SZLGPL microbial strain and cultivation method of SZLGPL

A culturing method and a technology for bacterial species, which are applied in the field of cultivating the mulberry fungus strain and the mulberry fungus, can solve the problems of poor quality, inability to provide or satisfy, and achieve the purpose of promoting cell regeneration and repair, improving the resistance to The effect of stress, high edible medicinal value

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[0003] No matter existing mulberry scale mushroom is individual, or quality is all very bad, can't provide or satisfy the needs to mulberry scale ribonucleic acid RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) in existing life, therefore the present invention provides a kind of ...
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The invention discloses a mulberry mushroom strain and a cultivation method thereof. The mulberry mushroom strain is used as a strain for improving human immunity, and the preservation number of the mulberry mushroom strain is CGMCC No. 13892. The method comprises: extracting 20% ​​mulberry RNA from the mulberry mycelia; culturing the mulberry mycelia after extracting 20% ​​mulberry RNA through a medium; Add 20% growth factor VB2 to the mulberry mycelia after the RNA, and place the temperature in an incubator at 25°C for cultivation; 1-2 times a day for the mulberry mycelia in the incubator Turn over the pile, and after 25 days of cultivation, the mulberry mycelium is covered with bags; adjust the temperature in the incubator to be 22-23°C, and after the mulberry mycelium grows tumor-like protrusions, carry out the bag culture; After the fruiting bodies of the mulberry mycelia mature, the cultivation is terminated, and the fruiting bodies of the cultivated mulberry mycelium are collected.

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  • SZLGPL microbial strain and cultivation method of SZLGPL
  • SZLGPL microbial strain and cultivation method of SZLGPL


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[0016] In order to make the objectives, technical solutions and advantages of the present invention clearer, the present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with embodiments.
[0017] This embodiment provides a Lepidium mulberry strain, which serves as a strain for improving human immunity, and the preservation number of the Lepidium mulberry strain is CGMCC No. 13892.
[0018] This embodiment also provides a method for culturing Lepidium mulberry, the method comprising:
[0019] Extract 20% mulberry scale RNA from mulberry scale mycelium;
[0020] Culture the mycelium of mulberry scale after extracting 20% ​​mulberry scale RNA through the culture medium;
[0021] 20% growth factor VB2 is added to the mulberry mycelium after 20% mulberry scale RNA is extracted and placed in an incubator at a temperature of 25°C for culture;
[0022] The mulberry scale mycelium in the incubator is turned over 1-2 times a day, and the mulberry scale mycelium is full of bags after 25 days of culture;
[0023] Adjust the temperature in the incubator to 22-23°C, and after the tumor-like protrusions grow from the mulberry mycelium, carry out the bag-free culture;
[0024] After the fruiting bodies of the mulberry scale mycelium mature, the culture is terminated, and the cultivated fruit bodies of the mulberry scale mycelium are collected.
[0025] The above-mentioned medium includes 60-70% mulberry wood chips, 20-35% corn cob, 1-10% wheat bran, and 1-5% gypsum powder; preferably 65% ​​mulberry wood chips, 28% corn cob, 5% wheat bran and gypsum Powder 2%.
[0026] The above-mentioned culture medium is placed in a high-pressure steam sterilization device with a pressure of 0.1 MPa for sterilization for 1 hour before culturing the mulberry mycelium.
[0027] The above-mentioned mulberry wood chips are aged wood chips more than three years old.
[0028] The culture period of the above-mentioned mulberry mycelium is 52 days on average.
[0029] The 20% mulberry scale RNA in the above-mentioned mulberry scale mycelium is extracted by ultrasonic extraction. The extraction method uses an ultrasonic generator with a frequency of 25-40KHz, and the mulberry scale mycelium to be extracted is ultrasonically processed 15-30 minutes, the solid-liquid separation is carried out for 10 minutes under the condition of 3000r/min in a centrifuge.
[0030] This example also conducted experiments on the amount of mulberry scale RNA extracted from the mycelium of mulberry scales: 20% of mulberry scales RNA, 30% of mulberry scales RNA and 50% of mulberry scales RNA were extracted respectively, And for the mulberry scale mycelium after 20% mulberry scale RNA extraction, the mulberry scale mycelium after 30% mulberry scale RNA extraction, and the mulberry scale mycelium after 50% mulberry scale RNA extraction. Through the above-mentioned culture method, the results of the fruit body weight and RNA content of mycelium mulberry are as follows (see Table 1):
[0031] Table 1
[0034] From the above experimental results, it can be seen that for the strains with 20% mulberry scale RNA extracted, the ratio of tRNA to rRNA concentration is the best, the mushroom yield is the highest, and the maturity period is the shortest.
[0035] In terms of growth: the hyphae in the mulberry mycelium after extracting 20% ​​mulberry lipid scale RNA grow densely and vigorously; the hyphae in the mulberry mycelium after extracting 30% mulberry lipid scale RNA grow more Dense, good growth; the hyphae in the mulberry mycelium after 50% mulberry scale RNA are extracted, and the hyphae grow densely, and the growth is normal; in the mulberry mycelium that has not been extracted (0%) mulberry scale RNA The hyphae are very weak.
[0036] Different growth factors have a certain effect on the growth rate of Lepidoptera mulberry strains. Among them, VB1 and VB2 have the fastest growth rate. The difference between the two is not obvious, but the other factors have significant differences. From the perspective of the dry quality of mycelium, VB2 has the highest dry quality of mycelium, up to 0.063 3g, which is significantly different from VB1 and inositol. From the perspective of mycelial growth, there is little difference between the factors. Based on the above analysis, this experiment selects VB2 as the best growth factor.
[0037] Although the embodiments disclosed in the present invention are as above, the content described is only the embodiments used to facilitate the understanding of the present invention, and is not intended to limit the present invention. Any person skilled in the technical field of the present invention can make any modifications and changes in the implementation form and details without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention. However, the patent protection scope of the present invention is as follows: The scope defined by the appended claims shall prevail.


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