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Filtration of hydrocarbon containing liquid

An apparatus for and method of filtering hydrocarbon contaminated water is disclosed herein. The present invention may be used in drainage openings, particularly in parking lots and containment areas for large sources of hydrocarbons such as oil tanks or electrical transformers, to remove hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon contaminated water. The apparatus has a filtration compartment which filters out debris and sediment which may clog the treatment compartment. A pre-filter attachable to the apparatus may be used to further aid in filtering out sediment. A means for melting snow and ice may be incorporated within the filtration compartment such that liquid flow is not hindered during extreme weather conditions. The treatment compartment contains a hydrocarbon absorption media which absorbs any hydrocarbons present in the water rendering such water substantially hydrocarbon-free for discharge directly into a stream or groundwater. In the event of a hydrocarbon spill, the hydrocarbon absorption media forms a plug which seals off the flow of contaminated water. A hydrocarbon solubilizing material capable of effectively removing sheen in a first pass may be disposed as a top layer over the hydrocarbon absorption media. Preferably, each compartment is manufactured as a cartridge which may be dropped into a housing inserted into a drain opening.

Single-driving double-directional crawling-type pipeline cleaning robot

The invention discloses a single-driving double-directional crawling-type pipeline cleaning robot. The single-driving double-directional crawling-type pipeline cleaning robot comprises a front machine body assembly, a transmission assembly and a rear machine body assembly. Through the condition that the transmission assembly is driven by a power assembly and through the transmission effect of a link mechanism, a gear mechanism and an equal-interval cam mechanism, alternant contracting and supporting of the front machine body assembly and the rear machine body assembly in the radial direction are achieved, stretching out and drawing back of the front machine body assembly and the rear machine body assembly in the axial direction are achieved, and meanwhile synchronous rotation of a dredging knife flywheel is achieved, so that crawling-type travelling of the robot in the positive and negative directions of a pipeline and pipeline cleaning operation are achieved. The single-driving double-directional crawling-type pipeline cleaning robot is stable, reliable, compact and practicable, achieves single-driving double-directional crawling-type travelling and pipeline cleaning in the pipeline with large pipe diameter changing, effectively improves the obstacle crossing property and pipe diameter changing adaptability of the pipeline robot, improves the cruising ability of the pipeline robot and has a practical engineering significance on cleaning of the horizontal pipeline with large pipe diameter changing.

Separation of hydrocarbons from hydrocarbon containing liquid

A novel filtration media employing polymeric absorbents comprising a material selected from the group consisting of styrene, pentadiene, cyclopentadiene, butylene, ethylene, isoprene, butadiene, propylene and mixtures thereof; and a filtration enabler intimately mixed with the polymeric absorbent. Preferably, the filtration enabler comprises clay, ground glass, talc, mica, recycled rubber, sand, gravel, vermiculite, recycled plastic chips, an inert, non-absorbent material, or mixtures thereof. Preferably, the polymeric absorbent may be further compounded to incorporate about 10 to 50% recycled or waste plastic scrap, scrap polyolefins, inorganic fillers, or other inexpensive, relatively inert solids. Other compounding materials may include clay, talc, mica, ground glass, silica, and mixtures thereof. Upon contact with a hydrocarbon containing liquid, the liquid partially dissolves the polymeric absorbent forming a partial filtration barrier prior to the filtration media substantially absorbing the hydrocarbons, and allowing hydrocarbon-free liquid to flow through the filtration media. In situations of a leak or spill wherein an excess of hydrocarbons are present, the filtration media forms a plug to seal and prevent further discharge of the hydrocarbons. The filtration media may be placed inside a portable container for insertion into an existing drain such that hydrocarbon containing liquid is filtered through the device allowing hydrocarbon-free liquid to flow from the device. The filtration media has a thickness within the container adapted to substantially filter out hydrocarbons while capable of forming a plug in an excess of hydrocarbons. The filtration media of the present invention may be employed in pits, pipes, and self-contained cartridges of various sizes to remove and contain hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon containing liquid or a hydrocarbon spill or leak, and that the absorbent will form a plug in an excess of hydrocarbons entering the pit, pipe or cartridge. Also described are methods of filtering and preventing discharge of a hydrocarbon containing liquid.
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