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External terminal protection equipment and protection system comprising identity information verification

PendingCN111898167AReduce system security risksSolve potential safety hazards
The invention discloses external terminal protection equipment and a protection system comprising identity information verification. The external terminal protection equipment comprises: a plurality of external interfaces used for being connected with one or more external equipment and a piece of protected equipment respectively; the identity information acquisition module that is used for acquiring identity information of a user in real time; the file monitoring module that is connected with the identity information acquisition module, is used for verifying the identity information, and is also used for controlling the security authentication of external equipment accessed to the external interface; and the file transmission module that is connected with the file monitoring module and isused for transmitting the file data imported by the external equipment to the protected equipment under the control of the file monitoring module. According to the invention, the purpose of performingsafety protection on the protected equipment without installing safety protection software on the protected equipment can be achieved, and the safety risk of the system is greatly reduced by verifying and determining the identity and the use permission of the current operator.

Bidirectional authentication method for OTA upgrade of Internet of Things equipment based on block chain technology

ActiveCN114095538ASolve potential safety hazardsGuarantee safe and reliable
The invention discloses a bidirectional authentication method for OTA upgrade of Internet of Things equipment based on a block chain technology, and the method comprises the following steps that: the Internet of Things equipment or a module is internally provided with an equipment identifier before leaving a factory, and the equipment identifier is used as a unique identity identifier; an alliance chain is constructed, and the alliance chain comprises a plurality of service nodes and is used for providing OTA upgrade package downloading service of the Internet of Things equipment; for the Internet of Things equipment, when the Internet of Things equipment is networked and online for the first time, a hash value of an equipment identifier which is calculated by a hash algorithm and is programmed in an internal trusted storage space/Efuse is sent to a service node, and the Internet of Things equipment is linked to serve as an equipment evidence. The potential safety hazard in the OTA upgrading technical scheme of the existing Internet of Things equipment is solved, the safety and the reliability of the OTA upgrading process are ensured, and trust and two-way safety certification of the software upgrading package and the terminal equipment are ensured.

Special water dispenser for railway trains

PendingCN109892980AGuaranteed operational safetySolve potential safety hazards
The invention provides a special water dispenser for railway trains, which comprises a water purifying filter and a water heater in liquid communication with the same, as well as an electrical controldevice for control use. The water purifying filter comprises a filter component, an incoming water pipeline, a purified water outflow pipeline, a pipeline stored water emptying device for emptying stored water in an internal pipeline of the water purifying filter, an insulation layer for freezing prevention, and a first electric heating element. The water heater comprises a boiling container, a water delivery pipeline, a second electric heating element for heating the boiling container, a water flow control device for controlling the water flow injected into the boiling container, and an emptying device connected with the purified water outflow pipeline of the water purifying filter and the boiling container of the water heater and used for emptying stored water as required. A waterproofanti-explosion housing is arranged outside the boiling container and the second electric heating element; the electrical control device comprises a controller with a GPS (global positioning system) module for providing altitude information. The special water dispenser for railway trains helps solve the problem that an existing device has poor ultralow temperature freezing prevention and fireproofand anti-explosion capacities and the problem of safety water supply at high altitudes.

Redundancy control method for flame cutting system of continuous casting machine

The invention belongs to the technical field of continuous casting of steel and iron, and relates to a redundancy control method for a flame cutting system of a continuous casting machine, which is characterized in that a time control program is added in an optimized logic control program by taking a flame cutting machine clamping signal as a reference, and cutting end electrical limit is replaced by taking the flame cutting machine clamping signal as the reference and matching with delay time. A holding clamp loosening signal of the flame cutting machine is used as a reference to be matched with different delay times to replace cutting machine swing gun initial electrical limiting and cutting machine original electrical limiting. Whether each simulation electrical limit is put into use or not can be put into or removed from an HMI picture, and the delay time can be adjusted on the HMI picture in real time according to different production working conditions. After any electrical limit of the flame cutting machine breaks down, the limit can be quickly simulated for use, the on-line first-aid repair operation time can be shortened by 30 minutes per time, the potential safety hazard of high-temperature on-line first-aid repair is thoroughly solved, and the stability of continuous production of a casting machine is effectively guaranteed.

Suction device and method for oil spill in oil storage tank

PendingCN108793318AImprove suction effectSolve potential safety hazards
The invention discloses a suction device and method for oil spill in an oil storage tank, and belongs to the field of oil and gas storage and transportation. The suction device comprises a positioningplate, a first oil suction tube, a second oil suction tube, an upper floating plate and a lower floating plate, wherein the first oil suction tube penetrates through the positioning plate and is fixed on the positioning plate; the upper end of the second oil suction tube perpendicularly communicates with one end of the first oil suction tube; the upper floating plate perpendicularly communicateswith the lower end of the second oil suction tube through a liquid hole formed in the plate surface; the lower floating plate is connected with the upper floating plate through a connector; and a gapwith adjustable length is formed between the top of the lower floating plate and the bottom of the upper floating plate. It ensures that the sucked oil is oil spill instead of a mixed solution of theoil spill and sewage. The oil suction effect can be ensured, furthermore, air in the oil storage tank is prevented from being sucked, and the oil spill suction effect is improved. Visibly, the deviceprovided by the embodiment of the invention can recycle the oil spill in the oil storage tank to reuse the oil spill, and meanwhile, potential safety hazards caused when people enter the oil storage tank for cleaning operation are solved.

Hydraulic leveling supporting leg retracting system and method for large-tonnage vehicle carrying platform

According to the hydraulic leveling supporting leg retracting system of the large-tonnage vehicle carrying platform, a central processing unit is connected with a hydraulic pump station and a horizontal sensor and used for collecting horizontal angle information of the horizontal sensor, generating a leveling signal according to the horizontal angle information and sending the leveling signal to an oil pump motor of the hydraulic pump station; a hydraulic valve group is used for controlling retraction of the leveling supporting legs after receiving the retraction leveling signal; a horizontalsensor is used for detecting levelness of a vehicle-mounted platform. The method of the retracting system comprises the following steps of starting the pump motor, electrifying the retracting electromagnetic valve, quickly retracting, descending the vehicle-mounted platform, retracting the supporting legs in place, powering off the pump motor and the electromagnetic valve, and ending. The hydraulic leveling supporting leg retracting system for the large-tonnage vehicle carrying platform is advantaged in that potential safety hazards caused by inconsistent leveling leg retracting speed due to uneven platform load distribution when the leveling legs of the large-tonnage vehicle carrying platform are retracted can be solved with low cost, and safety of the system is improved.
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