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Novel automatic welding device of reinforcing cage forming machine

The invention discloses a novel automatic welding device of a reinforcing cage forming machine. The automatic welding device comprises a movable rotating disk rack provided with longitudinal ribs, a mounting arm, and a welding position regulating mechanism driving the mounting arm to move vertically and horizontally, wherein one end of the mounting arm is installed on one lateral face of the movable rotating disk rack in a sliding mode, the other end of the mounting arm is located on one side of the front face of the movable rotating disk rack and provided with a mounting shaft, a mounting seat is hinged to the mounting shaft, and a press plate, a welding gun, idler wheels, a press plate and welding gun position regulating mechanism, an idler wheel regulating mechanism and a mounting seat rotating regulating mechanism are installed on the mounting seat. The novel automatic welding device of the reinforcing cage forming machine has the advantages that the idler wheel regulating device can achieve regulating of different positions and different angles; the press plate and the welding gun synchronously rotate along with rotating of a reinforcing cage and direct at the intersection point of stirrups and longitudinal ribs of the reinforcing cage, and automatic welding is performed; the novel automatic welding device of the reinforcing cage forming machine has the advantages of being high in production efficiency and welding quality, simple in structure, convenient to maintain, stable in work and low in cost.

All-position automatic welding system

The invention discloses an all-position automatic welding system, mainly comprising a welding machine head module, a central controller, a welding power supply module, a power adapter and a remote control operation module, wherein the welding machine head module transmits the position information of a current welding torch to the central controller; the central controller carries out operation processing on the data; the central controller gives a corresponding welding instruction according to the result of the current position operation processing; and the power adapter controls the output of the welding power supply according to the welding instruction of the central controller and obtains a driving signal to control the movement of the welding torch, and the real-time control on the welding seam tracking process is realized. Corresponding welding specifications are automatically matched according to the different positions of the welding torch in the welding process; the position of the welding torch relative to the welding seam is detected in an online manner in the welding process, so that the automatic welding seam tracking of the welding torch is realized; and the welding quality is high, the speed is high, efficient automatic welding equipment for field long-distance transport pipeline is realized, and the all-position automatic welding system is adaptive to various field environments.

Anti-deformation assistive tool for welding thin-wall box bodies

An anti-deformation assistive tool for welding thin-wall box bodies comprises an inner fixing frame and an outer clamp. The inner fixing frame comprises a box body, movable pressing blocks and adjusting bolts. Two adjacent faces of the box body are respectively connected with one movable pressing plate through the adjusting bolts, and by means of adjusting the adjusting bolts, relative distance between the movable pressing blocks and connecting faces of the box body where the movable pressing blocks are located can be adjusted. The two movable pressing blocks and the other two faces of the box body jointly form supporting for two lateral walls of the inner cavity of a thin-wall box body. The outer clamp comprises a cramp frame and a movable handle pressing bolt, the cramp frame is clamped outside two opposite lateral walls of the thin-wall box body, the movable handle pressing bolt is connected on one clamping finger of the cramp frame, a bolt head part of the movable handle pressing bolt is pressed on the lateral wall of the thin-wall box body. The anti-deformation assistive tool for welding the thin-wall box bodies utilizes the adjustable supporting to fix shape and position of the inner cavity in the box body, enables size of a supporting face and the size of the inner cavity of the box body to be consistent through the adjusting bolts, and then utilizes the external clamping, thereby enabling the box body to be stable in structure, effectively reducing deformation during welding, overcoming the shortcomings that in the prior art, only external clamping is utilized, and deformation of shape dimension contracting during cooling after welding can not be controlled, and welding quality of products is improved.

