Control device of air-conveying spraying apparatus

A control device and equipment technology, applied in the direction of spraying devices, etc., can solve the problems of human body hazards, low spraying accuracy, waste of human resources, etc.

Inactive Publication Date: 2020-05-08
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The traditional sprayer control method has low control over the spraying accuracy, and causes a waste of ...
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The objective of the invention is to provide a control device for an air-conveying spraying apparatus. The control device comprises an information collection module, a master control module, an execution module, a circuit protection module and an energy module, the operation of the whole machine is controlled through the control device, and the high-precision liquid medicine release is completed while information acquisition on fruit trees of an orchard is completed. During operation of the control device, an ultrasonic ranging sensor transmits the distance information of a vehicle body and the fruit trees in real time to a single chip microcomputer until an on-site distance conforms to a proper distance built in the single chip microcomputer, the spraying operation is started, and at themoment, an infrared target sensor starts scanning tree bodies of the fruit trees, and the tree body information is transmitted to the single chip microcomputer, and after the time delay, the single chip microcomputer sends high-low level signals to a steering engine driver and a fan speed governor, and finally a steering engine drives a spray head to swing to the corresponding angle and then the spray head is fixed, and meanwhile, the fan is started; and a control instruction is sent to a solid-state relay via the single chip microcomputer and then is transmitted to an electromagnetic valve, the electromagnetic valve opens liquid medicine and begins to convey, the quantitative spraying operation is started, and after the quantitative spraying operation is completed, the electromagnetic valve is closed, and each part keeps in-situ waiting for the next proper spraying time; and meanwhile, the ultrasonic ranging sensor starts to measure the next proper spraying distance and repeats the operation process. The control device is high in operation efficiency, good in safety performance and good in application prospect.

Application Domain

Spraying apparatus

Technology Topic

Circuit protectionFruit tree +7


  • Control device of air-conveying spraying apparatus
  • Control device of air-conveying spraying apparatus
  • Control device of air-conveying spraying apparatus


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Example Embodiment

[0013] In order to make the objectives, technical solutions, and advantages of the present invention clearer, the following further describes the present invention in detail with reference to the accompanying drawings and implementation cases. It should be understood that the specific examples described here are only used to explain the present invention, but not to limit the present invention.
[0014] figure 1 It is a schematic diagram of the flow relationship of the spray equipment control device provided by the embodiment of the present invention. For ease of description, only the parts related to the present invention are shown.
[0015] The accessories of the control device of the air spraying equipment include: ultrasonic ranging sensor, relay, single-chip microcomputer, rudder unit, solenoid valve, circuit breaker, on-board battery, auxiliary power supply, and speed regulating device.
[0016] When the whole machine starts, such as figure 1 As shown, the ultrasonic ranging sensor transmits the distance information between the car body and the fruit tree to the microcontroller in real time, until the actual distance meets the appropriate distance built in the microcontroller, and the spraying operation starts. At this time, the infrared target sensor starts scanning the fruit tree body and simultaneously The tree information is transmitted to the single-chip microcomputer. After a delay, the single-chip microcomputer sends high and low-level signals to the steering gear driver and the fan speed controller. Finally, the steering gear drives the nozzle to swing the corresponding angle, and the fan starts at the same time, and sends a control command to the solid state relay through the single chip microcomputer. Then it is transmitted to the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve opens the liquid medicine to start delivery, and the quantitative spray operation starts. After the quantitative liquid spray is completed, the solenoid valve closes, all parts remain in place and wait for the next suitable discharge time, and the ultrasonic distance measuring sensor starts measuring The next suitable spray distance and repeat the above operation process.
[0017] The technical scope of the present invention is not limited to the content of the description, and all modifications, equivalent substitutions and improvements made within the spirit and principle of the present invention should be included in the protection scope of the present invention.


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