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Grinding worm, profiling gear and process for the profiling of the grinding worm

In a process for the profiling of a grinding worm (1) with at least two grinding width zones (4, 6) with differently modified thread profile for the grinding of spur and helical gears with three-dimensionally modified flank profile, the grinding width zones (4, 6) are arranged overlapping in order to gain optimum exploitation of the grinding worm width (3). In one variant, profiling of the grinding worm (1) is performed with an abrasive coated profiling gear (25) with a tooth flank geometry and facewidth differing from that of the workpiece to be ground. By suitable selection of the diagonal ratio and the allocation of the width zones (28, 29) of the profiling gear (25) to the grinding width zones (4, 6) of the grinding worm (1), it is possible to adapt the modifications of the grinding worm flanks to the requirements of the workpiece without having to alter the flank geometry of the profiling gear (25). In another variant the grinding worm (1) is profiled in a first stage across its entire width (3) with the desired profile form of the roughing zone, and in a second stage the finish grinding zone (36, 37) and the adjacent transition zones (34, 35) of the right and left flanks of the grinding worm (1) are finish profiled by means of NC controlled line by line profiling with a form dressing roll (40).
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