Self-cleaning sanitary tool for DLC

A sanitary ware and self-cleaning technology, applied in gaseous chemical plating, metal material coating process, coating, etc., can solve problems such as difficult formation of plasma, deposition, irregular shape, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-02-24
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Problems solved by technology

Due to the irregular shape and certain thickness of the shell of ordinary sanitary ware, it is placed in the electric field between parallel plate electrodes or between similar special-shaped electrodes where the vacuum plasma vapor phase chemical deposition re...
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The invention discloses a self-cleaning sanitary tool for DLC and belongs to the technical field of new material application. The self-cleaning sanitary tool for the DLC is composed of a sanitary tool body made of ceramic, glass, metal and plastic, a conducting film sputtered on the surface of the sanitary tool body, and diamond like carbon deposited on the surface of the conducting film, and a vacuum plasma chemistry deposit diamond like carbon (DLC for short) technology and a magnetron sputtering technology are used for producing the sanitary tool with the self-cleaning function. The diamond like carbon has the characteristics of being high in strength, resistant to abrasion, corrosion and mould, hydrophobic and oleophobic, and a firm protection film layer can be deposited and formed on the surface of the ceramic, the glass, the metal and the plastic. Inorganic dirt or organic dirt can be hardly attached to the surface of the diamond like carbon, and organic substances can be decomposed when ultraviolet rays irradiate the diamond like carbon. Thus, the self-cleaning sanitary tool for the DLC has the self-cleaning function and can also be resistant to abrasion and mould and suitable for various kitchens and toilets.

Application Domain

Chemical vapor deposition coating

Technology Topic

CorrosionDiamond thin film +5


  • Self-cleaning sanitary tool for DLC
  • Self-cleaning sanitary tool for DLC


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Example Embodiment

[0009] The optimized solution is to use the magnetron sputtering technology to coat a metal aluminum film (3) with a thickness of about 0.5 microns on the surface of the sanitary ware (4), and then put the sanitary ware (4) into a vacuum plasma vapor chemical deposition diamond-like carbon film ( 2) Just below the special-shaped electrode (5) in the equipment vacuum chamber (6), connect the negative electrode of the high-frequency bias power supply to the metal aluminum film (3) on the surface of the sanitary ware (4), and the special-shaped electrode (5) is connected to the sanitary ware (4). The conductive film (3) on the surface layer of the sanitary ware (4) together constitutes a plasma electric field. The equipment for chemically depositing the diamond-like carbon film (2) by vacuum plasma vapor phase is started, and the diamond-like carbon film (2) is deposited on the surface of the conductive film (3) on the surface layer of the sanitary ware (4). DLC Self-Cleaning Sanitary Ware is available.


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