Ground-source heat pump system

A technology of ground source heat pumps and heat transfer tubes, which is applied to heat pumps, lighting and heating equipment, refrigeration components, etc., and can solve problems such as heat transfer tubes that cannot be placed vertically, joints of heat transfer tubes that are loose, and water leakage

Active Publication Date: 2017-07-14
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The problem that often occurs in the actual embedding process is that each heat transfer tube is connected by a joint. After the heat transfer tube is placed inside the steel cage, due to the need to bury the soil la...
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The invention discloses a ground-source heat pump system. The ground-source heat pump system comprises a ground-source heat pump unit, an indoor air discharge device and underground heat transfer units. The ground-source heat pump system is characterized in that each underground heat transfer unit comprises a heat transfer pipe, a connector and a plurality of elastic fixing unit bodies; the connectors are used for communicating of bottom ports of all the heat transfer pipes; each elastic fixing unit body comprises a spring and a circular ring, one end of each spring is fixed to the pipe wall of the corresponding heat transfer pipe, and the other end of the each spring is provided with the corresponding the circular ring; and the multiple elastic fixing unit bodies are arranged on the external walls of the heat transfer pipes at equal intervals, and the elastic fixing unit bodies are perpendicular to the axial directions of the heat transfer pipes. According to the ground-source heat pump system, it is ensured that the heat transfer pipes cannot move upwards, downwards, leftwards or rightwards in the construction process of engineering.

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Heat pumps

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  • Ground-source heat pump system
  • Ground-source heat pump system


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Example Embodiment

[0019] Embodiment: a ground source heat pump system includes a ground source heat pump unit, an indoor exhaust device, and an underground heat transfer unit; it is characterized in that the underground heat transfer unit includes a heat transfer tube, a connector, and multiple elastic fixing units;
[0020] The connector is used to connect the bottom port of each heat transfer tube;
[0021] The elastic fixing unit includes a spring and a circular ring. One end of the spring is fixed on the tube wall of the heat transfer tube, and the other end is provided with a circular ring; the outer wall of the heat transfer tube is provided with a plurality of elastic fixing units at equal intervals, so The elastic fixing unit is perpendicular to the axial direction of the heat transfer tube.
[0022] Among them, suppose the maximum horizontal distance between each heat transfer tube is X, the length of the elastic fixing unit is Y, and the diameter of the barrel-shaped steel cage is Z; X+2*Y> Z.
[0023] The working principle of the present invention explains: when the heat transfer tube needs to be placed inside the steel cage, a rope is used, one end of the rope passes through all the rings, and then both ends of the rope are tightened, and the spring will be bent at this time. At this time, it is easy to put the heat transfer tube into the steel cage, and then pull one end of the rope, let go of the other end, and pull the rope out. At this time, the elastic fixing unit will be in a natural state and will cross the transverse and longitudinal steel bars of the steel cage, thereby ensuring that the heat transfer tube will not move up and down and left and right at this time.


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