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Simulation test device for pneumatic load of vehicle body

ActiveCN102706570AEasy to testShort cycle
The invention provides a simulation test device for a pneumatic load of a vehicle body. The simulation test device is used for a simulation test of the pneumatic load of the vehicle body. The simulation test device consists of a test bed, a fixing mechanism for fixing two ends of the vehicle body to be tested onto the test bed as well as a transverse pressurizing mechanism for applying the pressure on two sides of the vehicle body to be tested, wherein a track for allowing the vehicle body to be tested to move is arranged on the test bed; the transverse pressurizing mechanism comprises a plurality of pressurizing assemblies; each pressurizing assembly consists of an upright post, a wind pressure plate and a hydraulic actuator; the bottom of each upright post is fixedly arranged on the test bed; one end of the hydraulic actuator is hinged with each upright post; and the other end of the hydraulic actuator is hinged with one lateral surface of the wind pressure plate. According to the simulation test device disclosed by the invention, an air pressure load test carried out in the wind pressure plate is replaced by a mechanical device in normal-temperature and normal-pressure environments, and the technical problems that the cost is high and no generality is obtained due to the fact that a pressure container with ultralarge volume is required to be manufactured in the prior art are solved.

Intelligent transformer station secondary equipment state data warning displaying method

The invention discloses an intelligent transformer station secondary equipment state data warning displaying method which comprises the following steps: parsing an SCD file; extracting GOOSE subnet configuration information and MMS subnet configuration information related to warning messages; parsing GOOSE messages and MMS messages matched with the configuration information; extracting APPID, goID, DatSet and the like in the GOOSE messages; extracting DatSet, DataRef and Value in the MMS messages; taking the APPID, goID, DatSet extracted from the GOOSE messages and the DatSet and DataRef extracted from the MMS messages as input for analysis; judging whether the GOOSE messages or the MMS messages are abnormal and require warning or not; conducting grading warning displaying according to a pre-arranged warning grading rule if the GOOSE messages or the MMS messages are abnormal and require warning. According to the intelligent transformer station secondary equipment state data warning displaying method, the warning messages can be graded for displaying, so that on-site operating personnel can visually and accurately know the warning information, and quickly locate and handle failures according to the serious degree of the warning; the operation efficiency is improved; the joint debugging period of a project is shortened.

Process for industrial production of hydrolyzed wheat protein

The invention discloses a process for industrial production of hydrolyzed wheat protein. The hydrolyzed wheat protein is prepared by the following steps of: a, adding water into a reaction kettle, adding alkaline protease into the reaction kettle in a proportion of 20-40U/g wheat gluten protein powder, stirring to be uniform, adding the wheat gluten protein powder into the reaction kettle while alkaline is added to a reaction system to regulate pH value of the system to be 9-10.0, and stopping addition of the alkaline after reaction is carried out for 5-25min; b, when the pH value of the system is 8.5-9.0, adding trypsin into the system, and hydrolyzing for 30-80min at the temperature of 40-65 DEG C, wherein the added amount of the trypsin is 35-60U/g wheat gluten protein powder; c, regulating the pH value to be 7.5-8.0, adding complex enzyme preparation accounting for 0.08-0.5% of the wheat gluten protein powder, and hydrolyzing 1-6h at the temperature of 25-60 DEG C; and d, after hydrolyzing is completed, deactivating enzymatic hydrolysate, then filtering, and finally carrying out spray drying on filtrate. The process for industrial production of the hydrolyzed wheat protein disclosed by the invention has the advantages that protein digestibility is high, the hydrolyzed wheat protein is easy to absorb, the production process is simple and the production cycle is short.

