Iron core packaging method adopting composite material for enhancement

A composite material and packaging method technology, applied in the field of iron core packaging, can solve the problem of easy cracking of the epoxy layer, and achieve the effects of improving strength and crack resistance, high efficiency and preventing extravasation

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It solves the problem of easy cracking due to the change of outdoor tempera...
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The invention discloses an iron core packaging method adopting a composite material for enhancement; the method comprises an iron core, a composite material and epoxy resin, and the packaging method comprises the following steps that a step 1, the iron core is cleaned before the iron core is encapsulated by the epoxy resin; a step 2, the composite material is laid on the surface of the iron core,and the composite material is fixed with the iron core; and a step 3, the epoxy resin is poured on the iron core by adopting an epoxy resin pouring process. The composite material coating is added onthe surface of the iron core, so that the composite material layer is added inside the epoxy resin, and therefore the strength and the cracking resistance of the epoxy packaging layer can be remarkably improved and, meanwhile, the environmental protection performance is improved, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

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Manufacturing stator/rotor bodies

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CoatingEpoxy +2


  • Iron core packaging method adopting composite material for enhancement


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Example Embodiment

[0024] In order to enable those skilled in the art to better understand the present invention, the technical solutions of the present invention will be further described below with reference to the accompanying drawings and embodiments.
[0025] Such as figure 1 Shown is a composite material reinforced iron core packaging method, including dovetail key 1, iron core 2, composite material 3, and epoxy resin 4. A long stator packaging method reinforced by composite material 3 is:
[0026] Step 1: Clean the iron core 2 before the iron core 2 is encapsulated by epoxy resin 4;
[0027] Step 2: Lay composite material 3 on the surface of iron core 2 and fix composite material 3 with iron core 2;
[0028] The third step: use epoxy resin 4 to cast iron core 2; epoxy resin 4 is poured on iron core 2 through epoxy resin casting process; and epoxy resin casting process can usually choose vacuum casting (VC), or Automatic pressure gel (APG), or vacuum pressure gel process (VPG). Due to the excellent characteristics of the VPG process, it has become a rookie in the epoxy resin forming process technology. The VPG process is preferred in the present invention.
[0029] Composite materials 3 such as glass fiber cloth, polyester fiber cloth, epoxy glass mesh cloth and other composite fibers are laid on the surface of the iron core 2. The surface of the iron core 2 is covered with a composite material 3, that is, a heat-resistant perforated cloth. The composite material 3 and the iron core 2 can be fixed in a variety of ways, for example, they can be tied with a cable tie, taped, or glued, etc., to fix the composite material 3 and the iron core 2 in close contact with each other. At the same time, the composite material 3 The holes of the heat-resistant perforated cloth are in contact with the surface of the iron core 2. When the epoxy resin 4 is poured, it can contact the surface of the iron core 2 through the holes of the heat-resistant perforated cloth, and air can be released, which will remove the ring to the greatest extent. The air between the oxygen resin 4 and the iron core 2 of the composite material 3. There are reinforcing ribs inside the epoxy resin 4 after curing. This type of reinforcing ribs add ribs to the epoxy resin 4, which can significantly improve the crack resistance and impact resistance of the epoxy resin 4, thereby increasing the iron core by at least 200 More than ten parts of the intensity.
[0030] In the above, a long stator packaging method reinforced by the composite material 3 provided by the present invention has been introduced in detail. The description of the specific embodiments is only used to help understand the method and the core idea of ​​the present invention. It should be pointed out that for those of ordinary skill in the art, without departing from the principle of the present invention, several improvements and modifications can be made to the present invention, and these improvements and modifications also fall within the protection scope of the claims of the present invention.


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