Goose feed

A goose feed and raw material technology, applied in the field of goose feed, can solve the problems of low quality of livestock products, prone to various diseases, human health hazards, etc., achieve the effects of reducing the incidence rate, solving the shortage of high-quality feed, and improving the quality of meat

Inactive Publication Date: 2017-07-14
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Problems solved by technology

[0002] In the existing technology, the modern large-scale animal husbandry raising method has increased the production speed, but it has also brought many problems, such as the reduction of the quality of animal products and the susceptibili...
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Method used

Feed meat goose, solve my country's animal husbandry high-quality feed shortage problem, realize drug-free literacy, feed meat goose, can improve th...
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The invention relates to a goose feed. The goose feed is composed of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 22 parts of wheat flour, 32 parts of corn flour, 15 parts of corn alcohol lees, 6 parts of dry cactus powder, 10 parts of soybean meal, 4 parts of dry garlic powder, 10 parts of bran, 5 parts of dried orange peel, and 3 parts of golden buckwheat. Compared with existing technology, the goose feed solves the problem of high-quality feed shortage of the animal husbandry in China, and realizes drug-free vegetarian feeding. Being used for feeding meat-type geese, the goose feed is capable of improving immunity of the meat-type geese and reducing incidence of a diseases; moreover, the dried orange peel has the functions of improving meat texture and taste, as well as improving meat quality.

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Food processingAnimal feeding stuff

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CactusDisease +13


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Example Embodiment

[0007] The principles and features of the present invention will be described below, and the examples given are only used to explain the present invention, not to limit the scope of the present invention.
[0008] A goose feed, in parts by weight, composed of the following raw materials:
[0009] 22 parts of wheat flour, 32 parts of corn flour, 15 parts of corn alcohol grains, 6 parts of dry cactus powder, 10 parts of soybean meal, 4 parts of dried garlic powder, 10 parts of bran, 5 parts of tangerine peel, 3 parts of golden buckwheat.
[0010] Feeding meat geese solves the shortage of high-quality feed in my country's animal husbandry industry, and realizes drug-free literacy. Feeding meat geese can improve the immunity of meat geese and reduce the incidence of disease. Tangerine peel has the function of improving meat taste and improving meat quality.
[0011] The above descriptions are only the preferred embodiments of the present invention and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in the protection of the present invention. Within range.


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