Composite seal coat for pavement maintenance

A technology of material layer and sand material, which is applied in the field of composite sealing layer for pavement maintenance, can solve the problems of easy loosening and peeling of stone materials, threats to driving safety, poor adhesion, etc., and achieve good spreading effect, long-term anti-skid ability, and adhesion Lego effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2012-05-09
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Due to the poor adhesion between acidic stones such as granite and asphalt, the stones are easy to loosen and peel off, especially on ex...
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The invention discloses a composite seal coat for pavement maintenance. The composite seal coat contains two layers which are a sand aggregate layer and an emulsified bitumen material layer. The original pavement is a carrier of the composite seal coat. The emulsified bitumen material layer is used for sealing micro-cracks on the surface of the pavement, resisting to water, recovering aged pavement and preventing the pavement from being loosened. The sand aggregate layer, which covers the emulsified bitumen material layer, is made from a specially-produced sand aggregate and is used for The composite seal coat provided by the invention is used to optimize inherent defects of a fog seal coat and extend engineering application range, can serve as a means for the preventive maintenance of expressway pavement, and has advantages of simple technology, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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In situ pavings

Technology Topic

Bituminous materialsPavement maintenance +6


  • Composite seal coat for pavement maintenance
  • Composite seal coat for pavement maintenance
  • Composite seal coat for pavement maintenance


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Example Embodiment

[0028] The present invention will be further introduced below in conjunction with the drawings. The emulsified asphalt material used in the present invention is NDAP (Non-reachable fog seal layer), which is a cationic polymer modified asphalt paint. The content of evaporation residue of the modified emulsified asphalt material is greater than 55%, and the standard viscosity of asphalt is 15-40. The ductility is greater than 40cm.
[0029] The original pavement surface needs to be cleaned before the sealing layer construction to remove road debris.
[0030] Asphalt spraying vehicle is used to spray the emulsified asphalt material in the sealing construction. The spraying amount is controlled in the range of 0.4~0.7L/㎡. The optimal amount is determined according to the actual pavement structure depth. Generally, the original pavement structure depth is about 0.9mm and 0.5L/㎡ The amount of asphalt.
[0031] During the construction of the sealing layer, the sand spreading construction should be carried out immediately after the emulsified asphalt material is sprayed. In the actual construction, the synchronous gravel sealing truck is required to spray the emulsified asphalt material and the sand.
[0032] The 1.18mm sieve used in the application of sand materials has more than 85% remaining, the maximum nominal particle size of sand materials is 1.18mm, and the range of particle size is 1.18mm~2.36mm. When the sand used is diabase, the dosage is 0.4~0.6kg/㎡, and the angularity is 55%~65%. When the sand is basalt, the dosage is 0.5~0.65kg/㎡, and the angularity is 50%~65%. The sand is limestone, the dosage is 0.5~0.65kg/㎡, and the angularity is 55%~65%. The sand material is emery (silicon carbide), the dosage is 0.4~0.5kg/㎡, and the angularity is 60%~70%. After the seal is constructed, traffic must be closed for more than 4 hours to ensure the demulsification of the emulsified asphalt material and the effective adhesion of sand on the road surface.


Particle size1.18mm
Particle size1.18 ~ 2.36mm

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