Method for manufacturing fused zirconia corundum basin brick die

A technology of fused zirconium and material basin, applied in the direction of manufacturing tools, ceramic molding machines, etc., can solve the problems of low yield, difficulty in forming special-shaped fused zirconium corundum bricks, waste of raw materials, etc., so as to improve the yield and improve the later stage. Processing efficiency, the effect of avoiding contamination

Active Publication Date: 2012-10-24
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Problems solved by technology

[0003] In view of the above situation, in order to overcome the defects of the prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for making a fused zirconia co...
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Method used

Exhaust conduit, exhaust riser and casting conduit, casting riser are symmetrical structure at material basin both sides, are conducive to balance casting...
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The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a fused zirconia corundum basin brick die. The problems of difficult molding, low yield and raw material waste of a current special fused zirconia corundum basin brick are effectively solved. The structure of the fused zirconia corundum basin brick is that an inner core is arranged at the central position of an inner die; the inner die, the inner core and an outer die are concentrically arranged in the outer die; the inner core, the inner die and the outer die are made from resin sand; an exhaust conduit and a casting conduit which are communicated with a basin brick-shaped cavity formed between the inner die and the outer die are respectively arranged on the two sides of the outer die through casting openings; an exhaust dead head is formed in the upper part of the vertical exhaust conduit; a casting dead head is formed in the upper part of the vertical casting conduit; a loosen layer is arranged on a cutting line on the upper part of the outer die; a heat-preserving dead head is formed in the loosen layer; and on the two sides of a material basin, the exhaust conduit and the exhaust dead head are symmetrical with the casting conduit and the casting dead head. The characteristic that the resin sand is naturally collapsed under a high temperature is effectively used, and the utilization combining with a water glass sand dispersing plate is realized, the yield is high, color pollution of a product is avoided, and the post processing efficiency is improved.

Application Domain

Ceramic shaping apparatus

Technology Topic

PolyresinCorundum +5


  • Method for manufacturing fused zirconia corundum basin brick die


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Example Embodiment

[0007] The specific embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the accompanying drawings.
[0008] The invention includes an outer mold, an inner mold and an inner core. The inner core 11 is placed in the upper center of the inner mold. The inner mold, the inner core and the outer mold are concentrically placed in the outer mold. The inner core, the inner mold and the outer mold are made of resin sand. The two sides of the outer mold 1 are respectively provided with an exhaust duct 5 and a pouring duct 7 which are connected to the basin-shaped cavity formed between the inner mold 2 and the outer mold 1 through the casting port 9. The upper part of the vertical exhaust duct has a row Air riser 6, the upper part of the vertical casting duct has a casting riser 8, the upper cutting line 3 of the outer mold has a loose layer 10 above it, and the loose layer is set with a heat preservation riser 4, exhaust duct, exhaust riser and casting duct , The casting riser has a symmetrical structure on both sides of the material bowl;
[0009] The outer mold, inner mold, and inner core are all made of resin sand as raw materials. The resin sand is based on the weight ratio: 40-70 mesh silica sand: furan resin: curing agent=100:1.35:0.6, mixed and packed The molds that enter the outer mold and the inner mold are made by static self-hardening molding;
[0010] The exhaust duct 5, the pouring duct 7, the exhaust riser 6, the casting riser 8 and the thermal insulation riser 4 are all made of sodium silicate sand as raw materials, and the sodium silicate sand is made by weight ratio 80-100 mesh fine silica sand: coarse silica sand with a diameter of 3-5mm: water glass = 35-40: 50-55: 8-10. After being mixed uniformly, it is put into a mold, tapped, and dried at 300°C.
[0011] All components of the above raw materials are commercially available; water glass is also called sodium silicate (Na 2 O·n SiO 2 ), available on the market, translucent viscous liquid, colorless, Baume degree greater than 41, modulus 3.1-3.4, density 1.368-1.394g/ml; silica sand is also called silica or quartz sand; the curing The agent is a sulfonic acid curing agent.
[0012] The said sprue 9 is two round holes with a diameter of 60mm, which are symmetrically placed on the two sides of the outer mold and are connected to the exhaust duct and the casting duct. The exhaust duct and the casting duct are both 60x50mm hollow pipes.
[0013] The upper planes of the exhaust riser, casting riser and heat preservation riser are on the same level; the upper part of the inner mold has a 50mm thick loose layer.
[0014] Exhaust ducts, exhaust risers, casting ducts, and casting risers are symmetrical on both sides of the material bowl, which is beneficial to balance the thermal stress of casting, uniform heat dissipation, and reduce cracks; the loose layer and the upper insulation riser can ensure the casting product The density.
[0015] The mold of the present invention has been tried and tested, is strong and durable, has good use effect, effectively utilizes the characteristics of the resin sand mold that naturally collapses after being subjected to high temperature, avoids supporting force on the product, can effectively reduce cracks, improve the yield, and combine water glass sand The use of the board avoids product color pollution, has high production efficiency, and greatly reduces the environmental pollution caused by waste products. The products produced by them have achieved good results through practical applications. The process is simple and easy to operate. Compared with existing products, The yield rate has increased from 55% to 95%, the production efficiency has been doubled, the production cost can be reduced by 40-50%, the product quality is good, there is no cracking phenomenon, energy saving and environmental protection, it is the production of fused zirconium corundum pot bricks Innovation has huge economic and social benefits.


Diameter3.0 ~ 5.0mm
Density1.368 ~ 1.394g/ml

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