Alternating-current energy gathering machine

An energy-collecting and energy-concentrator technology, applied in the direction of generators/motors, electrical components, etc., can solve the problems of carbon dioxide pollution, chemical energy can not be consumed in a continuous cycle - regeneration and other problems

Inactive Publication Date: 2013-07-24
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[0002] Thermal power generators produce carbon dioxide pollution; ch...
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The invention belongs to the field of new energy, the field of environmental-friendly energy gathering machines, the field of refrigerators and the field of huge energy gathering machines, and provides an alternating-current energy gathering machine which overcomes the defect that a thermal energy-gathering power generator causes carbon dioxide pollution. The alternating-current energy gathering machine is technically characterized in that the alternating-current energy gathering machine is composed of a pure-capacitance catalyst, an energy gathering device and a load group 5. By means of the alternating-current energy gathering machine, infrared-universal energy can be exploited and utilized in a large scale, and the great no-carbon development purpose of China is achieved.

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Carbon dioxideCapacitance +7


  • Alternating-current energy gathering machine
  • Alternating-current energy gathering machine


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Example Embodiment

[0032] figure 1; AC energy collector, composed of high-voltage AC power supply 1, high-quality small capacitor 2, medium-quality capacitor cabinet 3, medium-quality small inductance 4, load group 5, medium-quality capacitor cabinet 6, high-quality small capacitor 7, high-quality small capacitor 8 composition.
[0033] The voltage of the high-voltage AC power supply 1 is 10,000 V
[0034] The capacitive reactance of high-quality small capacitor 2 Xc2 = the capacitive reactance of high-quality small capacitor 7 Xc7 = 1μμF;
[0035] High-quality small capacitor 8 capacitive reactance Xc8 = 0.01μμF;
[0036] Medium-quality capacitor cabinet 3, medium-quality capacitor cabinet 6, total capacitance C3 = C6 = 10,000 F, voltage U3 = U6 = 10,000 V;
[0037] Frequency f=50HZ;
[0038] Medium-quality capacitor cabinet 3 capacitive reactance Xc3 + medium-quality capacitor cabinet 6 capacitive reactance Xc6
[0039] =1/2πf(C3)+1/2πf(C6)=(1/2πf)[1/(C3)+1/(C6)]
[0040] =[1/(2×3.1416×50)]×[1/10,000+1/110,000]=1/314.16×0.0002
[0041] =6.366×10↑-7(Ω)
[0042] "10↑-7" means 10 to the -7th power.
[0043] Medium-quality small inductance 4 inductance XL4=medium-quality capacitor cabinet 3 capacitive reactance Xc3 + medium-quality capacitor cabinet 6 capacitive reactance Xc6 = 6.366×10↑-7(Ω)
[0044] Medium-quality capacitor cabinet 3 capacitive reactance Xc3=Medium-quality capacitor cabinet 6 capacitive reactance Xc6=1/314.16×0.0001
[0045] =3.183×10↑-7(Ω)
[0046] The remaining working methods, principles, and steps of the specific embodiments are the same as the technical solutions or traditional technologies. The traditional details of the AC energy collector are determined by the outstanding technical personnel who implement the AC energy collector project.


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