Medicine for treating lung cancer and metastatic diseases thereof

A metastatic and lung cancer technology, applied in the field of medicine, can solve problems such as decreased immunity, hair loss, nausea, etc., and achieve the effect of improving immunity and reducing costs and prices

Inactive Publication Date: 2016-06-29
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Chemotherapy is a treatment for lung cancer, but chemotherapy will bring some side effects t...
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The invention discloses a medicine for treating lung cancer and metastatic diseases thereof. The medicine consists of the following components: 5-10g of radix scutellariae, 5-10g of radix angelicae, 5-10g of semen ginkgo, 5-10g of manyleaf paris rhizome, 2-5g of scorpion, 15-25g of herba lobeliae chinensis, 5-10g of rhizoma belamcandae, 5-10g of hemsleya amabilis diels, 5-10g of radix semiaquilegiae, 5-10g of herba andrographis, 5-10g of radix gynurae, 5-10g of roots of corniculate cayratia, 5-10g of rhizoma dioscoreae bulbiferae, 5-10g of radix stephaniae cepharanthae, 15-25g of herba houttuyniae, 5-10g of rhizoma corydalis decumbentis, 1-3g of cordyceps sinensis and 10g of liquorice roots. The medicine disclosed by the invention can enhance immunity, avoid the generation of side effects, reduce cost and price, and meet the demands of patients.

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Example Embodiment

[0015] The medicine for treating lung cancer and its metastatic diseases of the present invention is composed of the following components: 5-10 grams of Huangling, 5-10 grams of Angelica dahurica, 5-10 grams of Ginkgo, 5-10 grams of fleas, 2-5 grams of scorpion, Lobelia 15-25 grams, Shegan 5-10 grams, Xuedan 5-10 grams, Tiankui 5-10 grams, Yijianxi 5-10 grams, Chrysanthemum notoginseng 5-10 grams, Jiuniuzi 5-10 grams, Huangyaozi 5-10 grams, Baiyaozi 5-10 grams, Houttuynia cordata 15-25 grams, Xiawu 5-10 grams, Cordyceps sinensis 1-3 grams, licorice 10 grams. Huang Ling is preferably 7 grams. Angelica dahurica is preferably 7 grams. Ginkgo is preferably 7 grams. Flea rest is best 7 grams. The best scorpion is 3 grams. Lobelia is preferably 20 grams. Shegan is preferably 7 grams. Snow gallbladder is preferably 7 grams. Geranium is preferably 7 grams. Happiness at first sight is best 7 grams. Chrysanthemum notoginseng is preferably 7 grams. Jiuniuzi is preferably 7 grams. Xanthogonia is preferably 7 grams. Baiyaozi is preferably 7 grams. Houttuynia cordata is preferably 20 grams. The best is 7 grams in summer. Cordyceps sinensis is preferably 2 grams.
[0016] Typical cases are as follows:
[0017] 1, Zhang, male, 32 years old, after taking the medicine of the present invention for the treatment of lung cancer and its metastatic disease for two weeks, immunity was enhanced. Use the following components of the present invention: 5 grams of Huang Ling, 5 grams of Angelica dahurica, 5 grams of Ginkgo, 5 grams of fleas, 2 grams of scorpion, 15 grams of Lobelia, 5 grams of Shegan, 5 grams of Xuedan, 5 grams of Tiankui, Yijianxi 5 grams, chrysanthemum notoginseng 5 grams, Jiuniuzi 5 grams, xanthate 5 grams, Baiyaozi 5 grams, Houttuynia cordata 15 grams, Xiawu 5 grams, Cordyceps sinensis 1 gram, licorice 10 grams.
[0018] 2. Han so-and-so, female, 31 years old, after taking the medicine of the present invention for the treatment of lung cancer and its metastatic disease for two months, her immunity was enhanced and her condition took a turn for the better. The following components of the present invention are used: 10 grams of Huangling, 10 grams of Angelica dahurica, 10 grams of ginkgo, 10 grams of fleas, 5 grams of scorpion, 25 grams of lobelia, 10 grams of shegan, 10 grams of snow gall, 10 grams of Tiankui, Yijianxi 10 grams, chrysanthemum notoginseng 10 grams, Jiuniuzi 10 grams, Xanthophyllum 10 grams, Baiyaozi 10 grams, Houttuynia cordata 25 grams, Xiawu 10 grams, Cordyceps sinensis 3 grams, licorice 10 grams. ,
[0019] 3. Chen, man, 33 years old, after taking the medicine of the present invention for the treatment of lung cancer and its metastatic disease for one month, his immunity was enhanced and his condition took a turn for the better. Use the following components of the present invention: 7 grams of Huang Ling, 7 grams of Angelica dahurica, 7 grams of ginkgo, 7 grams of fleas, 3 grams of scorpion, 20 grams of lobelia, 7 grams of shegan, 7 grams of snow gall, 7 grams of Tiankui, 7 grams of Yijianxi, 7 grams of chrysanthemum notoginseng, 7 grams of Jiuniuzi, 7 grams of Huangyaozi, 7 grams of Baiyaozi, 20 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 7 grams of Xiawu, 2 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, and 10 grams of licorice.
[0020] The invention adopts Chinese herbal medicinal materials, improves immunity, does not produce side effects, reduces cost and price, and satisfies the needs of patients. The present invention is crushed into fine powder and brewed with boiled water for one hour, filtered to remove slag and left water to be taken, which is convenient for drinking.
[0021] Various modifications and changes can be made to the present invention by those skilled in the art. Thus, the present invention covers the modifications and changes that come within the scope of the appended claims and their equivalents.


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