Minitype blade-free type turbine

A micro-turbine, turbine technology, applied in non-variable-capacity engines, mechanical equipment, engine components, etc., can solve the problems of complex blade structure, high manufacturing requirements, and difficult maintenance, and achieve low material and technical requirements and simple structure. Effect

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-03-29
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[0005] In view of this, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a novel miniature bladeless turbine suitable for the field of miniature and ultramicr...
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Method used

[0027] Sealing sleeve 5 seals the outer sleeve of the...
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The invention relates to a blade-free type turbine, and belongs to the technical field of thermal power installations. The blade-free type turbine comprises an internal sleeve, an external sleeve, a rotor spindle, a sealing ring and an air inlet nozzle. The turbine can be used as an acting part of minitype and ultra-minitype combustion gas turbines. A boundary layer principle is used to enable an airflow entering the turbine to drive the internal sleeve and the rotor spindle to rotate, and act outward, and thus the limitation of a blade in the traditional turbine is got rid of. The defects that the requirements of a Tesla turbine on material strength of a disc blade are overhigh and the disc blade is poor in deformation stability in a running process are overcome, meanwhile, the problems that the blade structure of the traditional combustion gas turbine is complex, the manufacturing request is high and the maintenance is difficult are solved, and the novel blade-free type turbine adopting the boundary layer principle is provided.

Application Domain

StatorsNon-positive displacement engines

Technology Topic

AirflowTesla turbine +4


  • Minitype blade-free type turbine
  • Minitype blade-free type turbine


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Example Embodiment

[0024] The present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings and embodiments.
[0025] The invention provides a miniature bladeless turbine, see attached figure 1 , Including: outer sleeve 1, inner sleeve 2, rotor shaft 3, intake nozzle 4, sealing sleeve 5;
[0026] See attached figure 1 , The gas enters between the outer sleeve 1 and the inner sleeve 2 from the inlet nozzle 4, and drives the inner sleeve 2 to rotate. The inner sleeve 2 and the rotor shaft 3 are just connected, and the rotor shaft 3 can do external work. The gas rotates in the turbine, and as the kinetic energy decreases, the radius of rotation decreases until the gas outlet end excludes the turbine.
[0027] The sealing sleeve 5 seals the outer sleeve of the inlet end to prevent air leakage at the inlet end.
[0028] See attached figure 2 , Is a cutaway view of the inlet, the gas enters the turbine from the inlet nozzle 4. A micro-turbine can be equipped with several symmetrical intake nozzles.
[0029] In summary, the above are only preferred examples of the present invention, and are not intended to limit the protection scope of the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc., made within the spirit and principle of the present invention should be included in the protection scope of the present invention.


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