Free-cutting Mg-Ca brass and preparation method thereof

A magnesium-calcium brass and easy-cutting technology, which is applied in the field of green and environment-friendly lead-free free-cutting magnesium-calcium brass alloy and its preparation, can solve problems such as the lack of independent intellectual property rights, and achieve benefits to human health and environmental protection, production The effect of simple process and cost reduction

Inactive Publication Date: 2009-10-07
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At present, the research on the substitution of lead-free brass mainly includes bismuth brass and antimony brass...
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The invention discloses a free-cutting Mg-Ca brass and a preparation method thereof, the Mg-Ca brass consists of copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium alloy elements and unavoidable impurities. The alloy comprises: 58-62 wt% of the copper, 0.5-3.0wt% of the magnesium, 0.1-1.5 wt% of the calcium and the balances as the zinc and the unavoidable impurities, the total content of the impurities is less than 0.1 wt%. The invention also discloses a preparation method for lead-free Mg-Ca brass. On the basis of present normal lead brass, the invention uses the magnesium and calcium elements to replace the lead element that jeopardizes environment and human body severely in consideration of main using performance and demand of the material, and meanwhile, in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection of countries all around the world, especially the developed countries, thus meeting the environmentally-friendly demand. The alloy also has excellent casting property, processing property, dynamic property, corrosion resistance and cutting property, and can take the place of the present lead Mg-Ca brass, moreover, the invention is low in manufacturing cost and can be applied to water-heating and bathroom apparatuses as well as to other various production fields.

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Alloy elementEnvironmentally friendly +8


  • Free-cutting Mg-Ca brass and preparation method thereof
  • Free-cutting Mg-Ca brass and preparation method thereof


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[0030] Embodiment 2: the cutting index is greater than 76%;

Example Embodiment

[0031] Embodiment 3: the cutting index is greater than 80%;

Example Embodiment

[0032] Embodiment 4: the cutting index is greater than 81%;



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