Heat-clearing pearl purple sweet potato polished glutinous rice strips and preparation method thereof

The technology of Jiangmi strips and purple potato is applied in the field of heat-dissipating heat-clearing pearl purple potato strips and preparation thereof, which can solve the problems of reducing the nutritional value of purple potato, unable to meet nutritional needs, etc., and achieve the effects of enriching taste and new health care effects.

Inactive Publication Date: 2015-03-04
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[0002] People cannot do without food and beverages in their daily life. People’s requirements for their taste, nutrition and special health care functions are gradually increasing. The types of food can no longer meet people's daily needs. Foods and drinks with high nutrition and certain health care are more and more favored ...
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The invention discloses heat-clearing pearl purple sweet potato polished glutinous rice strips. The heat-clearing pearl purple sweet potato polished glutinous rice strips are prepared from the following raw materials in part by weight: 80 to 100 parts of glutinous rice flour, 80 to 100 parts of purple sweet potato, 5 to 8 parts of oat, 7 to 8 parts of tea, 7 to 9 parts of walnut powder, 18 to 20 parts of millet flour, 4 to 5 parts of extract, 4 to 5 parts of chicken bone, 8 to 10 parts of pea sprout, 5 to 7 parts of pearl powder, 3 to 4 parts of soybean, 2 to 3 parts of oyster sauce, 8 to 10 parts of lentinus edodes stem, 24 to 29 parts of pigeon soup, 5 to 10 parts of watermelon, 3 to 4 parts of salt black bean, 12 to 15 parts of goose egg white, 10 to 14 parts of carrot pomace, 0.3 to 1 part of herb of aciculate chrysopogon, 1.2 to 2 parts of longseed willowseed herb, 1 to 2.3 parts of gerbera, 0.7 to 1 part of Japanese climbing fern spore and 1.2 to 2.4 parts of sweet broomwort herb. The food materials and medicinal materials such as the sweet broomwort herb, the Japanese climbing fern spore and the gerbera are added to enrich the mouthfeel and the new health care effect of the purple sweet potato polished glutinous rice strips, and the purple sweet potato polished glutinous rice strips are delicous and mellow and have the effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, removing toxicity for detumescence and increasing urine and removing stone.

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Villosa choctawensisHerb +13


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[0021] Example 1:
[0022] A kind of pearl purple potato rice strips for dispelling heat and clearing heat, which is made from the following raw materials in parts by weight (jins):
[0023] Glutinous rice flour 100, purple potato 100, oat 8, tea 8, walnut flour 9, millet flour 20, juice 5, chicken bone 5, pea sprouts 10, pearl powder 7, soybean 4, oyster sauce 3, mushroom stem 10, pigeon soup 29, watermelon 10, bean drum 4, goose egg white 15, carrot residue 14, chicken grain grass 1, heart gall grass 1.2, gerbera 2.3, sea sand 1, rock sugar grass 2.4, white sugar, salt to moderate;
[0024] The nutritional additive is made from the following raw materials in parts by weight:
[0025] Trigonella bark 2.1, Nocturnal vine 2.4, Candelabra 2.8, lotus seed shell 3, jasmine bud 1.5, lotus seed core 4, almond kernel 4, avocado 30, rock sugar 2, beer moderate amount;
[0026] The preparation method is as follows: (1) Washing, drying, and grinding the bark of Trichosanthes vulgaris, the vines of the vine, Candelabra, jasmine bud, and the shell of lotus seeds to obtain powder, soaking with 7 times of water, concentrating, filtering to obtain the extract, and obtaining the medicinal juice;
[0027] (2) Hollow out the avocado, hang it in a wooden barrel filled with beer and seal it for 2 days, take it out and stuff it with rock sugar and lotus seed core, mix it with concoction, and bake it at 200-250℃ for 10 minutes;
[0028] (3) Take out the avocado, slice it and dry it, mix it with almond kernels and grind it.
[0029] A preparation method for dispelling summer heat and clearing heat with pearl purple potato and rice strips, comprising the following steps:
[0030] (1) After extracting 9 times the amount of water, the Chinese herbal medicine juice is obtained by leaching the Chrysanthemum grass, Corydalis chinensis, Gerbera, Sea Jinsha, and Rock Sugar grass;
[0031] (2) Mushroom stems, chicken bones, soybeans mixed with pigeon soup and Chinese herbal juice mixture, boil on low heat for 30-35 minutes, take out mushroom stems and soybeans, mix them with watermelon into a blender and blend into a puree, add mushroom stems and soybeans, 3% by weight of watermelon probiotic liquid, sealed and fermented at 35°C for 10 hours, taken out and filtered to obtain the fermented liquid for use;
[0032] (3) Stir-fry millet flour in a pot, cut purple potatoes into cubes, mix in tea leaves, dipping juice, walnut powder, and stir-fried millet flour, mix them in a pot, steam them in water, and take out mashed purple potatoes for use;
[0033] (4) Wash and chop pea shoots, mix with bean drum and carrot residue and stir evenly, then add goose egg white and pearl powder, mix and stir evenly, pour into a hot oil pan and fry into a cake shape, take out and stir in a blender mud, ready to use;
[0034] (5) Combine the glutinous rice flour, purple potato puree, nutritional additives, white sugar, and salt, and after mixing, add the materials obtained in step (2) (4), an appropriate amount of water and the remaining materials, stir well, and form a dough. Chengjiang rice strips, and finally fried with soybeans.


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