Lathe dedusting device

A technology of a dust removal device and a lathe, which is applied in the field of lathes, can solve the problems of reducing production efficiency, error of processing results, etc., and achieves the effects of simple structure, good dust removal effect, and easy use.

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-03-08
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However, with the rapid development of CNC lathes, each manufacturer's requirements for appearance are becoming more and more beautiful. As an end user, beauty is important, and more importantly, product accuracy and processing efficiency. As long as the processing error is reduced, it can save Reduce the cost and i...
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The invention discloses a lathe dedusting device which comprises a lathe and a dedusting device body. Support legs are arranged under the lathe which is fixed to the support legs. The dedusting device body comprises a support and a dust collector. The support comprises a stand column fixed to one side of the lathe and a support cross beam arranged on the stand column. A dust suction nozzle of the dust collector is arranged on the cross beam. A controller and a handle are arranged at the end, away from the stand column, of the cross beam. The dust collector is controlled by the controller. The lathe dedusting device has the advantages of being simple in structure, easy and convenient to use and good in dedusting effect.

Application Domain

Auxillary equipmentDirt cleaning

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  • Lathe dedusting device


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Example Embodiment

[0015] Specific embodiment:
[0016] Combine figure 1 The illustrated dust removal device for a lathe includes a lathe 1 and a dust collector. A leg 2 is provided under the lathe 1, and the lathe 1 is fixed on the leg 2. The dust collector includes a bracket and a vacuum cleaner, and the bracket includes a bracket fixed on one side of the lathe The vertical column 3 and the supporting beam 4 set on the column 3, the suction nozzle 5 of the vacuum cleaner is set on the beam 4, the end of the beam 4 away from the column 3 is provided with a controller 6 and a handle 7, and the vacuum cleaner is controlled by 器6 Control.
[0017] In this embodiment, the body 8 of the vacuum cleaner is arranged around the lathe 1, and a dust suction pipe 9 is arranged between the body 8 and the dust suction nozzle 5.
[0018] In this embodiment, the column 3 is vertically arranged, and a lifting rack is arranged vertically on the column 3, and a lifting gear connected with the lifting rack is provided at the connection of the beam 4 and the column 3, and the lifting gear is provided by the Lifting motor control.
[0019] In this embodiment, the cross beam 4 is provided with a screw rod, which is driven by a translation motor provided on the cross beam 4, and the dust suction nozzle 5 is provided with a nut which cooperates with the screw rod.
[0020] In this embodiment, both the lifting motor and the translation motor are two-way rotating brake motors, and both the lifting motor and the translation motor are controlled by the controller 6.
[0021] During the use of the present invention, the movement of the dust suction nozzle 5 can be directly controlled by the controller 6 and the dust on the lathe can be easily removed.


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