Form grinding wheel dresser

A grinding wheel dresser and forming grinding technology, which is applied to the parts of grinding machine tools, grinding/polishing equipment, and abrasive surface adjustment devices, etc., can solve the problems of easy wear and tear of electroforming rollers, difficult to manufacture rollers, and long preparation cycle. , to achieve the effect of shortened manufacturing cycle, simple manufacturing process and rapid preparation

Active Publication Date: 2013-04-03
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The diamond roller needs to be made into a specific shape through a complicated process, and the precision can reach 2 microns, but the preparation cycle is as long as several months, and the price is expensive. The ...
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The invention relates to a form grinding wheel dresser, which is characterized by comprising a dresser fixing seat arranged on a grinder bench, and a clamping groove is arranged at the upper end of the dresser fixing seat; a grinding wheel dresser is arranged in the clamping groove, and comprises a cylindrical cemented carbide substrate; and a flaky synthetic diamond grinding head is arranged on the upper surface of the cemented carbide substrate, and the surface of the synthetic diamond grinding head is a grinding contour. The form grinding wheel dresser provided by the invention has the following advantages that: the manufacturing process is simple, the preparation is fast, the manufacturing cycle is significantly shortened to about 10 days; the cost is low and is about one-tenth of the cost of traditional diamond roller wheel; the installation is convenient, and an additional high-precision roller wheel turning device is not needed; the shape accuracy of 2 microns can be achieved; the production conversion is fast, and the form grinding machine can realize the small batch production of many varieties; the life is almost the same as that of the traditional diamond roller wheel; and more complex shapes can be processed so as to break through the bottleneck that special shaped diamond roller wheels can not be produced.

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Abrasive surface conditioning devices

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Cemented carbideBatch production +4


  • Form grinding wheel dresser
  • Form grinding wheel dresser
  • Form grinding wheel dresser


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Example Embodiment

[0015] The present invention will be further described below in conjunction with specific drawings.
[0016] Such as Figure 2~Figure 7 As shown: the shaped grinding wheel dresser includes a dresser fixing seat 1, a clamping groove 2, a grinding wheel dresser 3, a dresser pressing pad 4, a cemented carbide substrate 5, an artificial diamond grinding head 6 and the like.
[0017] Such as figure 2 , image 3 As shown, the present invention includes a dresser fixing seat 1 installed on the workbench of a grinding machine. The upper end of the dresser fixing seat 1 is provided with a clamping groove 2, and a grinding wheel dresser 3 is arranged in the clamping groove 2, and the grinding wheel dresser 3 is fixed by the dresser The bolts on the side of the seat 1 push the dresser pressing pad 4 to be pressed between the inner walls of the clamping groove 2; Figure 4~Figure 7 As shown, the grinding wheel dresser 3 includes a columnar cemented carbide substrate 5. The upper surface of the cemented carbide substrate 5 is provided with a sheet-shaped artificial diamond grinding head 6 by welding, and the surface of the artificial diamond grinding head 6 is made by wire cutting. Grinding profile.
[0018] The working principle and working process of the present invention: such as Figure 4 As shown, the artificial diamond grinding head 6 processes the required contour shape and trimming the back angle of the cutting edge by wire cutting. The artificial diamond grinding head 6 contacts the grinding wheel 7 to dress the grinding wheel 7 and the grinding wheel 7 is left and right during the dressing process. mobile. The invention does not require an additional high-precision roller rotating device, and can reach a shape accuracy of 2 microns; the production conversion is fast, and the forming grinding machine can realize multi-variety and small-batch production; it can process more complex shapes and break through the domestic can not make special The bottleneck of the shaped diamond roller; the impact resistance of the trimming edge is better than that of the diamond roller made by electroforming.


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