vertical anti-seepage wall for blocking underground water pollution. The construction method comprises the following steps of: S101, carryingout construction measurement and positioning and paying off; S102, flattening a field; S103, carrying out high-pressure jet grouting piles on two sides of a pre-formed groove position; S104, arranging guide walls at the tops of the high-pressure jet grouting piles; S105, carrying out groove forming construction; S106, paving HDPE (high-Density polyethylene) geomembranes in a groove; S107, mutually sealing and connecting the adjacent HDPE geomembranes; S108, pouring a sealing material into the bottom of the groove to the bottoms of the HDPE geomembranes; and S109, carrying out clay backfillingon the upper part in the groove and connecting the sealing material at the bottom of the groove. By adopting the process provided by the invention, continuous closing and no-leakage-point pollution blocking can be realized in the vertical direction. A flexible anti-seepage material adopts the HDPE geomembranes and the service life of an anti-seepage system can reach 50 years; the permeability coefficient is less than 10< -7 >cm/S.

Application Domain

Artificial islandsProtective foundation +2

Technology Topic

High-density polyethyleneClay soil +8


  • Construction method of flexible vertical anti-seepage wall for blocking underground water pollution
  • Construction method of flexible vertical anti-seepage wall for blocking underground water pollution
  • Construction method of flexible vertical anti-seepage wall for blocking underground water pollution


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Example Embodiment

[0059] Example 1:
[0060] S101, the pre-venue has passed hydrological and geological conditions survey and pollution survey, and the design side proposes to the anti-seepage path and anti-seepage depth, and the construction party performs site measurement and distribution, and the anti-seepage center axis is asged, when the actual placement discovery When there is a construction barrier in space, it is timely communication with the supervisor, the construction party and the designer.
[0061] S102, the construction work surface field is cleaned, clearing the obstacles within 2 meters below the construction site, should treat the roots, garbage on the surface of the root, garbage on the surface of the ground, garbage, etc., clear. According to the comparison of the original landform elevation and design elevation, the amount of construction is calculated, and the debris transfer road map, and the traffic coup scheme. At the same time, the position of the construction machine, the delivery line and the power line is arranged, and the "three-way one flat" in the construction site is ensured.
[0062] S103, using the "high pressure spinning pile + mud wall" trough wall support form. The main purpose of the high-pressure spinning pile is to prevent the groove wall collapse in the slot, according to the self-stability of each formation, the depth of the pile body is to enter the strong wind. After the drilling rig is in place, the pile machine is flattened, in the middle, adjust the verticality of the pile driver, and ensure that the drill rod should be consistent with the pile, the deviation should be within 10mm, the drilling vertical degree error is less than 0.3%; the drilling rig construction In order to prevent mud blocking nozzles, the pressure should not exceed 1 MPa while emit water or the sprinkler, so as not to excess the pressure, the hole wall is taken, the high pressure water nozzle is wrapped in a plastic cloth to prevent the mud to enter the tube.
[0063] S104, the flexible vertical infiltration wall support scheme takes the supporting plan of "high pressure spinning pile + mud wall", the slurry wall is taken during the slotting process, and the wall is protected. In order to satisfy the flexible vertical anti-diaphragm lifting film, the wall is disposed at the top of the spinning pile. The guide wall adopts a reinforced concrete structure. The single side width of the guide wall is 1.2m, the depth is 1.2m, and the top of the high pressure spinning pile is the base hold layer, and the construction load can be withstanded.


Width on one side1.2m

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