Water quality stabilizer and preparation package thereof

A water quality stabilizer and material technology, applied in the field of water treatment, can solve the problems of accelerating the growth of bacteria and algae, excessive phosphorus content in circulating water sewage, etc., and achieve the effect of effective scale inhibition performance

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-07-07
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[0003] 1. Phosphorus-containing scale inhibitors cause eutrophication of circulating cooling water and accelerate the growth of bacteria and a...
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The invention relates to the field of water treatments, in particular to a water quality stabilizer and a preparation package thereof. The water quality stabilizer is prepared from, by weight, 12 parts of carboxylate-sulphonate-nonionic terpolymer, 15 parts of acrylic acid or 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid, 10 parts of hydrolytic polymerized maleic anhydride, 20 parts of polyepoxysuccinic acid, 20 parts of polyaspartic acid and 23 parts of water; the above materials are added into an enamel agitated vessel in sequence according to the matching ratio and stirred for two hours. The water quality stabilizer has the advantages that no phosphorus exists in the product, after antisludging agents are used, the calcium carbonate lattice in circulating water can be subjected to aberration through the dispersion and lattice distortion property of the antisludging agents, and the formation of calcium carbonate crystals is avoided; even if the crystals are formed, the crystals can be dispersed in water and cannot form large particles because of the dispersion property of the product, the crystals cannot be attached to the surface of the equipment, and accordingly effective scale inhibiting property is achieved.

Application Domain

Treatment using complexing/solubilising chemicals

Technology Topic

Maleic anhydridePolyaspartic acid +6


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Example Embodiment

[0014] The following describes the embodiments of the present invention, and the embodiments do not constitute a limitation to the present invention:
[0015] A water quality stabilizer, characterized in that it contains the following parts by weight: 12 parts of carboxylate-sulfonate-nonionic terpolymer, 15 parts of AA/AMPS, 10 parts of HPMA; PESA: 20 parts, PASP20 2 parts, 23 parts water; add the above raw materials to the enamel stirring kettle in sequence according to the proportion and stir for 2 hours.
[0016] Experiments are carried out on the plan of this office. After using this product, the circulating water treatment effect can be tested to reach: 15mcm; dirt thermal resistance ≤ 3×10 -4 m 2 k/w. [A1] With the promulgation of the Ten Water Regulations, higher requirements for wastewater discharge from various enterprises have been put forward. This product can solve the problem of excessive phosphorus in circulating water and sewage, and can save the need for excessive growth of bacteria and algae due to organic phosphorus The cost of biocides.
[0017] Option II:
[0018] Use of carboxylate-sulfonate-nonionic terpolymer in the preparation of scale inhibitor.
[0019] third solution:
[0020] A water quality stabilizer preparation package, characterized in that it contains the following parts by weight: 12 parts of carboxylate-sulfonate-nonionic terpolymer, 15 parts of AA/AMPS, 10 parts of HPMA; PESA: 20 parts , PASP20 copies. When the technical proposal of this place is realized, it can be combined to form a preparation bag. When the preparation bag is used, it can be placed in water and stirred for two hours. A separate preparation package is a product that can be sold separately.
[0021] Groundbreakingly, the above effects exist independently, and the combination of the above results can also be completed with a set of structures.


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