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Multi-cloud cooperative storage middleware system based on existing cloud storage platform

The invention relates to the technical field of cloud storage and in particular discloses a multi-cloud cooperative storage middleware system based on an existing cloud storage platform. The multi-cloud cooperative storage middleware system comprises a client terminal and a metadata server, wherein the client terminal is connected to a cloud platform through a network and is used for authenticating users, fragmenting and distributing files, operating and managing files, distributing data, restoring fault of data, encrypting and decrypting data; the metadata server is connected to the client terminal and is used for authenticating accounts and storing a file organization directory tree, a data encrypting key and a user operation log. The multi-cloud cooperative storage middleware system is used for cooperatively storing by using the existing multiple cloud storage platforms; through comprehensive consideration of multi-cloud storage resource and network service quality, a user data self-adaption distribution and integration algorithm is disclosed; an information security safeguard mechanism with separable data storage, data management and user visit is disclosed; a data fragmentation storage and key management method based on the metadata server is provided; the problem of leakage of the cloud storage data is solved.

Mining area land ecological damage information acquisition method based on multiple data sources

The invention relates to a mining area land ecological damage information acquisition method based on multiple data sources, belonging to the technical field of surveying and mapping as well as environmental monitoring. The method comprises the following steps: determining the range of land damage through mining area coal distribution and underground mining information; selecting corresponding satellite remote sensing data according to the range, and processing an image to extract the information of land damage; carrying out analytical photogrammetry processing on satellite image stereo pair and aerial remote sensing stereo pair in an area to be detected so as to obtain settlement crater elevation information; further utilizing ground surface information in a topographic map of mining area and practical land survey data; and finally obtaining land damage information to divide different damage grade maps. The quaternity technology of satellite remote sensing, aerial remote sensing, ground surface information and underground information is coupled together, quick extraction of ecological damage information in mining area land is realized, defects of all damage information are obtained, and basis support is provided for management and control of collapse land.

Two-dimensional code distortion correction method and apparatus

Embodiments of the invention disclose a two-dimensional code distortion correction method and apparatus. The method comprises the steps of obtaining a two-dimensional code image; according to the two-dimensional code image, calculating distorted image coordinates of four vertexes of the two-dimensional code image; according to a preset length-width ratio of a two-dimensional code, calculating undistorted image coordinates corresponding to the four vertexes of the two-dimensional code image; according to the distorted image coordinates and the undistorted image coordinates, establishing a linear equation set; according to the linear equation set, calculating unknown parameters in a homography matrix; according to a calculation result, correcting the two-dimensional code image; and outputting a rectangular image containing the corrected two-dimensional code image. The method and the apparatus can be used for distortion correction of different types of two-dimensional codes; the use convenience and the diversity of application scenes are remarkably improved; the rotation-free corrected two-dimensional code image can be quickly obtained; the correction process is simple and quick; thefinally output corrected two-dimensional code image is a rectangular region image only containing two-dimensional code region information; subsequent decoding is facilitated; and the decoding efficiency can be improved.

Information processing method and first electronic device terminal

InactiveCN103810010ASolve the problem that the version update is not fast enoughQuick accessNear-field systems using receiversProgram loading/initiatingComputer hardwareInformation processing
The invention provides an information processing method and a first electronic device, and the information processing method and the first electronic device are used for solving the technical problem that an application program version is updated not rapidly enough in the prior art. The information processing method comprises the steps that when a first electronic device terminal and a second electronic device terminal different from the first electronic device terminal are connected, first version information of a first application program in the first electronic device terminal is obtained, and second version information of a first application program in the second electronic device terminal is obtained; or the first version information is sent to the second electronic device terminal; a first judgment result which is obtained based on the first version information and the second version information and used for representing the condition that whether the first application program in the first electronic device terminal needs to be updated or not is obtained; when the first judgment result is yes, first application program updating information corresponding to the second version information is obtained from the second electronic device terminal.

Form grinding wheel dresser

The invention relates to a form grinding wheel dresser, which is characterized by comprising a dresser fixing seat arranged on a grinder bench, and a clamping groove is arranged at the upper end of the dresser fixing seat; a grinding wheel dresser is arranged in the clamping groove, and comprises a cylindrical cemented carbide substrate; and a flaky synthetic diamond grinding head is arranged on the upper surface of the cemented carbide substrate, and the surface of the synthetic diamond grinding head is a grinding contour. The form grinding wheel dresser provided by the invention has the following advantages that: the manufacturing process is simple, the preparation is fast, the manufacturing cycle is significantly shortened to about 10 days; the cost is low and is about one-tenth of the cost of traditional diamond roller wheel; the installation is convenient, and an additional high-precision roller wheel turning device is not needed; the shape accuracy of 2 microns can be achieved; the production conversion is fast, and the form grinding machine can realize the small batch production of many varieties; the life is almost the same as that of the traditional diamond roller wheel; and more complex shapes can be processed so as to break through the bottleneck that special shaped diamond roller wheels can not be produced.

OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) electronic laparothoracoscope

The invention relates to an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) electronic laparothoracoscope, which is provided with a handheld main machine; the main machine is respectively connected with a cold light source and an OCT joint on a controller; the controller is connected with a display, a computer and a printer through a lead; one side of the main machine is provided with an operational handwheel; a forceps opening is formed at the lower part of the main machine; and the top end of the main machine is provided with an operational button; the front end of the main machine is provided with a hard probe rod and a rotating probe in sequence in a connecting manner; the rotating probe is connected with the operational handwheel through a wire rope; the front end of the rotating probe is provided with a lighting lamp, a forceps outlet, an OCT and a micro-image sensor; and a lead, a forceps opening channel, an OCT channel and an optical fiber channel are arranged in the hard probe rod in an axial direction. The OCT electronic laparothoracoscope has clear images; imaging can be realized in real-time and in situ in a human body; high resolution observation to tissues can be performed under a fully natural state; focal information can be obtained fast; diagnosis is accurate and convenient; and the practicability is strong and the practical value is good.

Device and method for preparing aluminium oxide short staple preform

InactiveCN103469121AInhibit crackingQuick accessVacuum pumpingAluminium oxide
The invention discloses a device and a method for preparing an aluminium oxide short staple preform to solve the technical problem of long preparation cycle of an existing method for preparing the aluminium oxide short staple preform. According to the technical scheme, a pressure cover (3) is provided with a pressure cover pore (2) and a porous mold is connected with an air breather through a quick connector. A bottom cover (9) is in a dual-layer structure, a plurality of micropores are distributed uniformly on the upper layer, a bottom cover pore (10) is arranged on the lower layer, and the bottom cover pore (10) is connected with a vacuum pump through the quick connector. A plurality of pressure head micropores (8) are distributed on a pressure head (7). An extrusion tank (5) is in thread connection with the pressure cover (3) and the bottom cover (9), the upper end of a vertical pressure lever (4) is fixedly connected with a horizontal pressure lever (1), and the lower end of the vertical pressure lever (4) passes through the pressure cover (3) and is then connected with the pressure head (7) through a bearing. Excess additive and water are removed through a vacuum pumping mode, so that cracking of the preform is effectively prevented, the process of preparing the preform quickly is implemented, and the preparation cycle is shortened.
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