Redundancy control method for flame cutting system of continuous casting machine

A flame cutting and redundant control technology, applied in the field of steel continuous casting, can solve problems such as maintenance difficulties, frequent cutting machine limit failures, and restrictions on equipment operation stability and continuity, so as to solve potential safety hazards and ensure stability Effect

Pending Publication Date: 2022-06-14
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Problems solved by technology

Such a high temperature caused frequent failures of the cutting machine limit, resulting in the failure of the flame cutting machine to work normally, and even the stop of the single-strand casting operation
Moreover, the high temperature makes it difficult for maintenance personnel to repair it.
During maintenance, the sin...
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The invention belongs to the technical field of continuous casting of steel and iron, and relates to a redundancy control method for a flame cutting system of a continuous casting machine, which is characterized in that a time control program is added in an optimized logic control program by taking a flame cutting machine clamping signal as a reference, and cutting end electrical limit is replaced by taking the flame cutting machine clamping signal as the reference and matching with delay time. A holding clamp loosening signal of the flame cutting machine is used as a reference to be matched with different delay times to replace cutting machine swing gun initial electrical limiting and cutting machine original electrical limiting. Whether each simulation electrical limit is put into use or not can be put into or removed from an HMI picture, and the delay time can be adjusted on the HMI picture in real time according to different production working conditions. After any electrical limit of the flame cutting machine breaks down, the limit can be quickly simulated for use, the on-line first-aid repair operation time can be shortened by 30 minutes per time, the potential safety hazard of high-temperature on-line first-aid repair is thoroughly solved, and the stability of continuous production of a casting machine is effectively guaranteed.

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Programme controlComputer control +1

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Process engineeringContinuous production +7


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Example Embodiment

[0013] The following are specific embodiments of the present invention to further describe the technical solutions of the present invention, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to these embodiments. All changes or equivalent substitutions that do not depart from the concept of the present invention are included in the protection scope of the present invention.
[0014] A redundant control method for a flame cutting system of a continuous casting machine, the steps are as follows:
[0015] 1) The control program of the continuous casting flame cutting system is combed in detail, and the electrical limit points involved in each flow are counted from the original control program to form a list;
[0016] 2) Design the corresponding analog limit according to the characteristics of each electrical limit and the principle of program control;
[0017] 3) Corresponding to the list of statistics in step 1), the analog limit designed in step 2) and the corresponding electrical limit I point are connected in parallel in the program to form a complete logic control program segment;
[0018] 4) After the successful commissioning of the redundant design logic program, improve the original HMI screen control, program the input/cut soft buttons of the corresponding analog limit of each stream, and use the delay time of each analog limit as the input/output field. The form is perfected into the HMI screen;
[0019] 5) When the electrical limit fails, the maintenance personnel can quickly use the analog limit switch on/off soft button corresponding to the HMI screen to put the analog limit into use, and adjust the delay time according to the actual production situation on site to ensure Continuity of work in continuous casting flame cutting systems.
[0020] The present invention is not limited to the above-mentioned embodiments, and anyone should know that structural changes made under the inspiration of the present invention, all technical solutions that are the same or similar to the present invention, fall within the protection scope of the present invention.
[0021] The technology, shape, and structural part that are not described in detail in the present invention are all well-known technologies.


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