ABO3 type perovskite composite oxides having high mixed conductivity

A composite oxide and conductivity technology, applied in the field of materials, can solve the problems of high preparation cost and complicated separation process of a single rare earth composite oxide, and achieve the effect of reducing preparation cost and high conductivity

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-04-15
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Due to the similarity and continuity of rare earth elements in structure and physical and chemical properties, the separation...
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The invention relates to an ABO3 type perovskite composite oxide system with high mixed conductivity, in particular to double rare earth doping of A bit based on Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3-delta (SSC), which belongs to the field of materials. The chemical equation is Sm0.5-xGdxCoO3-delta (0<x<0.5). The perovskite composite oxide has higher mixed conductivity in the scope of 500 to 800 DEG C; at 500 DEG C, the chemical equation is Sm0.3Gd0.2Sr0.5CoO3-delta, and the conductivity can reach 1820.8S.cm<-1>, which is basically the same as that of the A bit without doping Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3-delta. The perovskite composite oxide has certain application prospect in the fields of middle-low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells, oxygen separation membranes, sensors, and the like.

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Chemical equationRare-earth element +8


  • ABO3 type perovskite composite oxides having high mixed conductivity
  • ABO3 type perovskite composite oxides having high mixed conductivity
  • ABO3 type perovskite composite oxides having high mixed conductivity


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[0016] The material of the present invention can be synthesized by solid phase reaction method, glycine-nitrate method and sol-gel method. The synthesis method of the material of the present invention is described below by taking sol-gel synthesis as an example.
[0017] The chemical composition is Sm 0.5-x Gd x Sr 0.5 CoO 3-δ System oxide, where: 0
[0018] There are 4 examples in the embodiment of the invention. To synthesize 0.05mol of Sm 0.5-x Gd x Sr 0.5 CoO 3-δ As an example, the required ingredients are shown in Table 1. The synthesis process is as follows:
[0019] 1. Weigh a certain amount of Sm according to the stoichiometric ratio 2 O 3 (Chemically pure), Gd 2 O 3 (Chemically pure) add proper amount of distilled water, and add excess HNO 3 Make Sm 2 O 3 , Gd 2 O 3 Dissolve completely, then add 5.317g Sr(NO 3 ) 2 , 14.625g Co(NO 3 ) 2 ·6H 2 O, control the PH value of the mixed solution between 1 and 2.
[0020] 2. Weigh polyethylene glycol according to the molar ratio of total metal ions: polyethylene glycol = (110-90):1 and dissolve it in water to make a 2% solution and pour into the mixed solution.
[0021] 3. Use 2mol/l ammonia to adjust the pH of the solution to between 4 and 5. The solution was placed in a water bath at 80°C and stirred to evaporate the water in the solution until a gel formed.
[0022] 4. Heat the gel in the air to 150~300℃ to make it spontaneously ignite to obtain a fluffy black powder. Grind the obtained powder into a ball mill for 2 hours and then put it in a muffle furnace at 500~900℃ for pre-burning for 2~5 hours to remove the organic components in it to obtain primary Sm 0.5-x Gd x Sr 0.5 CoO 3-δ Powder.
[0023] 5. Finally, the primary powder is calcined at 1000~1200℃ for 3~10h, then the perovskite composite oxide Sm with high conductivity is obtained. 0.5-x Gd x Sr 0.5 CoO 3-δ Powder.


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