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Multi-shell-layer metal oxide hollow ball and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a multi-shell-layer metal oxide hollow ball and a preparation method thereof. A hydrothermal method is used for preparing a carbon ball template; metal salts are dissolved in carbon ball suspension liquid, and the gradient distribution, the depth and the number of metal salts entering carbon balls are controlled through regulating adsorption conditions such as metal salt concentration, solution pH value, soaking temperature and time and the like; and the heat treatment is carried out on the carbon balls adsorbing metal ions, and the multi-shell-layer metal oxide hollow ball can be obtained. The shell-layer of the hollow ball prepared by the method is formed by accumulating nanometer crystal particles of metal oxides, the shell layer number can be regulated and changed from two to four, and both the size of the hollow ball and the thickness of the shell layers are controllable. The method provided by the invention is simple and is easy to implement, the controllability is high, the pollution is little, the cost is low, and in addition, the general applicability is realized. The prepared product has a hollow structure and the shell layers with the thickness inthe nanometer level, simultaneously, the internal space can be effectively utilized through the multilayer structure, and the multi-shell-layer metal oxide hollow ball is applied to gas sensitivity and photocatalysis and has the more excellent performance through being compared with the traditional nanometer material and a single-layer hollow ball.

Preparation method of spinel-type magnetic MFe2O4/graphene composite material

The invention discloses a preparation method of a spinel-type magnetic MFe2O4/graphene composite material. The preparation method utilizes a water-soluble metal M<2+> salt and a Fe<3+> salt as precursors and graphite oxide as a matrix and comprises the following steps of carrying out ultrasonic dispersion of graphite oxide in ethanol or water as a solvent to obtain a graphene oxide dispersion, adding a M<2+> salt and Fe<3+> salt-containing aqueous solution having a M<2+>/Fe<3+> mole ratio of 1: 2 into the graphene oxide dispersion, fully stirring to obtain a mixed solution, adjusting a pH value of the mixed solution to a value more than 10 by an alkali liquor, adding a reducing agent into the mixed solution, stirring at a temperature of 80 to 150 DEG C for a reaction lasting for 4 to 10 hours, after the reaction is finished, carrying out separation, washing, drying and grinding, and carrying out calcination of the grinded powder at a temperature of 300 DEG C in a nitrogen or argon atmosphere for 2 to 10 hours. Magnetic MFe2O4 nano particles of the spinel-type magnetic MFe2O4/graphene composite material have high loading capacity, stable structures, good uniformity, good dispersibility and strong adhesion with graphene. The spinel-type magnetic MFe2O4/graphene composite material can be widely used in the fields of magnetic targeting materials and other related function materials.
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