Gelatinizing device for bamboo and wood processing

A gluing device, bamboo and wood technology, applied to the cleaning method of using tools, the device of applying liquid to the surface, the cleaning method of using liquid, etc., can solve the problems of inconvenient use, high labor intensity, low work efficiency, etc. It achieves the effects of good gluing effect, reduced labor intensity and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-05-29
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[0003] At present, when the manufacturers apply the colloid, they manually clean the bamboo boards, and then manually ...
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The invention discloses a gelatinizing device for bamboo and wood processing. The gelatinizing device comprises support legs, a fixed rack, a conveying device, a gelatinizing part and a cleaning part,wherein the conveying device comprises a conveyor belt, a conveying support, conveying wheels, a mounting rack, a first motor and a driving device; the fixed rack is mounted on the conveying support;the gelatinizing part comprises a glue box, a handhold handle, a grip-pressure ball, a glue spraying pipe, a gelatinizing wheel and a glue dividing wheel; the lower end of the fixed rack is connectedwith a wheel rack through springs; the gelatinizing wheel and the glue dividing wheel are respectively arranged at the two ends of the wheel rack through a rotating rod; the gelatinizing wheel is communicated with the glue spraying pipe; the cleaning part comprises an air box, an air nozzle, a second motor, a water tank and a cleaning wheel; the air box is communicated with the air nozzle throughan air pipe; the water tank is communicated with the cleaning wheel; a plurality of water spraying holes and hair brushes are arranged at the circumference of the cleaning wheel. The gelatinizing device disclosed by the invention has the advantages that existing manual cleaning and gelatinizing operations are changed, so that the labor strength is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, the gelatinizing is carried out uniformly, and a gelatinizing effect is good.

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Liquid surface applicatorsCleaning using tools +3

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  • Gelatinizing device for bamboo and wood processing
  • Gelatinizing device for bamboo and wood processing


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Example Embodiment

[0015] The technical solution of this patent will be described in further detail below in conjunction with specific embodiments.
[0016] See Figure 1-2 , A gluing device for bamboo and wood processing, comprising a supporting foot 1, a fixing frame 2, a conveying device, a gluing part, and a cleaning part. The conveying device includes a conveying belt 3, a conveying bracket 4, a conveying wheel 5, and a mounting frame 6. The first motor 7 and the driving device 8, the transmission wheel 5 is installed at the two ends of the transmission bracket 4 and the two ends of the transmission bracket 4 are fixed to the ground through the supporting feet 1, and the two ends of the conveyor belt 3 are respectively connected with the transmission wheels on both sides 5 is connected, the mounting frame 6 is fixed on a supporting leg 1, the first motor 7 and the driving device 8 are both installed on the mounting frame 6, the output end of the first motor 7 is connected to the driving device 8 and the driving device 8 is connected to the transmission wheel 5. The fixing frame 2 is installed on the conveying bracket 4. The glue application parts include the glue box 9, the hand grip 10, the pressure ball 11, the glue pipe 14, the glue wheel 15 and the glue wheel 16, and the glue box 9 is installed on the fixed On the upper end of the frame 2, the glue pipe 14 is installed at the lower end of the glue box 9, the hand grip 10 is installed on the upper end of the glue box 9 through a rotating shaft and a fixing piece, and the gripping ball 11 is installed on the upper end of the hand grip 10. The lower end is connected with a wheel frame 18 through a spring 17. The gripping ball 11, the hand grip 10, the glue box 9 and the glue pipe 14 are connected in pairs. The two ends of the wheel frame 18 are respectively provided with a rubber coating wheel 15 and The glue wheel 16, the glue wheel 15 are connected with the glue pipe 14 and the glue wheel 15 is provided with a plurality of glue holes 28 on the surface of the glue wheel 15. The cleaning components include a wind box 19, a tuyere 20, a second motor 22, a water tank 23 and a cleaning wheel 25. The wind box 19 communicates with the tuyere 20 through the air pipe 21, and the water tank 23 communicates with the cleaning wheel 25 through the water pipe 24. A plurality of water spray holes and brushes 26 are provided on the circumference of the cleaning wheel 25. The upper end of the wind box 19 is installed There is a second motor 22, and the output end of the second motor 22 is connected to a cleaning driving device for driving the wind box 19 and the water tank 23. A number of telescopic rods 13 are installed inside the rotating rod 27, so that the rubber coating wheel 15 can be adjusted according to the actual width of the bamboo board 12 when in use, so that the device has the function of being suitable for a variety of different widths of the bamboo board 12. The rod 13 is provided with a plurality of glue spray holes 28, and glue can still be discharged from the elongated part. The glue tank 9, the water tank 23 and the bellows 19 are all made of stainless steel. Valves are provided on the spray pipe 14 and the water pipe 24 to facilitate people's control. Both ends of the conveyor belt 3 are provided with baffles, and the height of the baffles is smaller than the height of the bamboo board 12.
[0017] The working principle of the present invention is: the user places the bamboo board 12 on the conveyor belt 3, turns on the first motor 7, and the driving device 8 drives the conveyor wheel 5 to work to drive the conveyor belt 3 to work, and the conveyor belt 3 sends the bamboo board 12 to the cleaning part. The air nozzle 20 blows off the ash on the bamboo board 12, the water in the water tank 23 is sprayed from the spray hole of the cleaning wheel 25, and the brush 26 cleans the bamboo board 12. When the cleaned bamboo board 12 is transported to the glue At the part, the user shakes the handle 10 and squeezes the ball 11, the glue pipe 14 will spray the glue in the glue box 9 into the glue wheel 15, and the glue hole 28 of the glue wheel 15 will spray the glue The glue spreading wheel 15 spreads the glue on the bamboo board 12, and the glue spreading wheel 16 brushes the glue more evenly until the bamboo board 12 finishes gluing, and the whole process is completed.
[0018] For those skilled in the art, it is obvious that the present invention is not limited to the details of the foregoing exemplary embodiments, and the present invention can be implemented in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or basic characteristics of the present invention. Therefore, from any point of view, the embodiments should be regarded as exemplary and non-limiting. The scope of the present invention is defined by the appended claims rather than the foregoing description, and therefore it is intended to fall within the claims. All changes within the meaning and scope of equivalent elements of are included in the present invention. Any reference signs in the claims should not be regarded as limiting the claims involved.
[0019] In addition, it should be understood that although this specification is described in accordance with the embodiments, not every embodiment only includes an independent technical solution. This narration in the specification is only for clarity, and those skilled in the art should consider the specification as a whole The technical solutions in the embodiments can also be appropriately combined to form other implementations that can be understood by those skilled in the art.


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