Novel production process of paraffin wax continuous forming machine

ActiveCN101898394AShort cycleImprove equipment operating efficiency
The invention discloses a novel production process of a paraffin wax continuous forming machine, which solves the problems by rationalizing and automating a process flow, shortening a cycle and improving the product quality. The particularly-adopted novel process comprises the following processes: a precooling process, a wax injecting process, a transmitting process, a condensing process, and automatic packaging; wherein the precooling process comprises a warm water closed circulation cooling process, a constant-temperature water closed circulation heat preservation process and a hot air blowing process; the wax injecting process comprises the steps of keeping the precooled liquid wax in a constant temperature and pressure, automatically weighing the wax and injecting the wax into wax discs periodically; the transmitting process comprises the steps of controlling an active power output by a main motor and predicatively controlling an operation state of a main chain; and the condensing process comprises the steps of setting and controlling the area of an evaporator, the evaporating temperature of a refrigerant, the air volume conveyed by an air cooler and the cold energy of a cold chamber. The novel production process of the paraffin wax continuous forming machine has the advantages of: reasonable process flow, optimized parameters, short process cycle, high automation degree, obvious effects of saving energy and reducing emission and high wax injection accuracy.

Method and apparatus for realizing MTTCP in intelligent terminal device

InactiveCN107231349AShort cycleAccelerate the process of popularization and application
The invention provides a method and apparatus for realizing an MTTCP in an intelligent terminal device. The method comprises the following steps: obtaining an Android operating system source code used by the intelligent terminal device, and transplanting the source code in a VirtualBox virtual machine, so that tan Android operating system can run in the VirtualBox virtual machine; running the Android operating system integrated with the MPTCP on the VirtualBox virtual machine, and constructing a multipath transmission control protocol MPTCP network environment to realize the function test of the MPTCP; and after the test is successful, copying an MPTCP source code file to the Android operating system source code used by the intelligent terminal device, and performing a test on the intelligent terminal device. By adoption of the method of integrating the MPTCP code in the Android kernel, the correctly tested MPTCP code in the VirtualBox virtual machine environment can be directly applied to the intelligent terminal device adopting an Android platform, thereby shortening the period of applying the multipath transmission control protocol to the actual network environment, and accelerating the popularization and application progress of the MPTCP in the mobile internet can be greatly improved.

Brewing technology of strawberry wine and strawberry wine prepared through brewing technology

InactiveCN105368633AShort cyclereduce losses
The invention relates to a brewing technology of strawberry wine and the strawberry wine prepared through the brewing technology. The brewing technology includes the steps that 1, strawberry syrup is prepared; 2, the sugar degree of the strawberry syrup is adjusted at the earlier stage; 3, active dry yeast is treated; 4, the strawberry syrup is subjected to natural fermentation; 5, strawberry fermentation stock is subjected to low-temperature temperature control fermentation; 6, strawberry base wine is subjected to stability treatment; 7, blending of the strawberry base wine and aftertreatment of the strawberry wine are performed. The brewing technology has the advantages that the period of the technological treatment process is shortened as far as possible so that the loss of the strawberry flavor can be reduced; natural substances are used for fermentation, the two-stage fermentation technology with natural fermentation and low-temperature temperature control fermentation combined is adopted, neither additives nor industrial components are used in the whole process, the original nutritional ingredients, fruity aroma and color and luster of strawberries are maintained, and the wine has a mellow aroma; the strawberry wine is more outstanding in color, aroma and taste due to the low-temperature temperature control fermentation technology and is good in stability after later-stage blending treatment.

Site contaminated soil distribution determination method based on geological conditions

ActiveCN105675839Areduce workloadShort cycle
The invention discloses a site contaminated soil distribution determination method based on geological conditions. The method includes the following steps: 1) collecting the geological parameters of a to-be-tested site, comprising: soil geologic stratification, soil layer permeability, soil granular size, soil organic substance content, and water level, flow direction and flow speed of underground water, and determining the background values of the parameters; 2) collecting the environmental data of the site to determine the types of the pollutants; 3) determining investigation depth according to the types of the pollutants and the soil layer permeability coefficient; and 4) determining investigation zones according to the soil layer permeability coefficient, the soil organic substance content, and the water level, the flow direction and the flow speed of underground water. The method, on the basis of the character analysis of geological conditions, can be used for macroscopically determining and investigating the characters of distribution and migration of local soil pollutants with combination of the environmental data through various test methods. The method is low in workload, is short in period and is low in cost. A diagnosis result can effectively guide arrangement of sampling points and determination of sampling depth in site environment investigation in later period.
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