Manufacturing process for mixed flour cakes

A manufacturing process and cake technology, which is applied in the field of manufacturing process of miscellaneous cakes, can solve problems such as teeth and unhealthy health, and achieve the effect of rich nutrition

Inactive Publication Date: 2014-03-19
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Disclosed is a manufacturing process for mixed flour cakes. Corn flour has the functions of tonifying lung, soothing, reinforcing spleen, promoting appetite, preventing cancer, reducing cholesterol and strengthening brain, and can suppress tumor growth, reduce blood pressure and blood lipid, resist arterial sclerosis, maintain beauty, keep young and delay senescence. According to the proportion of formula eggs: white granulated sugar: flour: millet flour: corn flour: black sesame= (5-15): (5-15): (2-10): (5-10): (1-3): (1-3): (50-100), the corn flour, the millet flour and flour are uniformly mixed to form mixed flour. After the eggs are beat to form egg mixture, the mixed flour is immediately placed into the egg mixture and stirred at low gear until no dry flour exists. Injection molding is performed, the temperature of the mixed flour entering a stove is 180 DEG C as required and slowly increased after the mixed flour enters the stove, and the temperature of the cakes exiting the stove reaches 220 DEG C as required. After the cakes exit the stove, dies are rapidly buckled, and then the cakes are turned over and cooled to form finished products.

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Dough treatmentBakery products

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[0007] Example 1. Proportion of eggs according to the following formula: white sugar: flour: millet noodles: cornmeal: black sesame = 10:15:5:10:1:1:50, black sesame is washed and baked; cornmeal, millet flour, Mix the flour evenly, it is the mixed powder, beat the fresh egg liquid and white sugar until the egg liquid is milky white and delicate foam; when the egg liquid is beaten, immediately add the mixed powder and start the slow speed to mix the powder until there is no dry powder. ; After preparing the upper blank, lower blank, and filling, injection molding can begin. Before entering the mold, coat the baking mold with a layer of oil, and the oil must be even; just cover the sandwich, and finally sprinkle with fried black sesame seeds; the temperature of entering the furnace is 180℃, and the temperature should be slowly heated after entering the furnace. When the temperature is required to reach 220℃; after it is out of the oven, quickly buckle the mold, and then turn the cake over and let it cool completely, which is the finished product.


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