Novel painting reflective film

A reflective film and inkjet technology, applied in the field of reflective film, can solve the problems of light resistance, light fastness, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, poor flexibility, etc. Sexual, easy-to-use effects

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Problems solved by technology

[0003] In order to overcome the deficiencies of the existing fluorescent film outdoors, such as poor light resistance, light resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and salt spray resistance, as well as poor flexibility, the present inventi...
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Method used

Embodiment, as shown in Figure 1: the present invention relates to a kind of novel inkjet reflective film, it comprises surface protection layer 1, inkjet ink-absorbing layer 2, acrylic surface layer 3, glass bead layer 4, reflection layer 5 and release paper6. Wherein, a release agent is coated between the surface protection layer 1 and the ink-jetting ink-absorbing layer 2, and the ink-jetting ink-absorbing layer 2, the acrylic surface layer 3, the glass bead layer 4, the reflective layer 5 and the release paper 6 p...
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The invention relates to a novel painting reflective film. The novel painting reflective film comprises a surface protection layer, a painting ink absorption layer, an acrylic surface layer, a glass microsphere layer, a reflective layer and release paper. The novel painting reflective film is good in light resistance, weather resistance and acid-base resistance, and can be widely applied to outdoor signboards or indicative marks. In addition, the novel painting reflective film has the characteristics of good flexibility, convenience for use and the like; temporary or long-term marks can be made by painting anytime and anywhere; and application range and area of the reflective film are expanded.

Application Domain

Synthetic resin layered productsOptical elements

Technology Topic

Weather resistanceGlass microsphere +5


  • Novel painting reflective film


  • Experimental program(1)

Example Embodiment

[0012] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with the drawings and embodiments.
[0013] Examples such as figure 1 Shown: The present invention relates to a new type of inkjet reflective film, which includes a surface protective layer 1, an inkjet ink absorption layer 2, an acrylic surface layer 3, a glass bead layer 4, a reflective layer 5 and a release paper 6. Among them, a release agent is coated between the surface protective layer 1 and the inkjet ink-absorbing layer 2, and the inkjet ink-absorbing layer 2, the acrylic surface layer 3, the glass bead layer 4, the reflective layer 5 and the release paper 6 pass between Adhesive compounding. In this embodiment, in order to improve weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and salt spray resistance, PET film is used as the carrier for the surface protective layer. Then choose acrylic film that also has excellent light fastness, light fastness, and weather resistance, and control the thickness of the acrylic surface layer to 35, 38 or 40 μm to ensure the strength, light fastness and weather resistance of the new inkjet reflective film And acid and alkali resistance.
[0014] In the production of the present invention, the release agent is pre-coated on the surface protection layer, and then the ink-absorbing coating is sprayed; then the acrylic surface layer is coated with the first film as the carrier, and then the glass beads are adhered to The acrylic surface layer is then coated with an adhesive to form a focusing layer and a reflective layer in sequence, and then pass a pressure-sensitive adhesive to release the paper.
[0015] When the present invention is used for inkjet printing, only the surface protection layer needs to be uncovered to perform inkjet printing.
[0016] The invention has good light resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance outdoors, and can be widely used in outdoor billboards or indicator marks, and it will not fade in long-term outdoor use; the reflective film of the invention also has the characteristics of strong flexibility and mobility. , It can be sprayed and drawn as temporary or long-term signs anytime and anywhere, which expands the scope and places of use of reflective film, and plays a positive role in the promotion and large-scale use of reflective film.


Thickness35.0 ~ 40.0µm

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