Petroleum pipeline cutting mark belt

A technology for oil pipelines and marking tapes, applied in the directions of marking, pipe components, pipes/pipe joints/fittings, etc., can solve the problems of wasting manpower, the drawn lines cannot be guaranteed to be flush, affecting the connection and sealing effect of new pipe sections, etc. To achieve the effect of ensuring flatness and sealing

Active Publication Date: 2013-11-27
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Now the general process is to manually surround the outer wall of the oil pipeline with a circle, and another person draws a line along the circle with a special stone pencil, and then cuts along the drawn line. When the pipe diameter is large, two Only one p...
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The invention discloses a petroleum pipeline cutting mark belt comprising a steel belt piece, wherein a rectangular connecting head is installed at one end of the steel belt piece, a steel column protruding outwards is arranged at the center of the rectangular connecting head, and a positioning screw hole is formed in other end of the steel belt piece, opposite to the rectangular connecting head; multi-level positioning holes are formed in the surface of the steel belt piece, horizontal fixed mounts are respectively arranged at the two end parts of the steel belt piece, and steel claws are respectively arranged at two ends of each horizontal fixed mount. The petroleum pipeline cutting mark belt has the beneficial effects that a steel belt is wound on a pipeline and is connected end to end, so that the steel column is inserted into the proper positioning hole and is screwed, a slate pencil draw lines on the pipeline along the edge of the stainless steel belt, and then the pipeline is cut; the time and the labor are saved, and the parallel and level degree and the airtightness of the subsequent cutting can be ensured; due to the arrangement of the two levels of horizontal fixed mounts and the configuration of the corresponding steel claw, the condition that a cutting belt can not be moved anymore in the whole line drawing process can be ensured.

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[0015] like figure 1 As shown, the oil pipeline cutting marking tape according to the embodiment of the present invention includes a steel strip sheet 1, a rectangular connector 2 is installed at one end of the steel strip sheet 1, and an outwardly protruding The steel column 3 is located at the other end of the steel strip 1 opposite to the rectangular connector 2 to open a positioning screw hole 8 and the diameter of the positioning screw 8 is the same as the diameter of the bottom surface of the steel column 3; the surface of the steel strip 1 is set A multi-level positioning hole 4 composed of a number of rectangular sockets, the steel column 3 is inserted into one of the multi-level positioning holes 4 or the only circular positioning screw hole 8 for internal fixation; A first horizontal fixing frame 5 and a second horizontal fixing frame 7 are respectively arranged at the two end positions, and steel claws 6 are respectively arranged at both ends of each horizontal fixing frame so as to ensure that the cutting tape will not be damaged during the whole process of drawing lines. move.


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