A magnetron resistance spot welding method and device

ActiveCN102267002AImprove welding qualityIncrease the number of equiaxed crystalsWelding electric supplyPower flowControl system
The invention relates to a magnetic control resistance spot-welding method and a magnetic control resistance spot-welding device. The method comprises the following steps that: 1) when a magnetic control system is in a startup state or a reset state, a synchronization system continuously detects switching-on and switching-off as well as the intensity of welding current of a resistance spot-welding gun through a first current sensor and judges whether the resistance spot-welding gun has current or not; if the resistance spot-welding gun has the current, a step 3) is executed; and otherwise, a step 2) is executed; 2) the synchronization system sends a switching-off digital signal 00 to a power conversion device to keep the switching-off state of the power conversion device, and returns to the step 1), and the like. The device comprises the synchronization system, the power conversion device, an upper excitation winding, a lower excitation winding, the resistance spot-welding gun, the first current sensor and a second current sensor. Compared with the prior art, the method and the device have the advantages that: an external magnetic field and the welding current can be controlled coordinately, the comprehensive mechanical performance of a resistance spot-welding head can be improved effectively, the applicability range is wide, and the like.

Automatic assembly welding device

The invention relates to an automatic assembly welding device used for welding an auxiliary material on a workpiece. The automatic assembly welding device comprises a rotation mechanism, carriers, a material pressure mechanism, a loading manipulator, a taking and placing manipulator, a welding manipulator and a conveying mechanism; the rotation mechanism is composed of a bracket, a first power component arranged on the bracket and a rotary platform which is connected with the first power component; the rotary platform is provided with a first work station and a second work station which can both correspond to the loading manipulator and the welding manipulator; and the carriers are used for clamping the workpiece and are installed on the first work station and the second work station. By adopting the automatic assembly welding device, under the action of the material pressure mechanism, rapid and accurate attaching between the auxiliary material and the workpiece can be realized, and the welding quality of the auxiliary material and the workpiece is improved; and meanwhile, the first power component drives the rotary platform to rotate, so that the loading manipulator, the taking and placing manipulator, the material pressure mechanism and the welding manipulator are ensured to carry out coordinated and orderly work, the middle wait time is eliminated, and the welding efficiency and quality of the automatic-assembly welding device are improved.

Clamping welding machine head

The invention relates to a clamping welding machine head which comprises a cylinder, a holddown spring, a pressure sensor, a displacement sensor, two electrodes, a horizontal clamping machine frame, a draw rod, a feedback plate, two balancing springs, two brackets and two sliding blocks, wherein the clamping machine frame is provided with a guide rail; the two sliding blocks are respectively connected on the guide rail in a sliding mode; the two brackets are respectively connected to the sliding blocks; each bracket is connected by the balancing spring and the corresponding end of the clamping machine frame; the two electrodes are respectively fixedly and movably connected to the corresponding brackets; the feedback plate and the displacement sensor are respectively connected to one bracket; the pressure touch rod of the pressure sensor is installed on the electrode which is movably connected to the bracket, or the corresponding bracket; the cylinder is fixed on one bracket; the draw rod penetrates through and is sleeved on the other bracket; the end part of the piston rod of the cylinder is coaxially connected with the inner end of the draw rod; and when the piston rod contracts or extends, the cylinder drives the two brackets to make a closing or departing motion. The invention has the advantages of favorable rigidity, convenient and quick adjustment of positions of electrodes and weldments, and high welding quality.

