Corncob pith cutting and obtaining device for food chemical industry

A technology of corn cob and chemical industry, which is applied in the field of corn cob pith cutting device for food and chemical industry, which can solve the problems of low grade of raw materials, waste of resources, decline of raw material grade, etc., and achieve the effect of easy promotion, low cost and simple structure

Inactive Publication Date: 2018-03-23
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[0002] At present, in the corn processing process, after the corn is separated, the corncob is directly used as a fuel for incineration, and some directly grind the corncob for use as feed, but the corncob pith in the corncob contains a large amount of pentosan , and pentosan is the main raw material for the preparation of furfural, carboxymethyl cellulose and xylitol, so the corncob pith can be cut and utilized. All the corncobs are crushed, and then the subsequent acid hydrolysis and other processes are carried out, and all the corncobs are used as raw materials. Compared with the fact that there is no distinction between the corncob pith and other parts of the raw material grade, the overall raw material grade is reduced, and the corncob is processed. The shell of the corncob has been treated uselessly, which wastes a lot of resources. Therefore, when using it as a raw material, it is necessary to separate the high-grade corncob pith separately. Because the corncob pith has a soft structure and the corncob shell is relatively hard, the existing corncob pith used The crushing equipment cannot guarantee the integrity of the corncob pith and the stability of the internal and external components, especially for crushing the whole corncob...
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The invention discloses a corncob pith cutting and obtaining device for food chemical industry. According to the corncob pith cutting and obtaining device, corncobs are distributed to be consistent through vibration, then corncob piths with the high pentosan content are separated from other positions and separately extracted through annular cutting, and the grade of processed raw materials is increased. The corncob pith cutting and obtaining device is characterized in that a plurality of supporting columns are arranged on one side of a bottom plate, one end of the bottom plate is lower than the other end of the bottom plate, and a vibrating net is arranged on the bottom plate and is close to the other end of the bottom plate; a vibrating motor is placed on the bottom plate, side wing baffles are arranged at the edges of the two sides of the bottom plate, and a plurality of partition plates are arranged on the bottom plate in parallel; the partition plates and the side wing baffles areparallel, the partition plates extend from one end of the bottom plate to the middle of the bottom plate, and the multiple partition plates and the flange baffles on the two sides divide the bottom plate into sliding grooves with the same width; and an arc-shaped press plate is placed between every two adjacent partition plates and located at one end of the corresponding sliding groove, and a guiding plate is placed between every two adjacent partition plates and located at the other end of the corresponding sliding groove.

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Grain treatmentsMetal working apparatus

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Chemical industryEngineering +3


  • Corncob pith cutting and obtaining device for food chemical industry
  • Corncob pith cutting and obtaining device for food chemical industry


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Example Embodiment

[0014] A corn cob pith cutting device for food and chemical industry of the present invention is realized as follows: When in use, the corn cob is placed on the vibrating net (4), the vibrating motor (5) is started, and the vibration of the vibrating net (4) is used to make The corncob rotates and moves. When the direction of the corncob is parallel to the direction of the partition (2), it enters the channel between the partitions (2). Under the action of the arc-shaped pressing plate (3), only one corncob can enter at a time. When the corn cob slides to the position of the guide baffle (12), the corn cob changes direction along the guide baffle (12), moves from the circular gap between the guide plate (13) and the bottom plate (1), and moves vertically. Move downwards, and then enter the feed port (28) above the separation sleeve (9). The hollow shaft motor (21) in the separation sleeve (9) works to drive the ring cutter (15) to rotate, and the ring cutter ( 15) Carry out circular cutting on the outer ring of the corn cob to separate the corn cob. The crushing knife (16) crushes the outside of the corn cob and cuts gradually. The separated corn cob is along the hollow shaft motor (21). The hollow channel moves down and finally falls into the collection frame (11) for centralized processing. After the crushing knife (16) crushes the corncob shell, it passes through the channel between the ring cutter (15) and the separation disc (26), Into the deep crushing disc (17), pulverized into powder by a plurality of cutting teeth (25), and then falling into the falling plate (19) through the U-shaped groove between the cutting teeth (25), from the blanking hole (24) ) Enter the slag receiving tank (23), and finally discharge the powder onto the powder tray (7) through the discharge port (20) for subsequent processing and utilization. Multiple separation sleeves (9) can work simultaneously to speed up the process The cutting work of the corn cob pith, the arc-shaped pressing plate (3) is designed to stabilize the corn cob when it enters between the partitions (2), and the vibration net (4) is placed to cause excessive vibration. The corn cob flies out, and the U-shaped groove between the cutting teeth (25) is used to match the blanking hole (24) to discharge the powder intermittently. For large particles, it can be further crushed to achieve the The purpose of dissection.


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