Assembled single-phase reactor

An assembled, single-phase electricity technology, applied in the direction of inductance/transformer/magnet manufacturing, circuit, transformer/inductor coil/winding/connection, etc., can solve the problem of large magnetic flux leakage, poor electromagnetic compatibility, and inconvenient change of product capacity and technical characteristics to achieve the effects of low noise, stable performance, and reduced skin effect and eddy current loss

Active Publication Date: 2012-02-22
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[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to provide an assembled single-phase reactor to solve the problems of poor electromagnetic co...
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The invention discloses an assembled single-phase reactor. A shell of a magnetic pot is formed by assembling two semicircular base plates positioned at two ends and a plurality of magnetic ring housings positioned between the two semicircular base plates; the shell of the magnetic pot and magnetic columns which are positioned in the magnetic ring housings and magnetically communicated with the two semicircular base plates together form an assembled magnetic pot; the magnetic columns are a plurality of series assembly structures; the shell of the magnetic pot and the magnetic columns are fixed with each other through passed bolts; one or two gaps for leading out wires is or are formed in the plurality of magnetic ring housings; foil winding coils are wound outside the magnetic columns; and a filling material is filled in a space in the pot body. By the assembled single-phase reactor, the technical problems that the conventional single-phase reactor product made of soft magnetic powder metallurgy materials and foil winding coils is low in electromagnetic compatibility and high in magnetic flux leakage, cannot change the capacity and the technical characteristic of the product conveniently, and the like can be solved.

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Transformers/inductances coils/windings/connectionsInductances/transformers/magnets manufacture +2

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Electromagnetic compatibilitySingle phase +4


  • Assembled single-phase reactor
  • Assembled single-phase reactor
  • Assembled single-phase reactor


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Example Embodiment

[0018] Concrete structure of the present invention is referring to accompanying drawing. The components made of soft magnetic powder metallurgy include a semicircular bottom plate, a magnetic ring shell and a magnetic column, which are assembled to form an assembled soft magnetic tank-type foil-wound single-phase reactor with a built-in foil coil in the tank shell. Soft magnetic powder metallurgy iron powder tank parts are made of iron powder or sendust material through pressure processing.
[0019] Depend on figure 1 , 2 It can be seen that the reactor as a whole is composed of a magnetic core 3, a magnetic ring shell (shielding wall) 2, upper and lower bottom plates 1, 5 to form a magnetic tank. The foil winding coil is put into the magnetic tank, and the whole magnetic tank is locked through the bolt 6 through the fixing hole 4 to complete the composition of the soft magnetic reactor. The height and design capacity can be adjusted freely by adopting the segmented structure, and the multi-layer foil winding process can be used to realize the requirements for various capacities in the power and electronic systems.
[0020] see image 3 , when using the present invention to make a reactor, put a foil coil into the annular space of the magnetic tank, and then cover the upper and lower bottom plates 1 and 5 of the two magnetic tanks up and down, and the uppermost magnetic ring shell 2 There are two gaps on the -1 to form the outlet groove 9 reserved at the outlet end. There are two ways of outlet from the top or side outlet, figure 2 Shown in is a schematic structural view of the side outlet slot 7 . The outlet terminal 10 is drawn out through the outlet groove 9, and then bolts are put on the fixing hole 4 to fasten the whole magnetic tank into one, resin is poured inside the shielding wall 2 of the magnetic tank, and the overall bonding is realized by vacuum casting process, which is An integral reactor is made, which has stable performance in use and strong short-circuit resistance.
[0021] Figure 4 It is a three-dimensional structural schematic diagram of an assembled single-phase reactor composed of upper and lower bottom plates 1 and 5 omitting the magnetic ring shell (shielding wall) 2 .
[0022] The invention is mainly applicable to high-power strong and weak current equipment industries in high, medium and low frequency bands.


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