Agitating friction spot welding device and method for dissimilar metal

InactiveCN103008874AImprove plastic fluidityImprove welding qualityNon-electric welding apparatusDissimilar metalEngineering
The invention provides an agitating friction spot welding device for dissimilar metal. The device comprises an agitating sleeve, an agitating needle arranged in the agitating sleeve, a clamping sleeve clamped outside the agitating sleeve, and a welding cushion block; a welding workpiece is arranged between the clamping sleeve and the welding cushion pad; an annular electric brush is arranged at the top of the welding cushion block; a T-shaped through hole is formed in the center of the welding cushion block; a conductive rod is arranged in the welding cushion block; the conductive rod is flush with the upper surface of the welding cushion block; and the annular electric brush and the conductive rod are respectively connected with an anode and a cathode of a controllable direct current power supply through a lead. The invention further provides an agitating friction spot welding method for dissimilar metal. The method comprises the following steps of plastically softening metal material, respectively connecting the annular electric brush and the conductive rod with a direct current power supply which has the reversed polarity, so as to conduct a welding loop, and then finishing the welding by adopting a spot welding process. According to the device and the method provided by the invention, as certain welding current is applied to the welding material which is high in lower layer strength during the agitating friction spot welding process of the dissimilar metal, the material is more easily and plastically distorted, the welding pressure is reduced and the welding quality is improved.

Automatic welding device of curved plate

ActiveCN101823191ARealize automatic weldingImprove welding qualityWelding/cutting auxillary devicesAuxillary welding devicesWeld lineRoller chain
The invention discloses an automatic welding device of a curved plate, comprising a roller base, a rotary assembly jig, a drive unit, a welding trolley and a control system, wherein, the roller base is composed of a base, four axle bases, a support roller and a sprocket wheel, the axle bases are arranged on four corners of the base, and the support roller and the sprocket wheel are axially arranged on a support shaft; the rotary assembly jig is composed of a welding platform and circular arc tracks, wherein, the two circular arc tracks are arranged on the bottom of the welding platform in parallel, and a roller chain is arranged along the circular arc tracks; the drive unit is composed of a servo motor, a reduction box and a transmission shaft, wherein, the reduction box drives the sprocket wheel by the transmission shaft; the welding trolley is arranged on the curved plate; the control system is composed of a monitoring tracker and a programmable controller; and the welding platform is tangent to the outer diameter of the support roller of the base by the two circular arc tracks, and the sprocket wheel is meshed with the roller chain. The automatic welding device can ensure that a bent segmented welding line still keeps in a horizontal status in the welding process to automatically weld the curved panel, obviously improve the welding quality of a boat deck and effectively improve the production efficiency of shipbuilding industry.

Device and method for welding metal wire and plate under laser impact loading

The invention relates to a device and a method for welding a metal wire and a plate under laser impact loading and belongs to the field of high-speed impact welding. The device comprises a laser generation system, a welding system and a control system, wherein the laser generation system comprises a pulse laser, a reflector, a focusing lens, a focusing lens bracket and a focusing lens position adjusting device; the welding system comprises a restraint layer-adsorbing layer-impact plate-protective coating component, a restraint layer bracket, a restraint layer position adjusting device, a pressing block, the plate, the metal wire, a metal wire clamping device, a workbench, a three-coordinate moving platform and an L-shaped pedestal; and the control system comprises a computer, a pulse laser controller, a three-coordinate moving platform controller, a displacement sensor and a restraint layer position controller. The device and the method for welding the metal wire and the plate under laser impact loading have the advantages that solid welding of the metal wire and the plate can be realized; a heat influence region does not exist after welding; production of intermetallic compounds is avoided; the welding quality is high; and the mechanical property of a welding joint can be improved.

Vertical fillet weld welding device for titanium alloy parts is disclosed

ActiveCN108890088APrevent oxidationImprove welding qualityShielding gas supply/evacuation devicesWelding protection meansEngineeringTitanium alloy
The invention discloses a titanium alloy part vertical fillet weld welding device, which comprises a protective cover enclosed by a plurality of cover plates, wherein the first cover plate is parallelto the second cover plate, the third cover plate is perpendicular to the fourth cover plate, and the fifth cover plate is parallel to the sixth cover plate; The first cover plate is perpendicular tothe fifth cover plate and the third cover plate is perpendicular to the fifth cover plate; The second cover plate is a mesh hole plate, and the first cover plate is provided with a TIG welding gun, the TIG welding gun penetrates the first cover plate and the second cover plate, and points to one side of the second cover plate; Between that first cov plate and the second cover plate, a gas deliverypipe is arrange, a plurality of air outlet holes are arranged on the circumference of the gas delivery pipe, and the inside of the gas delivery pipe is filled with protective gas. The invention aimsto provide a vertical fillet weld welding device for titanium alloy parts, which can effectively prevent the titanium alloy from being oxidized in the welding process and ensure the welding quality, and is particularly suitable for the situation of right fillet weld.

