Automatic spot welding machine

A spot welding machine, automatic technology, applied in welding equipment, welding equipment, resistance welding equipment and other directions, can solve the problems of unguaranteed missed inspection, low production efficiency, wrong inspection, etc., to improve the operation speed, save labor costs, The effect of speeding up the production schedule

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The invention discloses an automatic spot welding machine. The automatic spot welding machine comprises a machine frame and a welding power supply arranged on the machine frame, wherein the welding power supply is connected with a welding transformer, a pressure monitor, and a spin welding mechanism for preventing electrodes from sticking; the spin welding mechanism comprises a (X, Y and Z) three-axis servo module feeding system; the welding power supply, the welding transformer and the pressure monitor are connected with the spin welding mechanism. The automatic spot welding machine is provided with conveying equipment; the original spot welding function does not stick the electrodes, so that the working speed is improved and inspection omission and mistaken inspection can be avoided; the labor cost is saved and the production schedule is quickened.

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  • Automatic spot welding machine


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Example Embodiment

[0016] In order to make the technical means, creative features, achievement goals and effects realized by the present invention easy to understand, the present invention will be further described below with reference to the specific embodiments.
[0017] refer to figure 1 , this specific embodiment adopts the following technical scheme: an automatic spot welding machine, comprising a frame 1 and a welding power source 2 arranged on the frame 1, the welding power source is connected with a welding transformer 3, a pressure monitor 4 and A spin welding mechanism 5 for preventing electrode adhesion, the spin welding mechanism 5 includes a (X, Y, Z) three-axis servo module feeding system, and the welding power source 2, the welding transformer 3 and the pressure monitor 4 are mutually connected with each other. The rotary welding mechanism 5 is connected.
[0018] In the specific implementation, the rotating welding mechanism 5 for preventing electrode adhesion can be moved to the automobile ignition coil joint on the fixture board according to the X.Y.Z three-axis servo module feeding system for spot welding operation.
[0019] The spin welding mechanism 5 is also connected with a diffuse reflection sensor.
[0020] The frame 1 is provided with a platen 12 , and the monitor 4 is fixed on the platen 12 .
[0021] The platen 12 is provided with an upper air cylinder and a lower air cylinder, a probe for detecting the positive and negative electrodes of a diode is installed between the upper air cylinder and the lower air cylinder, and a clamping jaw is installed on the side of the air cylinder.
[0022] An automatic spot welding method, which includes a jig plate, the jig plate is connected to a spot welding group by a servo conveying device, a conveyor group is arranged on the jig plate, and the conveyor group includes a manipulator installed on a frame, The automatic spot welding method for robotic fingers, detection probes and belt lines includes the following steps:
[0023] a. The jig plate sends the spot welded objects to the conveyor unit from the servo conveyor;
[0024] b. After the detection of the detection probe is completed, the robot will drive the robot finger to grab the belt line and flow into the lower station;
[0025] c. If the test result is bad, the robot will drive the robot finger to grab the bad product placement box, and alarm at the same time.
[0026] The spot welding machine of this embodiment includes the following components and detection principles during specific detection. The conveyor unit is a robot arm, a robot finger, a detection probe, and a belt line installed on the frame. The fixture board sends the spot welded automobile ignition coil connector to the test through the servo conveying device, and the conveying unit is completed. If the detection is bad, the robot will drive the robot fingers to grab the bad product placement box, and alarm at the same time.
[0027] The automatic spot welding machine of this embodiment has a conveying device, so that the original spot welding function will not stick to the electrode, the operation speed will be improved, and the product will not be missed or wrongly inspected. At the same time, the labor cost is saved and the production progress is accelerated.
[0028] The basic principles and main features of the present invention and the advantages of the present invention have been shown and described above. Those skilled in the art should understand that the present invention is not limited by the above-mentioned embodiments, and the descriptions in the above-mentioned embodiments and the description are only to illustrate the principle of the present invention. Without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention, the present invention will have Various changes and modifications fall within the scope of the claimed invention. The claimed scope of the present invention is defined by the appended claims and their equivalents.


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