Cervical opening size monitoring device and method and application thereof

A technology of opening size and monitoring device, applied in application, telemetry patient monitoring, use of spectral diagnosis, etc., can solve problems such as cost reduction, and achieve the effect of improving imaging accuracy, low difficulty in implementation, and high imaging accuracy

Pending Publication Date: 2021-12-31
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Problems solved by technology

[0005] Based on this, it is necessary to address the problems existing in the prior art, provide a cervical opening size mon...
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Method used

Please refer to Fig. 1-3, this cervical opening size monitoring device comprises terminal and the probe body 1 that is connected with this terminal communication, probe body 1 and the disposable shell 2 that is coated on this probe body 1 outside, and wherein terminal is Phone or tablet or computer. The probe body 1 adopts a waterproof shell, which is delicate and small in size and has good waterproof performance. It can be sterilized with alcohol after use, which is convenient for repeated use, and the disposable shell 2 can be replaced.
Specifically, the front end of the disposable housing 2 is provided with an opening for the image sensor and the structured light emitter to expose, and the rear end of the disposable housing 2 is provided with an anti-inhalation structure, which can be bent and deformed arbitrarily, and the anti-inhalation structure includes A metal strip 4 that can be bent arbitrarily and a flexible layer 3 covering the metal strip 4 . The disposable shell 2 is adopted, so after one use, only the disposable shell 2 needs to be replaced, and the probe body 1 can be reused after di...
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The invention relates to a cervical opening size monitoring device and method and an application thereof. The device comprises a terminal, a probe body in communication connection with the terminal, and a disposable shell wrapping the probe body, wherein the probe body is provided with a structured light/infrared laser pulse emitter, an image sensor used for receiving light reflected by the structured light/infrared laser pulse emitter, a processor used for processing light signals received by the image sensor, and a wireless module. The wireless module is used for sending the light signals processed by the processor to the terminal, so that the terminal can generate a cervical orifice three-dimensional model in real time according to the light signals and display the cervical orifice three-dimensional model; and the front end of the disposable shell is provided with an opening for exposing the image sensor and the structured light/infrared laser pulse transmitter. The device has the advantages of being convenient to operate, low in use cost and convenient to carry.

Application Domain

Diagnostics using spectroscopySensors +1

Technology Topic

Image sensorEngineering +6


  • Cervical opening size monitoring device and method and application thereof
  • Cervical opening size monitoring device and method and application thereof
  • Cervical opening size monitoring device and method and application thereof


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Example Embodiment

[0045] Example 1
[0046] See Figure 1-3 The present size of the opening of the cervix and the monitoring means includes a terminal connected to the probe body in communication with the terminal 1, the probe body 1 and a disposable cover to the housing 1 outside the probe body 2, wherein the terminal is a PC or a mobile phone or a tablet. A probe body housing is waterproof, delicate small volume, water resistance, and the like may be sterilized with alcohol after use, easy to re-use, disposable housing 2 and can be replaced.
[0047] Structure is provided on the light emitter 1 in particular, the probe body, the structure of the light emitter for receiving the emitted light is reflected image sensor, and a wireless module and a processor for processing the image sensor receives the light signal, the radio processor means for processing the light signals transmitted through the terminal, so that the terminal can be generated in real time according to the three-dimensional modeling cervix ray signals and displaying, wherein via Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, and between the wireless module and the terminal 4G / 5G, wherein the one or more communicatively connected, either way that the same are capable of wireless communication link between the terminal 1 and the probe body, preferably using Bluetooth, ZigBee, low-power communication scheme, it is possible to enhance a probe body the life, or using WiFi or 4G / 5G high bandwidth, low latency, can significantly reduce the data transmission time, cervix quickly generate three-dimensional modeling.
[0048] In the present embodiment, three-dimensional modeling cervix using structured light three-dimensional modeling technology, the principle structure of a light-D modeling apparatus comprising a projector (a projection optical configuration, i.e. the structure of the optical transmitter in the present embodiment) of after the projection light transmitted encoded, the image received by the sensor is encoded source projected onto the object surface of the object to be modulated depth image, because the structure of the light source or the coding with many feature points, thus providing a lot of matching angle point or directly codeword, can easily be matched feature point, in other words the optical active structure offers many matching feature points or directly codeword, without the need for the use of the subject itself has a feature point, thus It can provide better matching results.
[0049] Pattern projected structured light method requires careful design and coding, there are many ways the structure of an optical encoder may be employed directly encoded, time-division multiplex encoding, space division multiplexing coding.
[0050] Since the active structured light projected coded light, which is very suitable for the lack of light (or even no light), lack of texture scene used. For the body cavity scenario, the configuration of the optical technology is very suitable for this application cervix three-dimensional modeling.
[0051] Specifically, the front end opening 2 is provided for the image sensor and the light emitter structures exposed disposable housing, disposable housing 2 provided with an anti trailing suction structure, the structure can be any anti-suction bending deformation, comprising a structure capable of preventing any bending inhalation the metal strip 4 off the flexible cladding and an outer layer 34 of the metal strip. Using disposable housing 2, so after a single use, disposable housing 2 only needs to replace, and the probe body 1 can be reused after sterilization and cleansing, ensuring safety and health of different human use. And a probe body 1 in the form of wireless transmission, there is no conventional wire, more convenient operation.
[0052] In use, as long as the structure can prevent bending preventing suction is drawn into the probe body 1 can not be removed after the vagina, and the probe body 1 can be adjusted in depth into the vagina, since the anti-suction structure may be arbitrarily completely deformed, until the probe body 1 after deep into the desired position, and then the suction bending prevention structure, the use of anti-suction structure after bending abuts the vaginal opening, to achieve a travel limit of the probe body, easy to operate, and can ensure that the image sensor to maintain a certain cervix distance to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
[0053] Preferably, the disposable housing 2 and the layer 3 are integrally molded, flexible, disposable housing 2 and the flexible layer 3 are made of latex or silica gel. Both materials are commonly used materials in the technical field of medical instruments.
[0054] Preferably, the metal strip 4 is electrically connected to one end of the probe body 1, and the other end is connected to an antenna 5, the probe body actually reserved for the interface 4 of the metal strip 1, the metal strip 4 is detachable, or the metal strip 4 and antenna 5 itself is one. 5 through the antenna signal strength can be improved, reliability of data transfer.