Welding fixture for eight-axis bogie frame of electric locomotive

The invention provides a welding fixture for an eight-axis bogie frame of an electric locomotive. The welding fixture comprises a support frame; the support frame comprises two side beams, two cross beams between the side beams, end beams at the two ends of the side beams and connecting bases on the end beams; the two cross beams, the side beams arranged between the cross beams and a connecting beam located between the two cross beams form a middle positioning region; the end beams on the same sides of the side beams, the cross beams and the side beams between the end beams and the cross beams form end positioning regions; the middle positioning region comprises a positioner arranged on the connecting beam, first mounting bases arranged on the side beams and push-on mechanisms arranged on the first mounting bases; each end positioning region comprises three second mounting bases arranged on the corresponding side beam, hold-down mechanisms arranged on the second mounting bases and positioners arranged on the second mounting bases; positioners are arranged on the side beams at the joints of the side beams and the cross beams. The welding fixture for the eight-axis bogie frame of the electric locomotive is capable of quickly and accurately positioning plates by means of the cooperation of the positioners, the push-on mechanisms, the hold-down mechanism, the end positioning mechanisms and the end anti-thrust mechanisms.

Twin-wire bypass coupled arc efficient metal-inert gas (MIG) welding system

InactiveCN105562897AGuaranteed stable combustionImprove welding qualityArc welding apparatusSystem structureElectric arc
The invention belongs to the technical field of welding and provides a novel twin-wire bypass coupled arc efficient metal-inert gas (MIG) welding system. By the adoption of the twin-wire bypass coupled arc efficient MIG welding system, the problems that an existing twin-wire bypass coupled arc efficient MIG welding system is complex in structure and high in cost are solved. The twin-wire bypass coupled arc efficient MIG welding system comprises a welding power source and a dynamic voltage adjusting device. The dynamic voltage adjusting device comprises an invert unit, a filtering unit, a voltage transformation unit and a direct-current output unit. The invert unit is used for inverting direct currents output by the positive electrode of the welding power source into alternating currents. The filtering unit is used for filtering current higher harmonics output by the invert unit in the inverting process. The voltage transformation unit is used for converting the output voltage of the invert unit into the voltage equivalent to the compensation amount of the bypass voltage. The direct-current output unit is used for rectifying the alternating currents output by the voltage transformation unit into the direct currents and outputting the direct currents. Due to the fact that the welding system comprises the welding power source, the system structure is simplified, and the welding cost is reduced.

Complex structure welding parameter precise management and control system and welding method

The invention relates to a complex structure welding parameter precise management and control system comprising a man-machine interaction unit, a parameter collection unit, an alarm unit, a code scanning unit, a welding operation unit and a welding monitoring unit connected with the man-machine interaction unit, the parameter collection unit, the alarm unit, the code scanning unit and the weldingoperation unit. The man-machine interaction unit is used for inputting preset technological information. The code scanning unit is used for reading a two-dimensional code containing welded workpiece information and welder information. The parameter collection unit is configured to collect welding parameters in real time in the welding process. The welding monitoring unit is used for verifying thewelded workpiece information and the welder information read by the code scanning unit. In the welding process, the welding monitoring unit compares the welding parameters collected by the parameter collection unit with parameters in a corresponding preset technology in real time, and the alarm unit and the welding operation unit are controlled to act according to the comparison result. The invention further relates to a welding method utilizing the complex structure welding parameter precise management and control system, the welding parameters can be monitored precisely, and the automation level is increased.
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