Integral embedded type heat pump dryer

An embedded dryer technology, which is applied to dryers, dryers, household clothes dryers, etc., can solve problems such as inconvenient maintenance, wasteful discharge, and energy waste, and achieve simplified structure, convenient centralized setting, and improved The effect of work efficiency

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Problems solved by technology

[0003] The purpose of the present invention is to provide an integrally embedded heat pump dryer to solve the problems of unreasonable layou...
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Method used

[0017] Between the evaporator 3 and the radiator 6 and the drying chamber 1, there is a guide port 10 inclined towar...
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An integral embedded type heat pump dryer comprises a common heat pump system and a drying chamber. The heat pump system comprises an evaporator and a radiator, wherein the evaporator is used for cooling plant air. The heat pump system is installed in a shell for guiding the plant air to penetrate through the drying chamber. The evaporator and the radiator are arranged on the same side of the shell side by side. The positions, wherein the evaporator and the radiator are located, of the shell are provided with a plant air outlet and a plant air inlet respectively. An installing concave port which can be embedded into the shell is formed in one side of the drying chamber. The integral embedded type heat pump dryer has the advantages that the heat pump system can be dismounted and mounted very conveniently in the process of maintaining; the evaporator and the radiator are arranged on the same side of the shell side by side, so that the structure is simplified; the air outlet flow and the air inlet flow are not interfered through a guide port and a guide pipe between the evaporator and the radiator on one side and the drying chamber on the other side, and work efficiency is improved.

Application Domain

Drying gas arrangementsWashing machine with receptacles +2

Technology Topic

AirflowEvaporator +4


  • Integral embedded type heat pump dryer


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Example Embodiment

[0014] See figure 1 , An integrally embedded heat pump dryer of the present invention includes a conventional heat pump system A and a drying chamber 1. The heat pump system A includes an evaporator 3 for cooling process air and a condenser (and compression Machine 5 and throttle valve 4). The heat pump system A is installed in a housing 2 that guides process air through the drying chamber 1, and the evaporator 3 and the radiator 6 are juxtaposed on the same side (outside) of the housing 2. The evaporator 3 and the radiator 6 are provided with an air outlet 22 and an air inlet 21 for process air at one side of the housing 2 respectively. An installation recess 11 capable of inserting the housing 2 is provided on one side of the drying chamber 1. When applied to a washing machine, the drying chamber 1 is a drum part of the washing machine. A fan 9 is installed between the radiator 6 and the drying chamber 1. A filter 7 that can be easily disassembled and assembled is provided at the air inlet 21.
[0015] A water collecting pan (not shown) is provided under the evaporator 3, and a drain port is provided at the bottom of the water collecting pan.
[0016] The process air is introduced from the surroundings into the air inlet 21 (as shown by the dashed arrow on the right side of the figure), is heated by the radiator 6 and then enters the drying chamber 1, heating and drying the articles in the drying chamber 1, and then Carrying water through the evaporator 3 to condense the water, the condensed water flows into the water collecting pan and is discharged from the drain. The process air is finally discharged from the air outlet 22 (as shown by the dotted arrow on the left in the figure).
[0017] The evaporator 3, the radiator 6 and the drying chamber 1 are provided with guide openings 10 inclined toward the distal end of each other to isolate the incoming air flow, avoid short circuit of the air flow, and improve work efficiency.
[0018] The outer periphery of the casing 2 is provided with a mounting edge 23, and a mounting hole is provided on the mounting edge, and a screw 8 is used to pass through the mounting hole to be fixed to the edge of the mounting recess 11 of the drying chamber 1.


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