Example Embodiment

[0055] Example 2
[0056] See Figure 4-5 This embodiment differs from the embodiment 1 in that, using the TOF-D modeling, that is, the structure of the light emitter is an infrared laser pulse replacement transmitter. Wherein the three-dimensional modeling techniques TOF TOF is an abbreviation of Time ofFlight, called time of flight 3D imaging, by definition is to strike distance by measuring the time of flight of light, which through the use of CCD / CMOS imaging array in conjunction with active infrared laser modulation technique three-dimensional scene to obtain depth information, the distance information by continuously transmitting infrared laser pulses to the measured object, and an imaging sensor array receives reflected infrared laser pulses, by measuring the phase of the light pulses emitted and received light pulse delay obtaining the scene , or another more popular explanation for the time of flight time of flight of light, the basic principle of this technique is to load a light emitting element (an infrared emitter laser pulse), photons emitted from the light emitting element is incident on an object surface after reflection will return. Use a special CMOS sensor (image sensor) to capture those emitted from the light emitting element, and from the surface of the object reflected photons, the flight time of photons can be obtained. The photonic flight time of photons in turn can be deduced from the flight to give it depth information of the object, so that by means of modeling software installed on the terminal can be generated in real-time three-dimensional modeling cervix. TOF technology has simple, strong anti-interference ability, high image accuracy, good portability advantages of easy integration.
[0057] Whether or structured light TOF is already widely used in mobile phones, commonly used in 3D face recognition, 3D modeling, gesture recognition, AR / VR and other scenes, mature technology, high accuracy, thus achieving very low degree of difficulty, basically does not exist technical threshold. Both techniques can be three-dimensional modeling of the cervix can be accurately extracted cervical opening size and location of fetal scalp.

Example Embodiment

[0058] Example 3
[0059] See Figure 6-7 , The opening size of cervix monitoring method using the above apparatus monitoring the size of the opening of the cervix, includes the following steps:
[0060] The probe body 1 extending into the woman's vagina and adjust position;
[0061] Structured light / infrared transmitter emits pulse laser light, the image sensor receives reflected light after the signal processor and then transmitted to the terminal by a wireless signal light processing module;
[0062] Light signal generated in real time based on the terminal cervical opening and displaying a three-dimensional modeling;
[0063] Terminal according cervix cervix three modeling to identify and calculate the size of the cervix;
[0064] Or a request by the user terminal automatically displays the size of the opening of the cervix.
[0065] The above steps are given by way of a basic monitoring step. With the above apparatus monitoring the size of the cervical opening, has the same technical effect, but also easy operating advantages compared to the prior art, can also be continuously detected several times, reduce the pain maternal supplies disposable housing 2 only , low cost and disposable housing 2, so the overall use of low cost, easy to promote the use of a large amount.


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