VOC volatilization prevention device for sewage treatment pools and tanks

A sewage treatment tank, sewage tank technology, applied in water/sewage treatment, water/sewage treatment equipment, water/sludge/sewage treatment, etc., can solve the problem of damaged cover edge sealing, short cleaning cycle, poor sealing, etc. problem, to achieve the effect of oxygen barrier sealing

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-28
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Problems solved by technology

However, the current cover plate is relatively simple in structure and poor in sealing performance, and the problem of VOCs volatilization cannot be completely solved in practice. Specifically, the current cover plate mainly has two structures, one is the middle soft material plus edge sealing Capsules, the other is the middle hard floating disk plus edge capsules, both of the above two structures have deficiencies
To be more specific, a gap is easily formed between the cover plate and the liquid surface, thereby causing the volatilization of VOCs, while the hardware floating plate has a single-layer structure, and the outer capsule needs to be higher than the floating plate, which will cause a gap between the capsule and the tank wall. The triangular gap area is also the main place where VOCs volatilize. In addition, the floating plate is mostly a single-layer structure, ...
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Method used

By the anti-VOCs volatilization device shown in Fig. 1 to Fig. 3, fixed cover plate 1 and movable cover plate 2 connecting edge 1a, 2a are hingedly matched, and movable cover plate 2 can rotate unidirectionally around hinge shaft; fixed cover plate 1 and the movable cover 2 are both hollow floating block structures, and the two cooperate to form a complete square sealing suppression cover 3. The hydraulic contact between the bottom surface of the square sealing suppression cover 3 and the sewage treatment tank is based on the square sealing suppression cover 3 itself. Buoyancy stickers float on the surface of the liquid; the length of the movable cover 2 accounts for one-third of the square sealing ...
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The invention provides a VOC volatilization prevention device for sewage treatment pools and tanks. The device comprises a fixed cover plate, a movable cover plate and a follow-up oil collecting assembly, wherein one side of the movable cover plate is connected with the fixed cover plate, the follow-up oil collecting assembly is installed below the fixed cover plate, the connecting side of the fixed cover plate and the connecting side of the movable cover plate are matched in a hinged mode, the movable cover plate can rotate around a hinged shaft in a one-way mode, the fixed cover plate and the movable cover plate are both of a hollow floating block structure and are matched to form a complete square sealing restraining cover, the bottom surface of the square sealing restraining cover is in hydraulic contact with a sewage treatment pool or tank, and the square sealing restraining cover is attached to the surface of liquid based on the buoyancy of the square sealing restraining cover. By means of the structure, oxygen isolation sealing can be better achieved, the oil collecting function is added, and sewage cleaning of a sewage pool and tank can be achieved more conveniently and rapidly.

Application Domain

Fatty/oily/floating substances removal devicesSpecific water treatment objectives +2

Technology Topic

Buoyant flowSewage treatment +4


  • VOC volatilization prevention device for sewage treatment pools and tanks
  • VOC volatilization prevention device for sewage treatment pools and tanks
  • VOC volatilization prevention device for sewage treatment pools and tanks


