Special primitive ecological microbial farming method for pigs

A breeding method and original ecological technology, applied in applications, animal houses, animal husbandry, etc., can solve the problems of flies flying all over the sky, groundwater pollution, and high drug residues in pigs, and achieve the effect of solving environmental protection problems.

Active Publication Date: 2014-10-08
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[0002] Pigs in my country produce about 2 billion tons of feces every year, which has caused a lot of environmental pollution to our country. The pigs produced have too high drug residues, so that the pork produced by our country's breeding factories cannot be exported to earn foreign exchange.
The status quo presented by most breeding plants is that flies are flying all over the sky and feces are flowing everywhere, which has caused great harm to people's health and polluted groundwater.
[0003] Generally speaking, the biggest problem of large-scale pig farms is the...
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The invention relates to a special primitive ecological microbial farming method for pigs. The special primitive ecological microbial farming method comprises the following steps: concreting or digging a square pit (1), and digging a sewage pool (2) in one side of the square pit (1); digging row-shaped channels (3) in the bottom of the square pit (1), and digging a converging channel (4) in a junction of the two sides of the row-shaped channels (3); enabling the row-shaped channels (3) to be filled with a replaceable inorganic absorbent material (5); laying an organic fiber material (6) adsorbed with aerobic microorganisms on the square pit (1), and compacting by treading; laying another layer of the organic fiber material (6), and compacting by treading; on the basis of the step 5, diluting a traditional Chinese medicinal disease-preventing agent and serum lactate into 600 times of water, fermenting for five days, pouring into the pit in the amount of 0.4 kilograms per square meter, and farming the pigs into the pit. By the special microbial farming method, manures and urine excreted by the pigs can be effectively decomposed by active microbes, so that the pigs can grow healthily and rapidly.

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Animal housing

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UrineDisease +8


  • Special primitive ecological microbial farming method for pigs


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Example Embodiment

[0014] A method for breeding special strains for original ecological pigs, which includes the following steps: figure 1 As shown, ①Use concrete to build or dig a square pit 1 with a depth of 60~80cm on the ground, build on one side of the square pit 1, or dig a certain depth of sewage holding tank 2 and sewage holding tank 2 on the ground. 80~100cm deeper than the lowest part of the bottom of the square pit 1; ②At the bottom of the square pit 1 on the left and right sides of the sewage holding tank 2, excavate row channels 3 with 25~30cm intervals, and the width of the row channels 3 is 15 ~20cm, the distance between the row channels 3 on both sides is equal and the inclination angle is 10~15 degrees with the ground. At the intersection of the row channels 3 on both sides, one is dug to communicate with the sewage holding tank 2 and is inclined to the ground The confluence channel 4 with an inclination angle of 10~15 degrees; ③The row-shaped channel 3 is filled with a replaceable inorganic material absorber 5. The inorganic material absorber 5 consists of 70~85% by weight of calcium compound and 15~30 % Of the plant fiber is mixed and wrapped by a hard anti-corrosion wrap; ④On the square pit 1, that is, the row-shaped channel 3 is laid with an organic fiber material 6 that adsorbs aerobic microorganisms, the organic fiber Material 6 is composed of sawdust, straw, hay, and plant stems and leaves alone or in combination, and the filled organic fiber material 6 is stomped; ⑤On the basis of the above step ④, another layer of organic fiber material 6 is laid and stepped At the same time, stepping on the organic fibrous material 6 at the same time as 1 kilogram of solid strain per square meter; the preparation method of the solid strain is as follows: Put the matured starch with 30% moisture content into the ventilated In the container, place the container in a cool place on the mountain and cover it with the dried leaves of the plant. Place it for five days and retrieve it, then stir it with the same amount of brown sugar and ferment it at room temperature 20 degrees. After the days of the day, the strains are expanded and propagated. During the expansion, add 200 grams of strains for every 100 kg of bran, and then add 50 kg of water to stir evenly to ferment. The temperature rises to 50 degrees and the fermentation is good, and it is made into solid strains; ⑥ in the above steps ⑤On the basis of ⑤, the traditional Chinese medicine anti-disease agent and lactic acid serum are diluted 600 times with water and fermented for 5 days, and then poured into the pit at an amount of 0.4 kg per square meter, and the pigs can be put into breeding; wherein the Chinese medicine anti-disease agent is prepared The method is as follows: put 50 grams of salvia, woody, ginger, roasted licorice, garlic slices and parsnip into a glass container, add 500 grams of yeast powder and ferment for 7 days at room temperature 20 degrees, then add 5000 grams 60 Liquor is fermented twice. After 10 days of fermentation, the traditional Chinese medicine disease-preventing agent is ready to be used. The preparation method of the lactic acid serum is as follows: use the same amount of water with the dehulled wheat, dehulled corn and rice. After washing, put the washed water into a glass container for fermentation for 7 days, then pour 4 times the amount of milk into the container for 2 fermentations, and take the yellow liquid in the middle after 7 days of fermentation to make lactic acid serum.


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