After-edge phase controlled light modulator

A phase controller and phase control technology, applied in the field of light source electronics, can solve the problems of stability and reliability, dimming, etc., and achieve the effects of improving work efficiency, low cost, and reducing fatigue

Inactive Publication Date: 2003-12-31
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] At present, the commonly used silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) dimmer belongs to the dimmer of cutting-edge phase control, and generally can only be used for dimming incandescent lamps, and cannot be used for electronic ene...
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The invention is related to a light modulator using after-edge phase controllation consists of a light modulating controllor, an electronic after-edge phase controllor, an active switch, an overload protective circuit and a sealed out casing. The after-edge phase controlled light modulator using MOSFET or IGBT as active switch is also called MOS or IGBT light modulator. MOS-1, MOS-2 and MOS-3 modes are suited to be used for electric network in 220-277 V and 100-277 V. Said light modulator can do modulating for not only filament lamp but also electric energy-conserving lamp, electric ballast fluorescent lamp and electric radio lamp with capacitive impedance, it is a new and high technology product to replace silicon controlled light modulator.

Application Domain

Electrical apparatusElectric light circuit arrangement

Technology Topic

MOSFETElectric energy +8


  • After-edge phase controlled light modulator
  • After-edge phase controlled light modulator
  • After-edge phase controlled light modulator


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Example Embodiment

[0027] 220V MOS-1 dimmer as an example, its electrical schematic diagram is as follows figure 1 As shown, the values ​​of the components are: Vi: 220V 50Hz C 1 : CD11 100μF/16 Fs: 1A/250V C 2 : CH111 47nF/63D 1 ~D 4 : 1N4007C 3 : CH111 10nF/63R 1 : RT14 0.25W 240KΩ C 4 : CD11 47μF/16R 2 : RT14 0.25W 22KΩ Q 1 : S9013R 3 +R 2 : WXD3-13 22KΩ Q 2 : NE555R 5 : 2pcs 1W 100KΩ in parallel Q 3 : (1)IRF820(60W) (2)IRF830(100W)R 6 , R 8 : RT14 0.25W 5.1KΩ (3)IRF840(200W) (4)IGBT(1000W) R 7 : RT14 0.25W 360KΩ SCR: BT169 (V AK50V) R 9 : RT14 0.25W 0.5~2Ω R L : dimmed bulb
[0028] (1)≤60W (2)≤100W
[0029] (3)≤200W (4)≤1000W
[0030] After installation in the usual way, a 220V MOS-1 dimmer can be obtained.


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