Balancing stand with slot having movable contact piece for resetting

A technology of moving contact piece and balance frame, which is applied in the field of balance frame, and can solve problems such as poor conductivity and difficult assembly

Inactive Publication Date: 2006-07-05
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Problems solved by technology

The existing gimbals are difficult to assemble, and the resulting electrical condu...
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The balancing-stand is injection molded with the tripping iron core together. Slots of movable contact piece in use for placing movable contact pieces are made at two sides. Slot of resetting movable contact piece in use for resetting movable contact pieces is prepared on side face of the other rack body of the balancing-stand. Since the balancing-stand and the tripping winding framework are located at same horizontal, the invention guarantees better contact between moving silver contact and static silver contact so as to realize better conductivity. The tripping winding framework is connected to the balancing-stand directly. Changing slot position of movable contact piece is possible to assemble parts of the balancing-stand easier. Features are: simple structure, clever conception, lowered manufacturing cost, labor intensity and technical difficulties.

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Protective switch detailsCircuit-breaking switch contacts

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EngineeringMechanical engineering +1


  • Balancing stand with slot having movable contact piece for resetting


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Example Embodiment

[0005] The present invention will be further described in detail below with reference to the drawings and embodiments.
[0006] In the figure, the balance frame 1 and the tripping iron core 2 are injection molded together. On the sides of the frame body on the left and right sides of the balance frame, there are circular grooves for installing the movable contact springs, and each side of the circular groove is used for placing the movable contacts. On the side of the other frame body of the balance frame, there is a reset movable contact slot 3 for the reset movable contact slot. In the middle of the two reset moving contact slots is a circular groove for installing the reset moving contact spring. When the ground fault circuit breaker is in the trip state, the balance frame is in the trip position. At this time, the reset movable contact piece on the balance frame contacts the reset static contact pin on the magnetic ring cover, and the line is ready for reset. ready. When the balance frame is in the reset position, the moving contact piece and the reset static contact pin are disconnected. At this time, no matter how to press the reset button, the reset coil will not be energized to generate excitation, which protects the normal operation of the ground fault circuit breaker.


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