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Method for preparing fruit and vegetable enzymes

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The invention discloses a method for preparing fruit and vegetable enzymes. The method comprises the following steps: selecting more than 50 kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables which are full and are not rotted; washing, performing surface sterilization, draining the surface moisture, and shredding; adding crystal sugar powder into the shredded fruits and vegetables, squeezing and collecting the filtrate, further inoculating saccharomycetes, bacillus aceticus and lactic acid bacteria, fermenting and filtering, and collecting the fermentation liquor to prepare the fruit and vegetable enzymes; and mixing and homogenizing cordyceps militaris extract and a rhizoma polygonati extracting solution, combining with the fruit and vegetable enzymes to obtain yellowish-brown rhizoma polygonati fruit and vegetable composite enzymes. The production period of the product is short, raw materials are not lost in the product production process, waste emission is avoided, and the method is a production method which is high in product yield, simple in production process, green and environment-friendly. In addition, the fruit and vegetable enzymes serve as the rhizoma polygonati fruit and vegetable composite enzymes, can serve as a liquid drink to be directly drunk and can be added into the production process of food industry to be used for manufacturing health-care functional foods, and the application fields of cordyceps militaris link and rhizoma polygonati are widened.

Lightweight inorganic insulation board containing silica aerogel and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a lightweight inorganic insulation board containing silica aerogel and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: a. preparing surfactant liquid: fully stirring a surfactant and water to prepare a uniform surfactant liquid for standby use; b. preparing powder: fully mixing cement, ash calcium, aerogel, light aggregate fillers, fibers and latex powder and stirring uniformly to prepare powder for standby use; c. preparing the inorganic insulation board: adding the uniformly mixed powder to the surfactant liquid within 5-10 minutes through stirring, then filling the slurry into a die for forming and curing at normal temperature, thus obtaining the final product. Compared with the traditional inorganic insulation boards and insulation boards containing non-silica aerogel, the prepared inorganic insulation board containing silica aerogel has the characteristics of short production cycle, simple and controllable process and low price, has good heat insulation property and effectively solves the problems of high heat conductivity coefficients and higher water absorption of conventional inorganic insulation boards, and the heat conductivity coefficient of the inorganic insulation board can be reduced by 10-30%.

Catalyst for synthesizing cyclohexene by hydrogenation of benzene ring and preparing method thereof

The invention relates to a catalyst for synthesizing cyclohexene by hydrogenation of benzene ring and a preparing method thereof. The catalyst consists of activated carbon carrier, metal ruthenium and promoter; the promoter is one or the mixture of more than two from platinum, palladium, rhodium, cobalt and nickel. The method comprises the following steps: pretreated activated carbon is added into water-soluble compound solution of metal ruthenium or mixed water-soluble precursor solution of the metal ruthenium and the promoter so as to be stirred and soaked, thus obtaining mixed slurry; the PH value of the mixed slurry is regulated by alkali compound aqueous solution, after stirring and filtering, the filter cake is washed to neutrality by water, and then after the filter cake is beaten by water, the PH value of the mixed slurry is regulated by the alkali compound aqueous solution, then a chemical reducer is added to reduce ruthenium carbon catalyst in liquid phase, and after washing, the filter cake is transferred into an oven so as to be dried, thus obtaining the product of the ruthenium carbon catalyst. The catalyst has good catalytic activity and high selectivity and is especially suitable for catalytic hydrogenation for synthesizing cyclohexene by the hydrogenation of benzene ring, and the preparing method has simple operation and short production period.