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Example Embodiment

[0034] Embodiment:
[0035] Depend on Figure 1 to 3Anti-volatile VOCs known apparatus shown, the cover 1 and the movable cover fixed to the second connection edge 1a, 2a with the hinge, movable cover 2 may be unidirectional rotation about the hinge axis; and a movable cover fixed to the cap plate 2 are hollow floating block structure, with formation of both a complete inhibition of the lid 3 sealed rectangular, square inhibition hydraulic seal in contact with the bottom surface of the cover 3 of the sewage treatment pool based on inhibition of quad seal cap 3 itself is attached to the buoyant float on the liquid surface; activity length of cover plate 2 accounted third prismatic sealed lid 3 is suppressed; movable cover 2 and the cover 1 is fixed a respective non-hinged edge provided with a double capsule structure Kan 4,5-shaped seal member, the seal member 4, 5 for close contact with the inner wall surface of the sewage tank, form a seal against the rim contact surface; Kan two 4,5-shaped seal with a closed square-shaped sealing body, to achieve the overall sealing of the lagoon; follower skimmer assembly 61 is fixedly connected to the fixed cover, follower oil skimmer assembly receiving port is located in the sealing surface 6 of 7 or less, to realize the recovery of oil waste water surface;
[0036] 1 and the same fixed cover movable cover structure 2, only as an example of the structure of the fixed plate, of 2 to Figure 4 Shows a structure, comprising a cover plate body 8 is provided with a pressure relief valve on the cover body 8 and 9 harvesting assembly 10; the cover body 8 includes a square frame 11, mounted on the outer edge of the frame 11 a sealing member 4 and the upper sealing film mounted on the frame 12 and the lower sealing film 13; 11 in addition to the hinge side frame 1a is attached to the outer edge of the rest of the sealing body 4, the sealing member 4 has a shape from a plan view Kan; 4 comprises a sealing member the upper capsule holder 14, is connected with the capsule holder 14 with sealed capsules 15, the capsule holder 16 and the capsule holder 16 is connected with the lower fitting 17 in sealed capsules; sealed capsules on a capsule 15 with the lower seal 17 are arranged vertically, and sealing the capsule 15 and the outer lower edge 17 of sealed capsules in the same vertical line; the sealant 17 is slightly lower than the lower edge of the capsule under the sealing film 13; 13 sealing the entire lower surface of the sealing film frame 11; a sealing film the upper surface 12 of the sealing frame 11; 15 and the lower seal sealed capsules capsules were round cross-section 17, and a connector extending from the outside edge along which the corresponding connecting side of the capsule holder is connected by a locking bolt .
[0037] Follower means 6 includes a skimmer 22 and a current collector assembly oils oil contact assembly 22 through the collector tube 23 is fixed to the cover plate 8; collector tube 23 connected to an external apparatus skimmer; oil collector assembly 22 includes a fixed 11 is connected to frame 8 and cover plate 23 in contact with the collection tank 24 of the collector tube, extending from the catch tank 24 different horizontal length a plurality of link tube 25, the distal end 25 of each tube are connected by connecting elbow has a mounting receiving port 26; receiving port 26 has a wide mouth trumpet-shaped, the opening vertically upwardly, the square opening of the sealing plate 3 is reserved for inhibiting skimmer gap; various different skimmer oil recovery port 26 of the gap. Collector tube 23 in contact with the bottom 24 of the collection tank.
[0038] Close to the hinge plate 1 is fixed at the edge of the 1a is provided with two symmetrically arranged GABLE inner cover plate 11 connected to the frame 18, the connection between the two mating Renzi Jia achieved by a connecting rod 18; 18 symmetrically disposed on both GABLE a pulley 19; lead cables connected with a pulley 19 on the frame 1 and the movable cover 20.
[0039] Figure 1 to 4 Shows a square type enclosed inhibition recessed area cover plate 3 is fixed frame 1 and the movable cover plate 8 provided with elongated body 2 on the upper surface 21 lower than the recessed area 21 the sealing film 12; harvesting assembly 10 is provided in the recessed area 21, the harvesting assembly 10 through the cover body 8; wherein the structure comprises a harvesting assembly 10 connected thereto siphon water bucket and the water conduit is provided with aqueduct in the check valve, although the above-described configuration is not shown in the figures, but the siphon water bucket, and other components are co-ordinated with the mature part, we have a large number of mature product can be used directly purchasing.
[0040] 9 pressure relief valve is a check valve for releasing gas in the sewage tank, the rectangular lid 3 has been sealed against the suppression pool floating on the liquid surface;
[0041] Figure 5 Shows a schematic view of the structure of fitting the cesspool, as shown, to prevent dry sump when the device overall fall down into contact with the bottom of the pool bottom, damage to the device itself, therefore, inhibition of quad seal cover 3 and further a plurality of brackets provided on the inner wall surface of the sewage tank 28 is connected with a plurality of brackets 28 can be suppressed prismatic sealed lid 3 is fixed to the sewage tank horizontally, without contacting with the bottom.


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