Wide-area damping control method for DFIG and SSSC coordination power system

A power system, wide-area damping technology, applied in flexible AC transmission systems, circuit devices, AC network circuits, etc., can solve the problems of complex interconnected power grid characteristics, weakened oscillation suppression effect, limited damping, etc. The effect of power oscillation suppression capability and strong robustness

Active Publication Date: 2019-04-19
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Problems solved by technology

The proportion and capacity of DFIG and SSSC in the power grid are gradually increasing, which also makes the characteristics of the interconnected grid more complex, which brings great challenges to the analysis and suppression of power system power oscillation. Once power oscillation occurs, it will have a huge impact on the power system. , so how to improve the system damping characteristics and suppress power oscillation is worth studying
The traditional synchronous machine adopts the power system stabilizer (PSS) fo...
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Method used

The damping link input signal of SSSC generally adopts Δω or Δδ, by adjusting the input signal, the reactive power Q of the controller is made to contain the damping torque component, so that the reactive power modulation has a damping suppression effect and plays a reactive support role, ...
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The invention provides a wide-area damping control method for a DFIG and SSSC coordination power system and belongs to the technical field of power system interconnection grid damping control. The method comprises steps of firstly identifying the oscillation parameter of the system, determining the damping condition of the system and obtaining the oscillation frequency and damping ratio of the power system; secondly, selecting a wide-area input signal of the damping controller is selected; according to the damping ratio setting target, carrying out power oscillation suppression by using reactive modulation in the SSSC by combining the fuzzy control principle; providing the damping torque through a PI-based PSS link in the DFIG to perform the oscillation suppression; and then the coordinating the power oscillation suppression and oscillation suppression to achieve the power system wide area damping control. The simulation results show that the proposed method is simple and effective, and the proposed wide-area damping control has strong robustness and can effectively enhance the power oscillation suppression capability of the interconnected power grid.

Application Domain

Flexible AC transmissionFlicker reduction in ac network +1

Technology Topic

Power oscillationControl principle +8


  • Wide-area damping control method for DFIG and SSSC coordination power system
  • Wide-area damping control method for DFIG and SSSC coordination power system
  • Wide-area damping control method for DFIG and SSSC coordination power system


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Example Embodiment

[0096] Example:
[0097] choose as Figure 7 Four-machine two-area system verification including DFIG and SSSC. The wind farm consists of 10 double-fed wind turbines with a rated capacity of 1.5MW. The capacity of SSSC is 100MVA, and the specific parameters are configured as follows: the fuzzy parameters in SSSC are Kp(s)=1/(0.02s+1), Kq(s)=280/(0.001s+1). Fuzzy sets are defined as: Negative Big (NB), Negative Small (NS), Zero (ZO), Positive Small (PS), Positive Big (PB). The damping control method combining DFIG and SSSC, the fuzzy control parameters of SSSC are Kp(s)=1/(0.02s+1), Kq(s)=280/(0.001s+1). The PSS parameters of DFIG are K=-50, T1=0.5, T2=0.2, T3=8, T4=2.4, Vsmin=-0.5, Vsmax=0.5.
[0098] Table 1 Fuzzy rule table
[0100] Case 1: Comparison of different control strategies under large disturbance three-phase short circuit
[0101] Assume that a three-phase short-circuit fault occurs in 1s at the busbar 101 of the tie line, and the fault lasts for 0.2s. When both DFIG and SSSC are not put into additional damping control, the matrix beam algorithm is used to identify the system oscillation parameters of the rotor angular velocity signal of generator G1. The oscillation frequency is 0.4369Hz, the damping ratio is 0.2942, and the system damping is not strong. If it is necessary to strengthen the system damping In this situation, the additional fuzzy damping control link in SSSC can be used. When the threshold ε is set to 0.3, after the fuzzy damping control link of SSSC is used, the oscillation parameters of the system can be identified, and the damping ratio becomes 0.3116. It can be seen that only the fuzzy damping control link of SSSC is used Damping control can meet the requirements. If the requirements for the system damping level are high, the damping provided by SSSC may be limited, and the PSS additional damping control link of DFIG needs to be further invested. If the threshold ε is set to 0.31, the damping control links of DFIG and SSSC are both put into use, and the identification system After the wide-area damping control combined with DFIG and SSSC is put into use, the damping ratio of the system becomes 0.3296, which shows that the damping of the system is improved. At the same time, the active power of the tie line of the system and the active power of the G3 generator under the three conditions of DFIG and SSSC without additional damping control, single SSSC fuzzy control, and wide-area damping control combined with DFIG and SSSC are as follows: Figure 8 and Figure 9 shown.
[0102] Depend on Figure 8 and Figure 9 It can be seen that under the wide-area damping control of the power system combined with DFIG and SSSC, the oscillation of the active power of the interval tie line and the synchronous machine has been effectively suppressed. The power recovery is smooth, the adjustment time is short, and it can quickly return to a stable state. The wide-area damping control method proposed in this paper can effectively control the power oscillation of the system, and the control effect is better than that of the SSSC fuzzy damping control alone, so that the system oscillation can be effectively suppressed.
[0103] Computational comparison of different methods and example simulation verification show that the control method is efficient and practical.


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