Microarray die-free forming device based on surface acoustic wave and forming method

The invention discloses a microarray die-free forming device based on a surface acoustic wave and a forming method. The technical scheme is that a square piezoelectric matrix plate is provided with two pairs of interdigital transducers in a photoetching manner, each pair of interdigital transducers is symmetrically arranged with a center shaft of the square piezoelectric matrix plate as an axis, a square glass fluid tank is placed in the middle of the piezoelectric matrix plate and adhered to the piezoelectric matrix plate, and a formed liquid-state material is accommodated in the glass fluid tank. An ultrasonic surface wave is transmitted in the piezoelectric matrix plate, the energy of the ultrasonic surface wave is leaked into the formed liquid-state material within a certain angles to form a sound field, a signal generator and a power amplifier are adjusted to change amplitude values, frequency and phases of the ultrasonic surface wave, so that a required stable microarray structure is formed on the surface of the formed liquid-state material, and the microarray structure is cured and formed through ultraviolet irradiation. The microarray die-free forming device based on the surface acoustic wave and the forming method have the advantages that the sound field is adopted to manufacture the surface microarray structure through rapid forming in the liquid-state material, the die is not required, the manufacturing process is simple, the equipment requirement is low, the operation is simple and convenient, the production cost is low, and the material usage rate and the production efficiency are high.

Large-field cultivation method for stropharia rugoso-annulata cultivated species

The invention discloses a large-field cultivation method for stropharia rugoso-annulata cultivated species, which comprises the following steps: manufacturing a cultivation material; selecting a cultivation place and setting a seeding area in the cultivation place; setting a cultivation layer in the seeding area and seeding strains; covering a soil layer and a straw layer to the seeded cultivation material layer; and preserving heat and humidity for the cultivation material layer till the cultivated species grow. The large-field cultivation method for the stropharia rugoso-annulata cultivated species directly places the cultivation material into a large field in an outdoor environment, and the primary strains grow on the cultivation material to produce hypha so as to finally obtain the cultivated species; the cultivation method has the advantages of little cultivation link, short production period and convenient implementation; simultaneously, the method strictly and scientifically controls the process conditions of material proportion, temperature, humidity and the like during the cultivation so that the hypha has high survival rate and good growth vigor and the cultivated species have high yield; and the method has low production cost and little environment pollution, and can fully meet the demand of cultivating large amount of stropharia rugoso-annulata in countryside.

Preparation method of zinc oxide microsphere with nanoflower-shaped microstructure

The invention relates to a preparation method of a zinc oxide microsphere with a nanoflower-shaped microstructure. The method comprises the following steps of: (1) preparing a solution, to be specific, preparing a soluble zinc salt into an aqueous solution, and preparing a soluble alkali into an aqueous solution; (2) mixing the solutions, to be specific, mixing the soluble zinc salt aqueous solution with the soluble alkali aqueous solution at the room temperature in the volume ratio of 1:10-10:1, slowly pouring an aqueous solution of a soluble zinc salt into the aqueous solution of the soluble alkali, and stirring to obtain a clarifying solution; and (3) preparing a product, to be specific, pouring a weakly-acid solution into the clarifying solution obtained in the step (2), wherein the volume ratio of the weakly-acid solution to the clarifying solution is 1:10-10:1, stirring to obtain a turbid solution containing a large quantity of products, repeatedly washing with deionized water and absolute ethyl alcohol, and drying in a baking oven to obtain a final product. Compared with the prior art, the method has the advantages of capability of rapidly, easily and conveniently preparing a product under the room temperature condition, high yield, low cost, environmental friendliness, wide raw material selection range and contribution to industrial production.

Method of flexibly connecting microelectrode array with printed circuit board (PCB)

The invention discloses a method of flexibly connecting a microelectrode array with a printed circuit board (PCB), comprising the following steps: making a PCB interface board; welding a spring needlesocket on the PCB interface board, and inserting a spring needle into the spring needle socket to form an elastic needle bed; aligning the head of the spring needle with a microelectrode array interface microelectrode to make the head of the spring needle contact the microelectrode array interface microelectrode through compressing the spring needle by a fastening screw; connecting the lead wireson the end of the spring needle socket with an electrophysiological signal amplifier and a electrophysiological signal stimulator, and making the lead wire ends correspond to microelectrodes in the central parts one to one to electrically connect the microelectrode array with the peripheral circuit. The invention shortens the PCB interface board making cycle, reduces the PCB interface board making cost, ensures that the elastic needle bed and the microelectrode array interface microelectrode are well contacted without wearing the metal layers on the surfaces of the microelectrode array interface microelectrode and affecting the conducting performance of the microelectrode array interface microelectrode and prolongs the service life of the microelectrode array.
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